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  1. Aye, that I am, don't let the name fool ya (Taubin is derived from Taube which is German for Dove)
  2. I'm kind of curious if anyone remembers their first coin. Being new, it's easy for me to remember mine, in fact, I have photos So, what about you? What was your first coin, do you still have it? If not, what happened to it?
  3. Really? All the guys on my basketball team call me BigD as a kid, I was the little fat kid out there screwin up everytime I got the ball! Then our neighbor was a drug dealer type dude in 3rd grade and his name was BigD...My mamma hated it after that! He was REALLY BIG!...I used to think it was kinda cool when he'd lift his belly to adjust somethin. He'd lift it up and "BLOOMP" down it went! "hey thats kinda cool!" It's funny, I'm really not that big of a guy, but, one of my friends started to call me Big D and it stuck I can't remember the last time I was called Dusty or Dustin by one of my friends, it's always D or Big D now... btw, I'm *not* a drug dealer
  4. I'm *always* up late. Stupid overnight work schedule But, it pays the bills and let's me buy coins
  5. And to think, I was just about to change my avatar to this: I laugh a little everytime I see Big D's name. Allot of my friends call me Big D. It's going to take a touch of getting used to seeing it and not thinking it's about me. Extreme views are a good thing in my opinion, it shows you care and have passion
  6. Now, how are you going to blame a fellow newbie?
  7. I love anything Celtic, ordered for sure
  8. Not it!!! Do we blame Honey since she was the second AND third posts?
  9. I see myself having that same problem, now when I buy coins, I buy two if I can afford it
  10. The only thing I've found aggravating is seeing some really cool looking coin that was minted 6 months ago that is no longer sold Other than that, so far, this newbie is LOVING IT
  11. If so, I'll have to start saving, I've been looking for a sig item, and this seems to be more fitting price wise than trying to do coins for twice the price...
  12. Me too, it´s already 4 am over here I *wish* it was 4 AM here, that would mean I was only stuck at work for 2 more hours Congrats Surteb
  13. Today, I received my Evil Macros 2008 Coin I like it
  14. Even though I was too late to join in on the trading portion, I do want to share some of the beauty of Michigan with you guys. I love my state. Both of these photos were taken by me on the riverwalk in Lansing, MI one foggy morning. (I hope it's ok for me to post these here, if not, I can edit the post) Both are clickable if you wish to see the larger versions.
  15. Congrats on the awesome coins to the new winners!!!
  16. Thanks again for the cointest Robert, it's going to be fun!!!
  17. If you are just starting out it doesn't really matter what this one costs. What matters is the cost of the next one...and the next one...and the next one...and the one after that... and the one after that...oh wait, that one's cool too...gotta have this one...oooo, shiney!... Before you know it you are on all the mailing lists and eating Top Ramen or macaroni and cheese for every meal! I think I'm well on my way to getting there... I looked at my bank account before work and just about pooped myself... Then I promptly found more coins I wanted and ordered them...
  18. 1:11AM 2:22AM 3:33AM 4:44AM 5:55AM 10:00AM 11:10AM 11:11AM 11:12AM 11:13AM 11:14AM 11:15AM 11:16AM 11:17AM 11:18AM 11:19AM 12:22AM 1:11PM 2:22PM 3:33PM 4:44PM 5:55PM 10:00PM 11:10PM 11:11PM 11:12PM 11:13PM 11:14PM 11:15PM 11:16PM 11:17PM 11:18PM 11:19PM 12:22PM = 34 times
  19. *does happy dance* Thank you Crows!!!! I suppose you want my address now?
  20. Congrats TeamAmaroo!!! You must have just beaten me lol (or I was completely wrong with my guess)
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