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  1. I don't know about ya'll, but I think that Kealia's avatar looks a lot like a chupacabra, sort of. Well it could be.
  2. I try to take pictures at every cache that I hit, but I don't always post 'em. For those I do post I like to make a few "creative changes" to reflect the experience better. I like to tell a story with my pics, most of time I sort of exagerate what happened, but at other times I just like to have fun with 'em. Check out my gallery to see what I mean.
  3. One of the main things that look to do when I hide a cache (all 1 that I have hidden (soon to be two)) is that you can log it and trade without having to worry about other people. I can't say I like it when I find a cache but have to be very fast and sneaky with the trading and logging. I like to be able to sit and enjoy my find. Thusly, I hide my caches accordingly (I hope this makes sense).
  4. Sometimes I write long logs, other times they are pretty short. It just depends on if I have had any experiences during the search that others might find interesting. Or if I just want to rant about how I searched for an hour but couldn't find it.
  5. I live in northern Utah and only once have I managed to get a WAAS lock, and it hasn't happened since. I don't fret about it though. If I got a WAAS lock, fine. If not, that's fine too. So long as I can get normal satellites to lock I'm happy.
  6. For me it really depends on the DNF situation. Like last week I went to find a cache in a park, I got to where it was and could see it, but there was a good 20 people there, so I had no chance to grab it with out someone seeing me. In this case I did not log a DNF, because the cache wsa there, but too many people. On the other hand if I search and search at the coordinates but find no cache, or if there is something else that prevented me from getting to the cache that might affect other cachers, then I do log a DNF. For example, once I was hiking up to a nearby mountain peak to hit a cache, but the trail was covered by 3 feet of snow and was coated with ice. I was not about to attempt to cross that because there was nothing on the downhill side, just a 300 foot drop to the last switchback. In this case I felt that my observations could be of use to any cachers who might have tried to hit this cache after me and could help them prepare. So there you have it, my basic DNF policy.
  7. 928 caches within 50 miles of home zip code and 1521 within 100 miles.
  8. I use MapSource all the time, it cuts down on the amount of gas that I use to find the general location of a cache, and with today's gas prices (cheapest I can find is $1.93/gal), that's a plus. But even with MapSource my brother, Red Mage, still can't navigate.
  9. Black Mage is my favorite character from one of my favorite web comics, 8-Bit Theater. He's a member of the Light Warriors, a group of "heros" who have been choosen by fate to defeat the evil of Chaos and save the world. He is not, however, a very heroic hero, he's really more of the maniacal villian-type "person" who has been thrust into this role but constantly tries to do-away with his partners on a constant basis. All the while trying to hit-on the beautiful White Mage, but of course she will have nothing to do with him becuase, you know, he's evil and all. Not that this applys to me, of course. ;
  10. I use a 60 inch hardwood broom handle I got from Home Depot for $6. But I was not content to have a plain stick, so I looke to the work of El Diablo for inspiration. A week and a few dollars later I had my hiking staff. My little bro (Red Mage) made one too.
  11. I like to take, edit, and post pictures of caches that I've hit, but I never show the actual location. In the few instances that I have postes a pic of the actual location, I always note that the picture is a spoiler, so anyone who wants to look at it can know.
  12. I've only seen my WAAS working once, and that was near Tooele, Utah. It never works in my usual stomping grounds so usually I just turn mine off.
  13. Has anybody seen "The Day After Tomorrow?" I wish I had the GPS that one of the characters had. They were driving through a massive hurricane covering the entire northern hemisphere, in blinding snow, with sub-zero temperatures and he still had a possitive lock. I have a hard time getting a lock of the satellites when it's overcast.
  14. My general rule of trades is, "The harder a cache is to find or get to, the better the item(s) that I leave behind and expect to find." If I'm going to hit a 1/1 cache in a park I usually leave good items that I have laying around or that I've gotten out of previous caches. However, if I'm hiking up to a 4/4 (etc) I may go so far as to buy something totally new and of good quality. If there's one item, thoug, that I hate to find in a cache, it's a filthy old golf ball.
  15. And what have we learned from this? Do not place caches near the gates of military bases! (I know that I've posted this story before, but I figures that it was relevant to the topic)
  16. I have also had experiences with snakes (of the human persuasion) along the trail. (This is not related to caching, but still burns me up). Over the weekend me, my brothers, my dad, and a couple of my dad's friends went ATVing up a local canyon. We got there at about 9am and started up the canyon. A ways up the canyon there is a small camping ground, when we got there we decided to take a drive through it, just for the heck of it. We rode through quietly and slowly, so as not to make a racket. As we went in I noticed a group of people (looked late teens to early 20s), as we passed they sort of scowled at us, but I though nothing of it and we continued through the camping grounds and went back to the road. After we got to the road we stopped just above the camping ground so we could walk to a ridge with a great view of the canyon, just a couple minutes from the road. So we went to check out the view and then returned to our ATVs. When we got back my dad noticed that his gas cap was missing! I am certain that it was those teens who scowled at us, probably mad that we woke them before 3pm. Only if I had been certain of this I would not had hesitated to ride up to them and give 'em all a good dusting. Luckily I had an emergency poncho with me. My dad cut a piece off and tied it on to where the gas cap would have gone. We then proceeded up the canyon. On our way back down we decided to take another ride through the camp to see if maybe whoever took the cap left it there, or something. No such luck there, but about half way through the camp we saw a bronze SUV driving up the path (this is the same SUV that was with the people who scowled at us), so we all pulled over to let it pass. As it passed me, though, one the the people in the SUV gave me this real ugly look and threw a cheeto at me! At this point I'm certain that these must be the people who stole our gas cap. I know that this really shouldn't bother me, but still, it really burns me up.
  17. Here's my favorite log entry to date. Here's the link Log entry
  18. I like to post pics with most of my log entries. Just be sure that you don't post a pic that shows the geocache itself, unless you're sure to say that it is a spoiler pic.
  19. Just tell them that the ammo can is the latest in outdoor lunch boxes.
  20. I ofter take pictures while geocaching, usually of the cache location, items, and surrounding areas. I don't scrapbook 'em though, I just organize them in file folders and burns them to CD-R.
  21. Personally I like it when a cache is located such that I don't have to rush the exchange process. I like to be able to sit, rest and take my time sifting through the items and writing in the log book. Though urban/park caches are cool too, I don't much care for having to be paranoid about other people seeing me, and thus forcing me to rush through the trading and logging.
  22. Well, seeing as how no one else has done it, I suppose the duty falls to me.
  23. For a while now I have been looking for a good hiking staff, to no avail. Then I saw the work of El Diablo and was thinking about buying one. He does great work, but I couldn't afford to buy one. Then one day whilie I was looking for less expensive staffs I stumbled on an article about the subject. This guy said that he just used a hardwood broom handle for his stick, so I decided to try it out. I went to Home Depot and bought a 60" hardwood shop broom handle and used that, I works great. I was even inspired by El Diablo's work and painted my avater and name on it, then I topped it off with one of these great emblems. Long story short, it works and looks great. My little brother, Red Mage, made one too.
  24. I actually hit my very first cache with out a GPS. It was a 1/1 and in an open park, but it still took me on hour to find it. So it is possible, though a GPS sure helps.
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