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  1. Although I have only placed a few caches I have avoided the "tupperware" options. So far I have used: Nestle Time Capsule - shaped like a shell (military rather than sea). One got muggled but the other is out there in an appropriate cache. They have a screw top which appears to keep the rain out. Plastic ingrediants jar - again with a screw lid. Plastic "Pringles" type tube - not sure which brand these came from. I put "draught excluder" round the lid which appears to make them watertight. A three gallon barrel; again used for ingrediants - the advantages of working in the food industry. These also ahve a screw lid. It is I think the biggest cache in Wiltshire. Only two problems: painting it so it was camouflaged; and finding enough things to fill it. I have two more of these waiting but finding a site is difficult.
  2. Oh No!!!! Littlest RTB doesn't need much of an excuse (and temperature doesn't matter) - luckily he doesn't read this.
  3. Pencilled in to the RTB Diary - but we don't plan that far ahead and we have to check with Mrs RTB to see if we are allowed out to play.
  4. Hp iPAQ hx2750 loaded with Tom Tom Navigator 5 - all unfound UK caches loaded as POIs GPX View - 500 nearest caches downloaded as GPX file three times per week, other gpx files loaded for visits out of area. Garmin Etrex Vista Memory Map maps (including 1Gb SD card for iPAQ) Premium Membership
  5. Ah! One of my favourite stories. The basis not only of the British railway guage but the booster rockets on the Space Shuttle. Here goes: The building of the parts of the Shuttle was given to different US States (partly I believe to stop people complaining of the cost). The booster rockets went to Philidelphia and they were transported by rail through a tunnel. Thus their size was dictated by the width of a single track tunnel. This size was dictated by the US rail guage which, as the railways were built by the British, was the British rail guage. The British rail guage is based on the size of a stage coach, specifically the distance between the wheels - at the start of railways the only people building carrages were stage coach makers and they just built them the same size. Stage coaches were that size because unmetalled roads had over centuries become rutted and that was the distance between the ruts. The ruts originated to an extent from Roman times and were originally caused by Roman charriots. The Roman charriot was the width it was because of the size of two Roman charriot Horses rear ends. So the railway guage and the space shuttle designed arround a horses rear end. I like this story so if you are going to shoot it down - please be gentle
  6. Communication is about what is recieved and not what is sent. Thus in Germany learn German because not to means you will not be understood. Here in Cyberspace some of us (the majority?) don't understand. On another forum I have to ignore one persons posts as it either takes me too long to work out what he is saying in "Textspeak", or I can't understand. But then as 40 becons perhaps I am becoming an old fogie.
  7. I bow to your superior knowledge - which reminds me of a teacher I had who claimed to be the reincarnation of a king of Babylon (another story for another thread)
  8. This thread has got me thinking and I've remembered the advantage of Imperial (Feet and Inches; and shillings and old pence). 12 can be divided by 2, 3 and 4 to give a whole number, much better than decimal units. Thus half a foot is six inches. A third of a foot is four inches. A quarter of a foot is three inches. I think that is why the day is divided into twelve hours as well.
  9. Age 40 next week. GPSr set to imperial Distances = Miles Lengths = Feet, inches and millimeters (strange I know) Drink=pints Volume=litres Weight=pounds and ounces Temperature=Centigrade I am teaching the smaller RTBs imperial measurements relating to parts of the body, but with little success. Just realised how mixed up I must look to them.
  10. Last night I had these maps, and thought they were a great improvement - but this morning they've disappeared. Getting the message as above: "The Google Maps API key used on this web site was reistered for a differant web site. You can generate a new key for this web site at http://www.google.com/api/maps/. " And now getting the old style maps. Any ideas you clever people out there.
  11. Thanks everyone - I have logged the find, and claimed the FTF. The owner has updated the co-ordinates and re-activated the cache anyway. I also sent him an e-mail offering help. Roll on his next cache as he only lives arround the corner from me. FTF don't you love them - nurse my medication please.
  12. Here's the situation. Newby cacher hides a cache, but gets the co-ordinates wrong and cache size wrong (no name no pack drill). On the day it goes live three of us try and find it but with no luck (one team go twice). Cache hider then disables the cache to re-do the co-ordinates. Today I happen to have some time in the general area and armed with the hint find the cache. I sign the log book (don't want to have to go back again). I have emailed cache hider co-ordinates, advice on size - and asked him to check again himself. He's a young lad so I don't want to put him off. Here's some questions: Is it fair to the other cachers to log this as a FTF - only I was looking for it!!! Should I email the other cachers my co-ordinates? Should I wait until it goes live again -and either post a find, or find again? Or am I taking FTF racing too seriously?
  13. Seems to me that being able to put the parking places into Tom Tom would be very useful, but just the parking not the other extra waypoints. At present I am using the following method but I am sure that you clever people will have a better solution. Import gpx file into Memory Map Hide all the non parking waypoints export to another gpx file convert to ov2 file using poiconverter The major problem with this is that it does not convert the names. I can't find a way with GSAK to convert just the parking places. Any ideas chaps (and chapesses)
  14. Out cacheing with Littlest RTB wouldn't be the same if he didn't find some mud to fall in (funny he seems to be able to stand up the rest of the time. But before you all smirk consider the "dangers" identified by the H&S People: If it can happen to a postie it can happen to you!!! Edited due to really poor typing
  15. I had the same problem, using GPX Sonar. I have solved it by splitting the file in two "near" - closer than 100 miles, and "far" - further away. It is easy to set up a filters on GSAK for near and then download the GPX file. If there is a better way of handling files on a Ipaq I would be interested to see it though.
  16. Is it stll down/down again I'm just getting stuff I don't understand??
  17. Here's some advice (and some of it useful). Firstly Stay at home , its a long journey home when you've lost ( woops showing my football colours - "we're the one and only North End!!!") But alternatively why not stay a bit further out in the Trowbridge/Westbury area. Good train links into Cardiff (straight through 1hr 25) and loads of good caches - 39 within 10miles of Trowbridge, 34 within 10 miles of Westbury.
  18. No I get that too and no little D'a as yet. I will miss these threads once this thing is up and running properly. You know.. Newbe says should I use WAAS. Half replies say yes its wonderful I now get 3" accuracy and am always standing on top of the cache. Other half say I've never got it to work. Then someone says why don't I get it when I'm standing next to some one who has got it working. And still we all manage to find caches!!!
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