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  1. This is the first time I've seen this coin, and, I honestly dig it. I want some for sure
  2. I would like to hear about the distances people go to get to a certain cache/coin. Especially if they know a certain coin is in a cache that is a pain to get to (think a 5/5 cache). How far would you go for the coin you *REALLY* want?
  3. Do you have to be an agent to give suggestions for the mission?
  4. I did a search, and didn't find any answers to this. What is the best way to ship coins? Especially if going "across the pond" so to speak. I have received various coins from various places, and they all seem to be a little different. I am wondering if there is an accepted "Good" or "Best" way to ship them. Any advice would be appreciated as I've never really shipped anything other than a letter before....
  5. The feather arrived in my mail over the weekend, it's a beaut Thank you SO MUCH Sarah
  6. Well, my mailbox was a bit more full than I thought this weekend... Team ECS Thank you so much, a wonderful personal coin!! The Parkinson's geocoin Sarah's beautiful feather Thank you for your very generous cointest!! Geocoin dot net members coin Thank you all again, the generosity of the members here is amazing. I can't wait to send some coins out to some folk that have been extremely generous to me, and possibly start my own cointest in the future
  7. My hearts desire is a Claddaugh coin. I didn't know about them till it was too late
  8. What an awesome idea!!! *makes sure I have access to the address list* Oh man, I remember pegging my pants in.... what, middle school? Those were the days... *sigh*
  9. Congrats to the latest winners of Sarah's amazing coin. And for those that haven't won, what are you waiting for? Join in. I got my coin this weekend, and I am not lying when I say, it's BEAUTIFUL Thank you so much Sarah
  10. I'd love to have a pin as well, I collect them on my cache bag. Even if it costs extra, I would very gladly pay for them
  11. Over the weekend (I was gone) I received one of Sarah's beautiful feathers (Thank you so much, it's wonderful), and a Geocoin dot net member coin. I've been told there's a package at my house today also, but, I haven't had a chance to see what it is yet. The excitement is nearly killing me.
  12. I'm still new, so, my DNF stories aren't that great... Yet... However, I have a DNF from last week that was pretty... um... scary... I was looking for a cache in Ionia here in Michigan, off a dog run. The log stated to wear orange during hunting season, but, that ended a while ago, so, I thought nothing of it. I pulled up, and saw 2 guys get out with their beagles wearing allot of orange. I didn't think much of it and went about my hunt. I got close to the cache (10 ft according to my GPS) and started to look around for it. About 5 minutes into my search, I hear a HUGE bang a short ways to my left. I was a little startled, but, just thought it was a car backfiring. It wasn't till about the third bang that I realized what was going on. The two gentleman were training their hunting dogs... Including using shotguns so the dogs got used to the noise. Needless to say, I nearly crapped myself and high tailed it out of there. No cache for me, but, I lived, so, it wasn't all bad Yeah, my story isn't that good lol
  13. *ponders if Tsun heard about the 5 gallon bucket of Nutella...*
  14. I've not had the pleasure of speaking with Tsun, however, from what I have read, she is a very nice person. She is very well liked by the members of the forum, and seems to have a Nutella obsession She also has a very cool profile, that is very well written, and meaningful. It's nice to meet you Tsun
  15. Wow, Sarah has gone mid evil with the new questions (literally) good luck to the potential winners
  16. Congrats to the winners I thought for sure my pretty photo would do it
  17. Because I'm new, and probably have fewer coins than anyone that posts before or after me. I'll be honest though, I don't feel I *deserve* a free coin, I would *appreciate* a free coin. In fact, there have been a couple very kind people that have sent me a coin. I was so excited when I opened the package and saw it. The generosity of the people here simply amazes me. I am not however, below begging. So, I present myself to you on my humble knees, begging for the coin. If win, I will be so very appreciative, and will definitely pay it forward once I have some spare coins. And, as a pre-thanks, I give to you a beautiful photo that was taken by yours truly, you know, in case it helps my chances
  18. Hopefully I won't miss out on the next batch of these.
  19. Today in my mail, I received a beautiful personal coin from TeamEccs21. Thank you SO much!!! It's my first personal coin, and is definitely going into my permanent collection. I also received 2 of the parkinsons coins. I was so geeked, I decide to find some Nutella, and well, I had to stop by Sam's club today anyways. Did you guys know they sell it in 5 gallon buckets?!?!?!?! This stuff had better be good... If not, I might have to start an auction for a partial 5 gallon bucket of Nutella
  20. Wait a dog-gone minute! Where do I log my complaint? There is something sooooooo wrong with this picture The only person in this geocoin forum that should be getting Nutella is me! dhen, you and I need to have a talk I don't think I've ever eaten Nutella? I'm not even sure I can get it around here but of course I've never been looking for it either? I may have to see if I can find it? http://www.nutellausa.com/storeLocator.htm I plan on getting some this weekend to try it.
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