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  1. Wow, so many more winners, and all those packages!!! I'm sure the post office LOVES to see you walking through the door :)


    Thank you again for your generosity and congrats to the latest batch of winners!!!! (it's getting hard to keep up, you must have some awesome spreadsheet skills :D )

  2. How do you by a geocoin & how much are they?


    it is a sickness, a wicked addiction for which there is no cure, no antidote.




    I wish someone would have told me that prior to me getting into this....


    *stands up*


    Hi, My name is Dustin, and I'm a coin addict...


    *waits for the "Hi Dustin"*


    I've been a coin addict for about 2 weeks now... I can't control myself, I buy and buy and buy and buy... Next thing I know, I'm dreaming about them, I can't get away. I blog them, I tell coworkers about them, I post them on other forums... It's horrible *breaks down into tears*


    Ok, really it's not that bad, but, as RSG said, keep it in moderation. I'm just waiting to have enough to be able to start trading, but, the ones I have now are easily gotten, with the exception of the Titanic coin maybe, and I stupidly only bought one :rolleyes:

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