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  1. There are caches along the Breakneck ridge trail (NY) That is a good start as it is a hard hike.
  2. It would depend where you live. Some caches are placed where you need to bike/hike into because cars can't get close.
  3. Will let you know when I make another trip to Prospect Part to find a few more. Want to clean it out, but people keep hiding there. lol
  4. Since I keep kosher, I have not been able to get McSwag. So I will keep my current practice of putting in better quality SWAG.
  5. There is that pesky no bury rule again... ;-)
  6. I have my Nuvi loaded with the cache page info, too. But that doesn't mean that I always read it before seeking the cache. I'm guessing that you probably don't, also. Actually, I always read them, that was why I bought that gps.
  7. I have an idea for the largest cache in NYC, a LARGE garbage can along the side of a house, with the inside modifide with pouches and divders, so it will keep things neat and prevent people from having to reach al the way in for small stuff. Maybe with a combo lock to keep it shut with the numbers in the description. What are your thought? Then I have to get it passed muggle mom... She may put me in the can and lock it.
  8. Simply put, I love my Oregon 200, take the cache pages with me.
  9. I have a cache placed about 30 feet from my front door, with a clear view from the window. Why? Because the spot the cache is in was too good to pass up and it make maintance easy.
  10. Look at the pelican cases on Geocaching.com or on other sites. They are waterproof, with a lifetime warranty.
  11. Stylus Tough-8010 Digital Camera (Silver) 14-Megapixel, 28mm 5X Optical Zoom, 2.7" LCD Screen, 2GB Internal Memory, Waterproof to 33', Shockproof to 6.6' , Crushproof to 220 lbs of Pressure, Freezeproof to 14 Degrees F Tap Control HD Video B&H # OLST8010S Mfr # 227660 Have one of these, small, and indestructable.
  12. here is one truly crazy cache that has earned a 5/5 and then some. GCTA5E http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...86-c332841529da
  13. here is one truly crazy cache that has earned a 5/5 and then some. GCTA5E http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...86-c332841529da
  14. Not to point out the obvious, but this fool probibly has a geocaching account, that is the only way he had a chance to find & destroy them.
  15. As a new cacher (less then 20 finds), I find the 100 cache rule foolish, as if you check my profile, I have been caching for a year. So does that make me a newbie, or a cacher with out much time for the hunt? Hummmm.. I have place 4 caches, Maintence? Open door, make sure it is still there.. good. Bring son to bus stop, cache still there too. Who said that it has to take too long? Stop making this a debate about experiance and smily finds. If the location is good, the Administrator approves it, and there are no comments from the finders, then drop the argument. (toss the soap box out the window)
  16. A dive flag screw type anchor will keep it from floating away, and a lot easier to carry than weights.
  17. I will be driving to Florida this June and am trying caches along the I95 rout in the service areas. Every search I run is coming up short and sending me off I95. I would like to know if anyone has seen a rest stop cache listing?
  18. Simple, fast, and easy fix for spelling. Type you message into MS office and run the spell checker. Then cut and past. or stop caring abot how peple spell.
  19. That was what I was thinking, but what kind of SWAG could be used, even a slate will get covered in "stuff" in a couple of weeks. Unless it is inside a plastic aqua box, that will keep the sea life off the contents, but the ocean will claim any tb or coin in it....
  20. Question.... As a diver myself, are we setting up the caches to be opened underwater, or to bring them to the surface and then bring them back down. Keep in mind total bottom times and no decompression limits,,
  21. Living in brooklyn, I would to find a cache that 1) was not wet and to messy, since my kids always choose the swag, I would rather not have to detox it much. 2) even trade, most of the stuff we seem to find are shirt buttons, pencil sharpeners and erasors. We leave good carbineer keychains. Leave the Cache better stocked then before we found it.
  22. It seems that everyone has an opinion about playground caches. So I will toss in my 2 cents and probably get some change back. Placing a nano on the equipment is stupid and will get lost real quick, and make the adult looking for it look a bit silly. However, I plan to place a nano on one of the benches off to the side, so come, sit read a book, reach down and there it is. That is how to place a playground cache for adults.
  23. For the stylish urban cacher.... jeans, and a plain jacket. Although I have cached in a suit.
  24. I usually hunt with my 5 year old son, Goe Jounior, because he is small he is able to get the caches hidden in the bushes around here, plus he make a excuse.. "Now where did you drop you toy this time?" Some times I will have muggle mom and my 10 month old daughter, Geo Micro, with me also. Someone has to push the stroller while I am getting all muddy with my son.
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