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  1. I do! I do! Your buying it only makes it sound fishier!!!!!
  2. I am willing possibly. What is required of me though?
  3. I feel you on that one Tim.... I got one FTF last week cuz I got the email and was driving within a block of it so I attempted it but that was my only caching since the last event I think.
  4. We're here, just hunkering down out of the wind! Yeah the wind is brutal isn't it?!?!
  5. Wow everyone still recuperating from the new years parties? No one is around.....
  6. First thing you need to do is edit your post so that the # isn't on there. with that # anyone can grab the TB. Second thing is use he contact Groundspeak and send them an email with Diabetes travel bug problems as your topic. And they will help you.
  7. I happen to own some of the california Poppy Micro Sized Geocoins. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=470558
  8. I don't think I'll be paying attention long enough to get #50 BUT here is some help for those that are! :-)
  9. you need to archive it. it will still show on your own page but in red with aline through it. and no one else will see it on their search page.
  10. you don't activate it. They are already activated by the United Diabetes people. They will be lsited as the owners of these buigs. go to the TB page and search for the bug # on your tag and you will see that it is there. They tell you jsut to grab it and then release it to the wild. it is jsut like a yellow / white / green jeep. edited to take out un-intended rudeness on my part!!
  11. If you still have the copy tag release a twin with the copy tag this way if it does vanish you will not be losing anything that is overly precious.
  12. For those of you who do not have TAG on your watch list... check out this latest note!!!!! Sad to see my old container go BUT atleast it was for the cause of a great laugh!!! Log for CVC TAg....... Poor OLD Tag! Almost as tragic as the time that farmer guy let Tag get run over by a car!
  13. Nice ride, Bill! Had a great conversation with Krypton about you.........and went through his coin collection and one popped out....a guy on a tractor. Hey! Wheres my coin! Harvest is over! I got my coins on Friday...and Ill tell you what, somebody needs to be slapped! The mail lady LEFT the 3 boxes on top of my mailbox ( Industrial strength......dad got tired of watermelon smashing....) All I could thing was dern....theres near $4 grand sitting there on a lone country road with the house set back in the orchard away from view....what if someone stole the coins? Im not sure WHO im mad at. But theres just somthing WRONG with that. Sandra One last thing... What the HECK happened to CVC Tag?!! You have to read Mean Mike's hide log (or what it Nasty Nancy's?). The voices say this isn't currently a 'Night Cache'!! Is TAG still in the valley?? I thought Tom and Doug took him on another worldly adventure! Tag is strapped to a cow over by San Luis Reservoir down off 152. I am really tempted to take the day off work jsut so I can go try this one out. HEY if whomever changed it is watching I would LOVE to get my last container back. I could put it out as a regular cache out here. (If you think you ahve it but are unsure if it is the right container email me and I'll let you know what container it is ) I would ahte to ruin the surprise for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.
  14. The funny thing is that I didn't get an email until your LAST post!!!!! So you gonna post those before Wednesday? This way I can try to solve them while I am up in Redding this weekend for the holiday.
  15. just drop the bug in the cache online. not bad practice. if I have other peoples bugs when I start a new cache I often put them into my cache jsut to help get them out. same as putting it into any other cache.
  16. Hey you are famous!!!!!!!! Congratulations! Can we all have your autograph now?
  17. well I wasn't first but I got 1
  18. infact less than 5 minutes probably
  19. shouldn't take too much longer
  20. does it count if we posted 2 times? I mean could our third post be #49?
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