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  1. You don't have to do this manually. Try this macro: http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=10364&st=0entry188071 If you run this instead of FindStatGen3, it will fire up FindStatGen3 and upload the statistics directly to your profile page. Peter Thanks, I didn't realize that a copy was placed on my clipboard so that just pasting it into my profile details did the job/.
  2. I've generated this file - file:///C:/Users/Gary/AppData/Roaming/gsak/html/stats1.html which was generated from FindStatGen3.gsk, but I cannot determine how to see and copy the html into my "Profile Details"
  3. Thanks, I will not be needing 1.0.1 F&F
  4. Thanks MARKWELL, for all the interesting information, but I couldn't find answers to my questions. Do you know what the differences are in GPX 1.0 and 1.0.1? ForestnFrances
  5. Go to your account details page, and in the lower left hand corner is "Your Preferences". That is where you can select the GPX version you want. why do I want it? What does this version have that 1.0 doesn't? Thanks for your response
  6. I'm preparing to install a 3rd party stats mapping app and don't know if I need GPX version 1.0.1 or not. If I do then how do I download it? Thanks, F&F
  7. After looking for a while I found the BLORENGES site which gave me this: Creating Hyperlinks to other web pages You can link to another web page using a hyperlink with the <a href..> tag: In this example the word 'here' becomes the link and is enclosed with the <a href> and </a> tags. Click here to go to the geocaching resource site. Use the 'back' button to return here if you click the link. You type this: Click <a href="http://www.follow-the-arrow.co.uk/resources">here</a> to go to the geocaching resource site. Thanks to the BLORENGES of South Wales
  8. how do I insert this hyperlink into my cache description? (visit link) " thanks for your reply
  9. While geo-caching in Gilpin Co and walking down South Missouri Flats Road (cowpath for 4-wheeler) I stumbled on this benchmark located at N39 - 47.000 W105 - 29.896 in the middle of the gravel road - 1.5 inch stainless steel cap embedded into a concrete base at grade with the following inscriptions: Survey Monument MS SD G2 591 MS16537 S18 T35 R72W 2000 PLS 20140 Mike helped me back in Dec 2003 on another mystery. Maybe he can identify this benchmark? Thanks to anyone who can help. Gary
  10. Thanks, Mike, for your reply - sorry for the delayed answer, however, I was not aware of your reply until now. I guess I need to select a "report to me" option when I get a reply? The landmark is in Arapahoe Co, CO near a virtual cache Gary, nearly retired engineer
  11. I accidently stumbled into this benchmark at N39 30.905 W 104 43.101 that was 1.5 inch diameter, round, metal embossed plate at grade marked with Subject marking. Anyone know whose benchmark this is?
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