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  1. Nice looking coin! The coin I promised you 6 (!) years ago, is finally on it's way. Shipped today. Hopefully it finds its way to you safely! Enjoy!
  2. Hey guys, Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I have had some health issues recently. I received the witch late last week when I got home from the hospital, and she will be moving along to the next lucky recipient within the next 2 days. I will also post photos as soon as I can. Sorry it has taken me so long, the health issues were extremely unexpected, and I hope you guys don't think I bailed on the mission. I again sincerely apologize. Thank you for allowing me to participate in this mission, and she will be flying out again by wed. I promise.
  3. Just wanted to apologize for not releasing the coin yet, I promise it will go out this week, or, weekend AT THE LATEST. Between the holiday, and me getting really sick, I haven't made it out yet. SOON.
  4. I generally do my best, if the coin/tb has a specific destination/goal to try to help it go that way, and if I can't I will put it back in the cache I found it in. I really hope others do the same with the geocoin mission coins going around
  5. D-Man, you might want to edit the tracking code out of that image
  6. OH my goodness, I forgot to congratulate all the new agents CONGRATS!!!!! much better
  7. 1. Participating - Email sent June 09 2. Nick/destination received - July 1 3. Outgoin coin mission details attached - July 3 4. Outgoing coin released in cache GC - Not Yet 5. Incoming coin picked up - Not Yet
  8. This was taken at a local cemetery. There is a dedication not only to our brave soldiers, but, also to our brave firefighters as well. Some of the ground plaques in the photo are for soldier firefighters.
  9. That coin is TOTALLY me, there is one cache I have been to 6 times now that I can't find. And yes, it appears to be there, as others have found it with no problem
  10. You are so generous, i want to say thank you for making people so happy. I normally hate saying just "ditto" but, I think Geo stated this pretty well, and gets a whole hearted ditto from me. Thank you so much for your generosity it totally brought a smile to my face when I received your feather.
  11. I have an update to my hearts desire. Ali was VERY generous and sent me one of the Claddagh coins. It is BEAUTIFUL and honestly, my favorite coin to date. Thank you so much Ali, you are the best
  12. My mailbox was pretty stuffed this weekend. I received one of Karen's handmade sig items, tis a beaut I also recieved a few ebay purchases Annndddd Ali sent me a truly awesome, amazing, beautiful Claddagh coin which I fell in love with the moment I saw it. I'll post photos once I am home Thank you again everyone for the kindness and generosity, you all amaze me
  13. Congrats LadyBee4T!!! May the stealth be with you
  14. I originally purchased my GPS for a small trip I was taking up north, and didn't want to get lost. One of the listed features of it, was the ability to do "Geocaching". I have always had a curious mind, so, I followed the link on the Garmin website, and started researching it. After a bit of poking around the site, I found a cache that was within a block of where I grew up. I figured it would be the perfect way for me to try this thing out. The day my GPSr arrived, I loaded up my first waypoint, drove to a park I had never been to (keep in mind, I lived a block from it for the first 16 years of my life), and started to follow the little arrow. I learned a few things that day. First was, never forget the mosquito spray. I also learned how much I missed being outdoors. Walking through the trails, in the rain, getting dirty and muddy and LOST, I realized how much I loved it, and missed it since starting my office job. I spent an hour and a half looking for my first cache, and walked past it about a dozen times. All told, I probably walked about 2 miles to get to a cache that was within a quarter mile of my car . But man, the elation I felt when I finally spotted that ammo can, hidden under a log... I danced and smiled for the first time in a very long time. I realized, right then, at that moment, how much I was missing out on that I used to enjoy. I sat down, carefully opened it up, amazed at the odd little trinkets inside of the cache, and realized another mistake I had made... Sitting down on an ant hill ... But, I still loved it. I'm still relatively new to geocaching, but, for me, it has become a way to relieve stress. To get out, away from my cubicle, and enjoy the outdoors like I used to. To get back to nature so to speak, and a way to find peace with myself that I don't get during the week. It's also a way for me to start losing the 40 pounds I've gained in the last 2 years working in a cubicle. So, in some ways, geocaching is probably (in an off hand way) saving my life. For without it, I would just sit here, at my cube all week, and then sit at home all weekend in front of the TV doing nothing but rotting.
  15. I'm not familiar with Netherlands at all, but, I'll guess.... Arnhem?
  16. All I have to say is this... If these are made, (and I think they should be, because they are awesome), and I miss the sale of them, I will cry... And really, do you want to see a grown man cry?
  17. These are sooo adorable... Now I wish I hadn't used all of my coin allowance for the week
  18. Wow, congrats on the secret agent coin!!! Color me jealous lol
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