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  1. Thanks, I totally overlooked the stickies like a noobie
  2. I've seen mentioned a few times having a coin minted for you. I'm still a noob, but, this sounds like it would be cool. Can anyone point me in the direction of where to have this done, and associated costs? I would appreciate it
  3. My very first coin arrived today, it's the MiGO Edmund Fitzgerald coin. I forgot to take photos before work, but, I will after I get out, and I'll post them. I'm totally geeked
  4. Awesome coins, hopefully I'll be able to grab a couple before they sell out once they are up for sale
  5. Holt, MI 5 Miles: 59 10 Miles: 220 25 Miles: 463 50 Miles: 1531
  6. Beautiful stick And Congrats! And, sorry you owe, I've been there, and feel your pain, believe me...
  7. Congrats to all the winners!!!! As far as my stress this week... Two words... Kidney Stones....
  8. 1. Participating - Email sent June 09 2. Nick/destination received - Not Yet 3. Outgoin coin mission details attached - Not Yet 4. Outgoing coin released in cache GC - Not Yet 5. Incoming coin picked up - Not Yet
  9. Friday you... had your tonsils removed? And yesterday you... went skydiving?
  10. I found this in a cache yesterday. It was my third ever cache, but, this was too good not to trade a matchbox car for
  11. Garlic Ribs INGREDIENTS * 6 1/2 pounds pork baby back ribs * 1 teaspoon dried thyme * 2 teaspoons dried oregano * 2 teaspoons garlic powder * 2 tablespoons salt * 1 tablespoon ground black pepper * * 1 teaspoon dry mustard * 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce * 2 tablespoons soy sauce * 2 tablespoons distilled white vinegar * 1/2 cup steak sauce * 3 tablespoons white wine * 2 cloves crushed garlic * 2 teaspoons ground black pepper * 8 tablespoons plum sauce * 1 (12 ounce) jar honey * 3 tablespoons molasses DIRECTIONS 1. Place ribs in a large pot, cover with water and add thyme, oregano, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Bring to a boil and simmer for 40 minutes. 2. Remove from heat and either let stand until ready to barbecue or cook immediately. 3. Meanwhile, mix together the sauce ingredients and blend well. Remove ribs from liquid and brush both sides with the sauce. 4. If possible barbecue the ribs 6 to 8 inches from the coals for 15-20 minutes or until brown and crisp. Basting frequently. Serve with remaining sauce. Oops, I just realized I'm too late. Still check out the recipe, it's good stuff
  12. I've never released a coin into the wild, but, this sounds like fun. I'd like to give it a shot.
  13. Maybe I'm missing something? Since the person that asked the question is using a Garmin Colorado GPS, why would s/he need to use any additional software to load the GPX file? The Colorado supports direct drag'n'drop of GPX files onto the unit via USB, on Mac or PC. And MacCaching doesn't even show the Colorado in the "compatible devices" list. With some of the software (with GSAK at least, not sure about the others) you can point the program to the zip file that is emailed to you, and it imports all of the files from the zip at once. It makes it a bit handier (for me at least), when you are uploading 20+ cache's
  14. Thank you Chuy! I *think* I get it. So, what I want, is the 2008 topo map (as I could care less about the turn by turn directions in th street), and it only comes in the non-NT version. Correct? Which would be this... At least I hope that's correct, I just orderd it
  15. I'm extremely new at this (just got my GPS yesterday) and I love it. In fact, I didn't sleep at all so I would be there when UPS dropped it off and I could do my first cache (I work overnight, which is why I would be asleep when UPS got there ) Anyways, I have read about the NT non NT and SD maps till my eyes nearly bled (I blame the lack of sleep). And, I still don't know what would be best for my GPS. I read that the NT are slower, and the SD can be taken to a different GPS. I also read that with the SD you would have to buy a whole new card instead of a DVD update So, basically, what I am looking for, is someone to break it down to really simple terms for a "slow" person that hasn't slept in *looks at watch* 30 hours. I guess it would help if I said what GPS I have it's a Garmin eTrex Vista HCx So, please, I am begging the nice, wonderful people on this forum to help a poor guy out before his grey matter ends up on the monitor due to a head explosion. Thanks in advance
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