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  1. Hi, My computer has stopped recognizing my Vista Hcx. I am running Windows 7 64bit. I did download and install the USB drivers from the Garmin website but still no success. I can connect it to another Windows 7 computer (32bit) that I own without any problems. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks a lot Robert
  2. StanByk

    Oregon betas

    Wow, just wow! I am seriously impressed! It only took them something like 1.5 to 2 years to get WAAS/EGNOS working, one of the fundamental functions of a modern GPSR device. Forgive me my sarcasm, I have been waiting for this day for a long time.
  3. Hi everyone, So far I have always loaded my maps as a single file onto the microSD card in my Oregon 300. I am now planning to load them as individual files, but from what I can gather on this forum, this can cause problems with firmware 3.13? The maps I am intending to use are: CN 2010 Europe Topo UK Topo Austria Topo Germany Topo Switzerland Can anyone please let me know if this would work and if not what the problem would be? Thank you Robert
  4. I can't seem to find CN Europe 2010.2. Are you sure it has come out yet? Thank you Robert
  5. Hi everybody, Is there software to analyse tracks? I am particularly interested in stats like moving average, total average, stopped time, moving time, elevation, etc. Also it would be great if one could apply some sort of heat map to the track, e.g red colours for quick walking speeds and blue colours for slow speeds or red colours for steep ascents and blue colours for flat areas. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you Robert
  6. To all the guys that have emailed garmin about the shutdown bug: Have you heard anything back from them? E.g., will they publish another beta soon which fixes this issue? Robert
  7. Hi, If I buy CN Europe Maps as a Download from Garmin, will I be able to use those maps within Mapsource or will I have to download them directly onto an SD card within the GPSr device (Oregon/Nuvi)? Thanks you Robert EDIT: I just found what I needed on the Garmin website, where it says I will not be able to use it on my computer. What happens if I buy the lifetime update? Will they download directly to the SD card of a connected GPS or will I be able to use them within Mapsource?
  8. I'll probably buy online because one tends to get better prices, but you are right, I think it is a good idea to call Garmin UK just to make sure that the particular model I have decided to buy does indeed have this option.
  9. Hi, quite a few of the garmin nuvis here in the UK come with full European mapping, so this shouldn't be a problem.
  10. Hi, I am thinking of buying a garmin nuvi (with full european maps) as a present for my father. I live in London and was thinking of buying it here in England. The problem is, that my father lives in Austria and doesn't speak any english. My question now is, can I change the language settings on the nuvi to German? This would not only have to include menus but also the voice, which has to speak in german as well. Many thanks Robert
  11. That would be great! This cartesio chipset seems to be a bit of a disaster and definitely a step backwards from where they were with the Sirf Star III. Unfortunately I can not really imagine that they would do that
  12. I have the impression that 2.93 is eating the batteries more quickly than earlier firmware versions. Maybe due to the fact that you get the occasional WAAS lock?
  13. I am confused... This is what I got from garmins website: Will I be able to use the life time update with the DVD version of CN Europe? Will the updates be downloaded into Mapsource so that I can use my computer and Mapsource to plan trips? Will I be able to use Mapsource to upload only the segments of the maps that I want to upload (together with other maps, such as topo maps)? Will I be able to use this product with my Oregon, which came with no preloaded maps (see garmins statement from above)? Many thanks in advance!
  14. StanByk

