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  1. Ok...So I called Garmin and I did a master re-set. In case anyone needs to know. You press the page button at the same time as the enter button on the toggle and then press the power button. Answer yes if you want to and it will preform a reset. WARNING as I'm sure you can guess this will erase EVERYTHING so do so only if you need to and don't mind loosing all your way points etc. I then updated the firmware and so far so good.

  2. Greetings,


    This afternoon I was doing a little Waymarking and was entering a name in for a waypoint. The unit crashed and I thought it was a dead battery. I put in brand new batteries and on startup it will not go past the first screen before turning itself off. Any thoughts? I can't even connect and turn on to update the firmwear.



  3. Greetings,


    I currently am borrowing a vista legend and when you use it for the most part the unit has to be level for it to work, or so it seems. With the 60CSX does it too have to be level or with the antenna such as it is, can it be in just about any position?



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