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  1. have you shared your personal collection with anyone else to look at? sometimes they get the # that way..... OR perhaps they jsut accidentally typed the wrong # from another one and would up typing your #
  2. AMEN! While geocaching has chosen not to do anything about such situations, aren't you accepting and condoning such behavior? Mind your own business, and let the thieves steal anything that they want? Geocaching.com does not have the manpower to follow each and every bug around the globe. Stop and think about how it. OK, say we ban them. They open another account. We can't drive to their house, turn them upside down and hope the hoarded TBs fall out of their pockets. We also cannot deputize ourselves as the geo-police, or take a vigilante stance. If it's not your bug or coin, stay out of it, cachers have no reason to contact anyone about someone else's bug. Sure you might like to handle them with kindness, but some people can be downright nasty and accusing. You don't know that the person who has a bug in their possession might have been hurt, gotten sick, had a death in the family, got sent to Iraq, broke their GPS and is saving up for another, life gets in the way, so not everyone holding a bug is a thief, and if you accuse them, they may just quit the game and the bug is gone forever. If it isn't yours, leave it alone and let the owner worry about it. And if the person is a thief, you are antagonizing them, which is sure death for the bug, and also, giving them the attention they are seeking. Leave it alone. If you feel you must make a statement, post a simple note to the bug page, ie: "Has anyone seen this bug, it's been missing for while" Simple as that. Don't start making good people mad, or bad people worse. Sometimes, they already did move the bug, but they didn't know how to log it, or forgot to when they posted their find, or they lost the tracking number between picking it up and dropping it off, so you end up accusing someone who did not take a bug. Unless you are the owner, know the owner, know the exact story, and the person who last saw the bug, stay out it, you could be making things worse. I mean the collective you. Yes, someone is holding one of my bugs, and they haven't been on the site in years, but I only emailed them three times in the years, nicely, and they moved, and don't cache anymore, so every now and then I'll post a note on the bug page. I stopped emailing them, they probably lost it in the move. I move on. being the 3rd time you told us we understand that Geocaching.com can't police everyone's bugs.... BUT the bugs in question aren't an average bug... we as a community are trying to establish that this "person" is keeping the bugs from accoutns that can't do anything about them... i.e. the geocaching's jeep accounts. Now if Jeep were sending out emails to people who held onto them then we wouldn't feel the need to try to help. It is unfortunate that you apparantely do not want to help out on this but this person is not in iraq, sick, broken GPS or any of the other excuses you mentioned. This person is a <word removed by moderator> that is just keeping the bugs for his own pleasure and if I ever came across him I would definitely give him a piece of my mind.
  3. nor am I just a frequent user of their site!
  4. it can continue to be logged into the WheresGeorge site and travel and milaege will be tracked. It jsut can not be on any of the top 10 lists.
  5. If it was my bug I would appreciate the milaege and the picture...
  6. not sure you can discover them without knowing the tag #
  7. Did you change your name or create a new account? If you changed the name it will keep those bugs logged in for the account. If you actually created a new account you will ahve to re-find all of those bugs to do it.
  8. I would keep it traveling regardless as that is the original goal of the owner BUT you jsut don't get the stat... just my opinion. :-)
  9. I don't know of a way to de-activate it BUT you can jsut edit the entire travel bug page to reflect the new bug you want to use it for....
  10. OK now I figured out a way to do it. I emailed it to myself and installed it that way... I just thought I would put this here so if any of you are having same problem I am on XP so I don't have that problem..... BUT you could also jsut use your PC to put the file onto an SD card then import to your Treo that way.
  11. Instead of PDF files get cachemate and import the GPX into a cachemate file using GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) Cachemate is like 8 or 9 bucks and the GSAK is free but you get annoying reminders that you can support them. so for , I think, $15 you can get the keystring to put into it and not have the pop ups AND get better support fromt he creatopr. www.smittyware.com/intro/cachemate/ cachemate can be found at the previous URL And GSAK is at GSAK.NET (tried making hyperlinks but they didn't seem to work right for me today)
  12. if it is your travel bug you can change the mission any time you want.
  13. IMHO he is stealing those bugs and coins. even if he is sharing them at events... he has hijacked them and is taking control of something that isn't his to take control of. If he only takes them to events then how do they "travel" as they should? he needs to move them on.
  14. Mine just came into the mail yesterday. it will be released soonly. Thanks a bunch this is a great coin!!!!!
  15. So let's see if I got this right.......We set the clocks forward 2 weeks ago and then we set them again last night so we should now have a 2 hour differential?!?!? Hmmm, I think there is something wrong here Bill . Maybe we were supposed to set it ahead last time and back this time to put it back where it was originally so we can change them again next week . Or maybe were really supposed to set them BACK last time and ahead this time so the time would be right. OR MAYBE this is all just a hoax and we are supposed to be on standard time all year long like Arizona and this is just an April Fools joke theat started in March ! OR MAYBE, JUST MAYBE the farmer is trying to confuse us with a April fools joke of his own. Confused ? Tune in to the next entry and either get more confused or straightened out or just kick back and watch the races that come on in an hour, or 2, or 3 or maybe they are already half over. AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH! Thanks Bill! yeah......... what doug said!
  16. Will be posting the winners shortly. I am waiting for a response from an email I sent. well I didn't get an email to respond to so that must mean that I wasn't in the top five. I was #4 on the forum but apparantely there was someone who emailed before me that didn't put ti up here. I always seem to try these and be jsut out of the cut.
  17. Yeah, the weather has been fantastic but no one is out looking for the poor guy. He was last placed on February 22 almost in the center of the CVC area. Looks like it's time to retire. Maybe one of the events we should have on the Mystery Train is a formal, final Wake for Tag? ahhh just because he isn't being found by the same person 5 times during a china trip or european trip doesn't mean he should be retired.... the length between finds just means that people have a life right now... now that the weather is nice I might attempt him.....
  18. They are fairly local to me and fairly active. Not like them to ignore anyone..... They might just be taking a quick break from caching.
  19. As usual, I have mixed feelings. I'm not a fan of hardliners of any stripe but on the other hand, I'm not a fan of people who can't be bothered to write anything more than "TNLNSL" either. (Full Disclosure: I, myself, have written nothing more than "TNLNSL TFTC" on occasion -- some caches are so boring that I really couldn't think of anything more to say...) Reading the logs of this cache, it appears to me that the bar is set pretty low. Is it really such a hardship to come up with something? On the other hand, if it really is about the principle of the thing, then you really shouldn't bother to log it. Or you could write your log about about annoyed you are about about having to write a creative interesting log. It's possible that the owner might even decide that it is interesting enough to leave it. And even if the owner deletes, he or she will have read how you feel about it. To me it is more about the principle of the matter. though this was not my case originally so I can not speak for Brute....
  20. I would boycott that one also. I mean how do weknow what their idea of "interesting" is..... it is their prorogitive to only accept certain logs BUT at the same time they are being a bit critical of how people log their finds.
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