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  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous RedShoesGirl, very nice mailbox finds today Does a mailbox count as a personal cache?
  2. Hope this is correct... Hoop dit correct is Het is daar…. enkel dat er ZO velen… zijn Klik op de „Meer“ lijst bij de bodem van TBs die in het geheime voorgeheugen wordt vermeld. Momenteel is het op pagina 4 van al vermelde TBs.
  3. Then why could I only find him in one of the pics. I'm thinking i need a refund! "We've updated our policy to state no refunds. Sorry for the inconvenience"
  4. CF is running a VERY generous cointest, that already has over 25 winners!!! She has also found almost 2500 Caches and has hidden 51 of them She also has a pretty sweet personal coin She has 3 kids, 3 cats, a dog, and an awesome boyfriend. She owns more than 1000 books (which is probably more than I've read in my life) And is all round a really awesome person on the forums.
  5. Beautiful design Tracy, I love this coin. The designers around here never cease to amaze me. The photos I posted don't do the coin justice by any means, I really need to get a new tripod that will allow me to boom my camera. And, I think the photos would have been better on white instead of in my light box. (wow, I'm derailing my own thread ) Anyways, I wanted to say thank you again TnT for a beautiful design. I love anything Celtic, and when I saw this coin I *HAD* to have it.
  6. Tooey has a very cool looking hand in their avatar, and likes to eat Corn Flakes with no milk on Sundays
  7. the link mentions that they are trackable, have you looked iat the sides for a tracking number? The first image has the tracking number blanked out, it is just above "FTF"
  8. You have Mail! You guys are awesome, thank you
  9. Thank you so much, I can now add it to my list properly
  10. I did a search for a forum such as this, but, didn't find anything. I have a couple of coins I don't know the names of. I was wondering if you kind folks could help? And, if you have a coin you don't know the name of, post a pic, maybe we can all help each other!! Clickable if you wish to see a bigger version. Thanks gang
  11. Congrats to all the winners, and thank you again for the cointest CF!!!
  12. Today's mail (well, yesterdays, but, I was away camping) brought to me: 2 Cache Police coins 1 A bit 'o' luck coin and 1 Celtic FTF Coin (not sure the proper name for it) Oh, and a couple pins
  13. I'm so geeked about this, it will be my first trade, even if it is not a conventional trade. I can't wait!!!
  14. Woohoo Congrats to the newest winners of these beautiful coins!!!
  15. Today I received my Blarney Coin and my Titanic coin... Man, I love shiny things that come in the mail Photos to follow when I get back from camping
  16. I'll mostly bite my tongue, but, if you search my previous posts, you will see how I deal with people like her
  17. Email sent, although I don't think I'm right... It's way late and I'm way tired...
  18. Congrats to the new angels!!!! *tosses the confetti and twirls the noise maker*
  19. Just think of it like your birthday, only, you won't really know when your birthday is in this case And, in this case, you can't be extra sneaky to find out what your presents are
  20. Quick and dirty, using only what I have available on Flickr, but, this should look a touch better.... 100x113, if it's too big, let me know I'll re-chop it
  21. What's the max size for avatars on this board? (sorry for taking this way off topic lol)
  22. If I remember, I will cut the heartshape out of the original, that way you won't lose a bunch of quality from it being chopped and changed so many times in jpg If I don't get it done this weekend, I will do it first thing Monday, as I'm camping in later today through the weekend
  23. I just got a "Evil Micro" coin today in the mail. I can't remember which site I bought it off of. Wait, you mean Ebay is NOT the way to go? I think I've bought 4 or 5 coins off ebay already They were all Celtic designs and will be kept. In fact, I think I'm going to have a *really* hard time releasing any coins into the wild unless they are for trade. But, all the coins I have so far are very easily gotten, well, except maybe the titanic one I was lucky enough to get (kicks self for not getting two, I could have traded one I'm sure). I can't wait for my first trade experience. I think it will be allot more exciting than buying them.
  24. I promise the photographer won't mind if someone does decide to use it
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