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  1. Well done to you all from the RTB(s) [they seek him here - they seek him there]
  2. Or maybe not - Doh!!!!! - Well done!!!
  3. I'm confused too. Could somebody explain this in words of one syllable for an Old Git like me. (Tried Googling DS Navigator but didn't get anything)
  4. It happens - not a lot but just enough to keep me sane. Like the description of bumping heads though.
  5. Fantastic to have this back - thanks for your hard work. I think that the problem with searches may only be with saved searches. I was having it but when I set up a new search (with the same criteria) it went. Thanks again
  6. One of the few caching teams I've ever met - well done!!! RTB(s)
  7. Yes its on my CV, and I got asked about it (it was a while ago and straight after something had appeared on TV - Country File I think). Didn't get the job but the feeling was completely mutual!!! As someone who recruits people, I would say if you think you can talk about it put it on.
  8. I always though the "O" in BODMAS stood for order as in 2^4 (2 to the power 4), for example, would follow the brackets, then would come division, etc. Eldest RTB has just done this at school (year 7, just started secondary) and they have the O as Other. It therefore includes powers, trig functions etc. Confused me as I was taught it stood for Of
  9. Eldest and Littlest RTB do one of these each year - we have made it part of our Christmas. It doesn't cost much and the little RTB's have to put something of their own in. I've always thought it linked with Cacheing well - when I first started I thought that I would set a cache where people TNL something for those more unfortunate, but the rules prohibit it.
  10. Just spotted that Mrs Gownehouse gets loads of praise in their latest caching exercise "Camouflage 1 (Wiltshire) http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...8579ab736" Both from MrG, and five tasty cookies (some sort of in-laws). Me thinks she hit a raw nerve....
  11. Good Job MrsRTB doesn't know where you live. She can read a map, and used to Navigate back in our Motor Sport days, and we were succesful!!!! Mind you I wouldn't let her drive.....
  12. Can I appologise if I've done this Mrs. G (and the little G's). I would say two things in my defence: 1) Large numbers of caches near golf courses - or is this your sport too and I've just made things worse 2)E-mails from Gowenhouse always come from MrG
  13. Pluses - you can carry arround hundreds of cache sheets, and cache when the mood takes you. First thing get Premium Membership. This will enable you to run Pocket Queries. I run one for my nearest 500 caches weekly. Then if I am going anywhere I run one for that area. Download to PDA I use GpxView to read them because its simple, and you can put in your current co-ordinates and caches in order of distance,
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