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  1. I know I had 3 coins dissappear at the last event. I placed 9 travelling california poppy coins and 6 were logged out of the event, (one by me and later put into tag) and 3 never left... And then I know of one more already that has been stolen. It is sad to see people stealing travel bugs or coins.... I mean if it is stolen you really can't even share it with your caching friends which seems to be more the point of them now a days. cuz if you stole it and you want to show them what do you say to them when they try to log it in... "no please don't it is stolen and I don't want the owner to know I have it" Just pathetic....
  2. Thanks, Tim! I owe it all to Tom. And, yeah, we had binders galore of all areas we liked to cache. No more! This high tech stuff is great. My Palm is no longer working at all.... it kind of sucks having to print out papers after being digital for so long. I am thinking of going out and getting one of those Palm treo's like Bill has so I can kill 2 of my new needs in one shot. (time for a new phone also.)
  3. HAHAHA That is quite funny!!!!!
  4. I'll admit that I didn't solve it without a good hint. it is very very clever though!!!!!
  5. a Jeep travel bug is not something you can buy. it is only something that you can find and log. JEEP owns all of those bugs.
  6. Well honestly 4 months isn't really that long if the bug is far away from your goal. If it is only 4 miles from the goal then yeah that is a long time. My guess is that 4 months will still get it there faster and I would let him hang onto it as long as I know where it is then I know it isn't in a travel bug jail waiting to be muggled.
  7. I have done this before and jsut left a note in the bug itself. (an extra piece of paper) telling them to please not log it for a few days (or maybe a spoecific date) until I drop it into the cache. I have done this myself AND found several like this. it is not much of an inconveniece so it isn't that big a deal.
  8. I believe that happens at ALL events. I know for a fact that 2 of my travelling California Poppy coins are still sitting int he event in Ripon!!
  9. The problem with your argument is that he did not say they were discovering it. The guy who has it now is giving the # to people who haven't seen it. THUS they did not discover it at all.
  10. I believe it is just like one of your caches. You as the coin owner can delete any logs you want.
  11. I am not sure how both the round and the square coin got the same tracking # BUT whomever took the round one is a thief and you were correct to not steal it yourself. You did the right thing and can feel happy that you did so.
  12. This is a stupid idea!!! Jsut kidding of course. That is kind of a cool idea I think. as I could read through all of the old fortunes. My 7 year old sone has a habit of collecting all of his old fortunes and has a drawer that has tons of them in it! I would follow the rules of this bug!
  13. Well I went out in the rain the other day and replaced a few of my old caches that needed to bre replaced. THOUGH one I found even though I missed it the first time! HAHAHA right where it should have been., SO they are all being un-archived. (actually already have been) SO for those of you that are new to the area they are up and running again.
  14. so the rain got everyone too cold to talk or what? it rained one day and seems like the entire community stopped talking! HAHA
  15. Those look like airsoft pellets. They are like B.B.'s but safe to shoot at one another. for toy guns.
  16. Yeah, that is the one from the UbeHebe crater in death valley. (Mike took that shot)...I also have the one he took of me at the top of Europe, but I was not holding a Geocaching banner. I would love to do the hike that they just did! (Now, if I could only find a spare few days!) ahh I was combining two different shots
  17. Your fellow new cacher should go to the TB page and "grab" the bug from you. Then it will be in his inventory and he can drop it into the new cache.
  18. Tim don't you have one inside a volcano or something like that in europe? The one that Mike took of you on your way back up.
  19. This whole situation reminds me of an old Lamneth issue from before my caching time. Though I have heard of it a few times since then.. (as he re-surfaces from time to time.) I'm not sure what Lamneth did that inspired that connection but it must be when he created his first cipher cache which was brilliantly done... so it made us wonder who he was - which no one really figured out even though we've met him. That was the first appearance of Venona. On the other hand, you have this jerk that stole one cache with a TB or two in it... then claims he's taken a bunch of others. Turns out he's never stolen any before. He's just lonely because he's too lazy to play the game as intended. I'll bet Night Knight would be able to profile the guy and agree. didn't one of the venona cases have a "stolen" travel bug or something like that? That was why I was relating the 2. but this guy is just slime...
  20. This whole situation reminds me of an old Lamneth issue from before my caching time. Though I have heard of it a few times since then.. (as he re-surfaces from time to time.)
  21. Ohh I have been looking for a good picture to post up for this ALL DAY!!!!!!!!
  22. I assume you mean it would be a REAL travel bug but you wanted it to be pictured with the virtual location and logged into and out of the virtual... I see nothing wrong with this as long as you have a REAL bug going out there.
  23. Hello all, When I first read the above quote, I thought it was refering to High Tech Cache (GCKEW4). A very similar description was posted on this page on Aug 29. This was our first cache to find & I had just made a trip there several days before this log to discover the TB's & Geocoin. Now, I wish I would have retreived all of them. I have some questions regarding the CVC tag. I was delighted to find that it traveled to Merced yesterday, so I picked it up today. Does the tag get changed at each event it goes to? or does it just change when someone gets creative? Is there any rule about where it gets placed? I found it within about 90 to 100 feet from an existing micro (which I couldn't find); I don't plan on placing it close to an existing cache unless I get feedback really quickly. Can't imagine taking this tag up to Cloud's Rest or Half Dome. BTW: When I was 17, several of my friends and I started at Happy Isles and did HD then CR and back to valley (20 miles). Oh yeah, in one day. Hope the pirate is uncovered!! CentralCArn as far as changing tag it happens every so often. usually when someone get's creative. If you plan on changing it please let me know as I would love to have tha current state that I created back. :-) All the rules are on TAG's page itself. (and with the likes of Photom and JPD and a few of the other merced group) it is open to interpretation. not too many rules other than don't take it out of the central valley (without bringing it back) The most important rule is to have fun with it
  24. Always gotta be someone ruining it for the rest of us.
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