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  1. Gatoulis has an extremely adorable kitten in their avatar. They also have 16 cache finds, and 3 trackable items.
  2. Congrats to all the newest winners!!! And CF, a very sincere thank you for being so generous with your cointest. You are awesome.
  3. LaydeBee is an extremely nice person here on the forums and always helps people when they ask for it. She is also one shy of 1200 cache finds
  4. Congrats to the recipients of this amazing coin. Reading the stories, and seeing the photos (love the rainbow) has brought a smile to my face in a time I need more smiles.
  5. Sorry if any of these were posted before...
  6. Today I only got a few bills I do have to ask though, what is Nutella?
  7. Wow, so many more winners, and all those packages!!! I'm sure the post office LOVES to see you walking through the door Thank you again for your generosity and congrats to the latest batch of winners!!!! (it's getting hard to keep up, you must have some awesome spreadsheet skills )
  8. Nopers, I was lucky enough to be winner #2 in this awesome contest I've been sitting back watching the other lucky winners
  9. it is a sickness, a wicked addiction for which there is no cure, no antidote. RedShoesGirl I wish someone would have told me that prior to me getting into this.... *stands up* Hi, My name is Dustin, and I'm a coin addict... *waits for the "Hi Dustin"* I've been a coin addict for about 2 weeks now... I can't control myself, I buy and buy and buy and buy... Next thing I know, I'm dreaming about them, I can't get away. I blog them, I tell coworkers about them, I post them on other forums... It's horrible *breaks down into tears* Ok, really it's not that bad, but, as RSG said, keep it in moderation. I'm just waiting to have enough to be able to start trading, but, the ones I have now are easily gotten, with the exception of the Titanic coin maybe, and I stupidly only bought one
  10. Them are some sweet sig items Karen, great job!!! I really need to figure out something to use as a sig item...
  11. Congrats Anthus and all the other Mickey winners
  12. Presale link is at the bottom of the first post in the thread. Er... Um.. Would you look at that lol... I swear, someday I will no longer be a noobie
  13. Awesome coin, congrats to the new owners
  14. dimkasmir is from the Bay area with 49 times the caches found that I have. They also own 26 trackables, which is 26 times the number that I have out in the wild
  15. Sweet, let me know once you have a link to the sales, I would love a set.
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