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  1. I use a Garmin GPS Carrying Case. It has a belt clip on the back which comes in very handy. It also prevents scratches to the screen. I also use a cell phone carrier that came with a backpack as a storage case, it clips to most back packs as well.
  2. Recently a student journalist for the University of Utah's newspaper, The Daily Utah Chronicle, appeared in the UTAG forums asking for the assistance of local cachers to write an article on Geocaching. A couple of cachers responded and the article has just been published. (I decided to quote the story here to save you all the trouble of having to register with the web site)
  3. I use the standard olive drab with yellow army stenciling on one side. Though I have seen some that are quite well camoed (is that a word?), painted to look like that Advantage camo, or painted to look like surrounding rocks.
  4. I've met two cachers of the trail, both on the same day and going to the same cache, no less (we were all trying to be FTF). The first was Olystats02, but I didn't know it was him at the time. Farther up the trail I met Scout Master (a local geocacher who is recognized by every cacher in the area due to his "...green fedora and neckerchief. Olive drab army surplus dungarees. A hearty laugh and a big smile thru a luxurious forest of red and gray.") Neither spends much time posting here, though they are regulars on the UTAG forums.
  5. My little brother, Red Mage, placed a micro at a park just 250 feet from our house. We can see it from our back yard, and occationally we'll see people find it.
  6. I hope not, I can just see it... "Local hiker dies while on GPS scavenger hunt, state legislature seeks to ban geocaching." What a nightmare that would be.
  7. Personally I don't think that these YJTBs would ever be worth $10. It's not like they're coveted the world over, even if it is 1 of 5001.
  8. Hey Quid, welcome to the club. I use a Garmin Etrex Legend, it costs about $215 dollars (msrp) and has guided me faithfully to many a cache (if you consider 53 as many). The Legend can hold up to 8mb of maps and tracks and such, which is more than I've ever needed at any one time. I also think it's a good deal for the price. Garmin Etrex Legend Now, if price is not an issue, I'd recommend the Garmin GPSmap 60C or 60CS. This one even has specifically designed geocaching navigation functions. I hope to get one of these in the future. Eventhough it costs $480 for the 60C and $530 for the 60CS. Garmin GPSmap 60CS
  9. I've been thinking, at what point is a noobie/newbie no longer a newbie? Is it a function of the number of finds/hides? Or is it something else?
  10. I have my own idea of what I'd do if I was rich. I would create the Über Cache! I'd fill it with lots of great stuff, like a couple of new GPS units (really good ones too), maybe some topo software, DVDs, CDs, jewelry (gold, silver, etc), and lots of other great stuff. I'd probably make it a multi of some sort with like five stages, each miles apart. I'd place the final cache somewhere that would be a bit of a pain to get to. After all, if you're gonna get a new Garmin GPSmap 60CS, you're gonna have to suffer a bit. So there you have it, my dream.
  11. Our approver, UTAdmin I believe, is rather fast as well. I've posted three caches and all were approved within six hours.
  12. I got my first YJTB a few weeks ago and I'll admit that I did hang on to it for two or three days, but it was just so I could find and enter a picture in to the contest and write an essay and get that entered as well. As soon as I was done I dropped it in a near by cache. This may account for why some bugs don't get dropped quickly. The essay is especially hard(ish). It would have been easier if they wanted a 3000 word essay rather than a 300 word essay. It's hard to cram all that you want to say into 300 words.
  13. I think that the best licence plate that I have ever seen simply said "1". At least it's easy to remember.
  14. Like nwscout1, I most enjoy foreign currancy. I also like items associated with camping and hiking. Cash is also good.
  15. Yep, I see it. Cool idea, then again, I've never had problems with stereograms. You just gotta remember no to cross your eyes, because then the image goes in rather than comes out, so it makes it harder to read. You have to stare through the image.
  16. You mean they're gone? Hm, I didn't notice, then again, I've never had need for it myself.
  17. Technically I don't believe that knives are allowed, though personally I don't have a problem with 'em. So long as they aren't in a cache that a child could find. I've only found them on harder caches,anyway, along trails with a long hike and such.
  18. Hi LooAndRoo, looks like you'll be caching through my backyard, so to speak. I've gone through caches that I've hit in the past and have found a few memorable ones not more than a couple of miles off I-15. All of these are between Ogden and Farmington. Operation: Cache Salvation This is probably one of my favorite caches, it is located in a beautiful and scenic hollow. Maggie and Molly's Toy Box This one isn't very scenic, but it is right along the freeway. Steed Pond Cache This one is located at a beautiful pond, right in the middle of suburban Clearfield. Bicentennial Here's an easy one. Riverdale Rivulet Here's a slightly more challenging one, but still fun to find. Lagoon Trail South Here's a cache just outside of the Lagoon amusement park. Hope you like 'em. Black Mage
  19. I'm not a premium member, but I have submitted three caches since I've began caching. As I recall all three of them were approved within about six hours of submitting them.
  20. I switch between the maps on my Etrex Legend and the Navigation screen as needed, but when I goe to with in about 50ish feet I switch to the Navigation screen and walk until I get to the point that the arrow moves drastically. If I don't see the cache at that point, I walk out a few feet and start walking in circles spiraling towards the center and the cache. Of course it's that kind of behavior that causes onlookers to get nervous around you.
  21. I have a question about under water caches. When you place/find one is it usually already full of water, or are they watertight, full of air and anchored to the bottom?
  22. I go with those "limp computer printed business type cards" myself. They're inexpensinve and easy to make. Plus I can customize/design them easily.
  23. This is my theme song for the Summer, and I think that it could work for geocaching as well. I'm Not Coming In by Stuart Hill Sun's up, I hit the floor Shoes tied, I'm out the door Is this a clean shirt? I think it was one yesterday Free day, I'm on the phone No plans, I got the cell on I call the boys up Spend a little time outside today Never liked for you to hear where I gotta be Never liked for you to be told what I gotta see I like no commitment strollin' up around me I'm not coming in anymore Everything I want and need is just outside this door I'm not coming in anymore I've got too many friends on the outside That don't include you Go ahead and think all you might All my friends and I ain't on the inside All kinds of facts and probabilites You say well I found a reason I say well remember all the seasons You scream with endless possiblities Spend a lot of time trying to convince me My friends have two strikes against me Well I swing for the fences So that must make strike three That's fine by me I'm not coming in anymore Everything I want and need is just outside this door I'm not coming in anymore I've got too many friends on the outside That don't include you Don't include you Nothing ever seems right Like it does when I want to stop Pain in the right speed, kick in the right bite I like things familiar And I don't belong here Don't belong here I'm not coming in anymore Everything I want and need is just outside this door I'm not coming in anymore I've got too many friends on the outside The playing's on the outside It don't include you Not coming in Not coming in Not getting back no more No more........ You can download it here.
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