    Best GPS for BFE

    I think battery life should be one of you main criteria. Every minute that a unit runs longer is very important under such circumstances. I would go for an Etrex Vista Hcx. Mind you, if you life depends on it, take a backup GPSr with you! Unfortunately I don't know if there are any "professional" solutions out there that have been made specifically for that. Would like to hear about this if anyone knows anything.
  15. Hi strumble, I just installed CN Europe 2009 NT in a virtual machine, which never had any Garmin product installed in it before and I get the same problem! So it is the actual CN Europe 2009 NT maps! Can you recommend a place to buy the CN Europe 2009 Non-NT DVD from?
  16. I don't have any avoids or vias set, so I don't think this is the problem. If I get round to this week I will try and install CN2009NT on another computer, e.g. do a completely fresh install, this should at least tell me if it is the actual maps or if something is broken on my computer. I don't know if it is feasible that some remnants of an older installation conflict with CN2009NT such as old settings in the registry? By the way, is there a reason, why you use Non-NT 2009 rather than NT 2009?
  17. Hi strumble, No success so far. I uninstalled CN Europe NT 2009 from my computer and installed the old CN Europe NT v9 maps instead, which I still had lying around somewhere. With NT v9 the routing works fine and I get the same routes that you get. So I guess it is a problem with CN Europe NT 2009. I haven't got round to contact garmin yet, as I am quite busy, but I am also considering to just get the CN Europe 2009 non-NT maps. Unfortunately I have misplaced my CN Europe NT 2008 CD, so I could not test if 2008 works or not (must tidy up tonight ).
  18. My Oregon 300 (2.86) must be broken For the first time since I bought it, did I get an EGNOS lock! Today in the morning I did a master reset (pressing left upper corner while switching it on), put the Oregon onto my balcony, had a shower, came back and all the bars had Ds in it!!! How cool is that On another note, so far 2.86 worked better for me than any other firmware prior to that, until that day about two weeks ago, when I took it with me on a trip to Austria. I was searching for a geocache in the mountains (tree cover, boulders, stone walls, etc) and the maps page and compass page went completely bonkers and they were pointing into different directions every other second or so. Mind you, from what I could see on the map my position was pretty much spot on. Despite that, I have never experienced any drift problems yet (touch wood...)
  19. Hi strumble, I played around with the settings, but I still get the same bizarre Pedestrian routing. By the way, I think we are using different maps. I have the NT version and what I can gather from your picture you are using the non NT version. Yesterday evening I met up with a friend who has the City Navigator (Non NT) 2009 Europe map. On his computer I get the same routes that you get and the pedestrian routing makes perfect sense. I always thought that the only difference between NT and non NT is that NT maps are compressed? I am confused Thanks!
  20. You might be right. I am away from my computer at the moment but will try and change them later today when I am back. If that doesn't work I will try to reinstall CN and if that doesn't help either I will contact Garmin and see what they say.
  21. Strange, looks like my CN installation is somehow messed up. I will try and reinstall it.
  22. Hi everyone, Please have a look at the following pictures and let me know what you think about the routing. This particular example shows the routing as calculated by Mapsource using standard settings, but results on the Oregon are similar. I calculated this route for pedestrians, bicycle and car. I am using City Navigator 2009 Europe maps. I was trying to walk this route and had set my Oregon to Pedestrian routing. The route calculated by the Oregon and Mapsource doesn't make any sense at all. Please note all roads are minor roads in residential areas. Even the car route is better than the pedestrian route!!! The best route for walking was the bicycle route. This example is from a recent trip to Austria, but I have encountered this problem in England several times as well. Pedestrian Routing: Bicycle Routing: Car Routing: Many thanks in advance Robert
  23. Which maps did you install? I have an Asus EEE 901 as well, but my problem is that City Navigator insists on being installed onto the c: drive. Even if I select a different drive letter it still wants to install 2gb on c: The problem is, that I do not have 2 gb available as the total size of c: is 4 only gigabytes. Thanks Robert
  24. Do you know by any chance why Garmin chose to use the Cartesio chipset for the Oregon rather than the established SirfStar 3? Is the Cartesio supposed to be the better and more accurate chipset? I fail to understand how Garmin and Delorme made that decision. It must have been very clear from the beginning that this chipset had problems with WAAS. Maybe Cartesio promised them to sort it out. I paid over £300 for a unit that does not do averaging, that can not get a lock onto any satellites providing a correction signal and that has a rather poor display under direct sunlight. It could be such a great unit
  25. Maybe it wants administrator privileges for the installation? Try to right click onto the setup file and select "run as administrator" Let me know if this works. Robert - yes, i shut it down many times and re-start the procedures. Same bug. Other ideas? thanks
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