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  1. I started with a basic Black Mage sprite from Final Fantasy 1: Then I switched to my evil Black Mage avatar because it was, well, eviler: Then a few days ago I abandoned the Black Mage avatars when I found a collection of great ones at VGCats.com (another great web comic). It was here that I found Dr. Hobo: I also use the Pantsman avatar on the UTAG forums:
  2. I know that it is against the rules to bury a cache, and I know that you can put a cache into a pre-exhisting hole for it to be recessed. But what if, hypothetically someone put a cache on their own property, then would you be able to specifically dig a hole in which to recess the cache? Or is that somehow against the rules too? This is just something that I've been wondering about.
  3. I would probably be best described as a #1, in that I read the forums regularly, but I only post if I feel I have something of substance to add to the conversation.
  4. I only mark my car or the trailhead as a waypoint if I am going somewhere with which I am not familiar. Especially if we are taking the ATVs or snowmobiles somewhere new. Last winter my dad, a friend of his, I went snowmobiling up in the Uinta mountains (NE Utah, below Wyoming). My dad's friend had been there before so we felt pretty confident, but I marked the parking area, just in case. What I did not do, however, was keep the gps on while we were riding. After riding the trail and romping through the open fields for a few hours my dad's friend led us up to a peak to eat lunch. Unfortunately after we ate, the friend got us turned around pretty good and we had no idea which way we had come. Of course me being the genius I was, I didn't have the gps on to show us our trial. Some one eventually rode by and we stopped him and got directions. It turned out that we had been only about 500 feet from the trail the whole time. We just couldn't see it because we were down hill. We finally got back to the truck, at which point we packed up and went to Park City for dinner. The moral of this story: Turn your gps on before you get lost, not after.
  5. How would you like to find this ammo box on a cache hunt?
  6. Here's a locationless about planetaruims, though I'm sure a lot have already been claimed. Plethoric Planetaria
  7. I've posted pics of mine before, but I'm not adverse to posting 'em again. Behold my sig cards in all their glory!
  8. I've found a number of foreign/old coins, which are some of my favorite things to find.
  9. I got bored earlier today...so I wrote a song about this. Sing it to the tune of "1985" by Bowling for Soup. I'm not a song writer, so you have to slur some of the words together. *Note* Some of the lyrics of this song were taken from or inspired by this thread and those lyrics may or may not be true and don't necessarily represent the opinions of neither myself nor lowracer. 'Racer just hit the wall. He tried to find 'em all. Hit one cache a day, but now he says "no way!" His desire disipate, When he hit 538, All he wants to do is slouch and eat bon-bons on the couch. He was gonna be a master, He was gonna be a star. He was finding a lot of caches, He traved near and far. His caching entropy is now the enemy. A monotonous caching life, leads him...to take some...time off. So that he can recover from all the weary hiking. And then he can weed out All his caches he don't want. His friends who are mug-gools, (what can I say, I need it to rhyme ) They tell him that he's a fool. And now he is suffering From caching...caching...caching entropy. He's hid lots of caches He had a great time. But he ripped out his hair 'Cause all the tupperware. Not a rusty ammo-can man Not a film-can-micro fan. Thought that he would see A new Y-J-T-B. Where's the descent swag? All McToys are the same. And when did counting stats become the point of this game? When did the forums become a mad house? What ever happened to the notion...known as...SANITY?
  10. I've been hearing great things about this new halloween cache. Raising the Dead I hope to make it up to this one within the month.
  11. Add my vote for ammo cans. Around here you can get them at Smith & Edwards for about $3 for the smaller ones, $5 for the .50 cal, and more for the really big ones. But when it comes to urban caches, tupperware (or something of the sort) is my prefered option, a lot less intimidating if found.
  12. I enjoy the trading aspect and will only do a TNLNSL if there is nothing that I would want. Besides, a lot of items that I get oujt of caches usually end up in another one eventually, or in a new one of my own, if it's a good item.
  13. UT Admin is very good with our cache approvals here in Utah. He usually get them done with a couple of hours. I've never had to wait longer than a day.
  14. I've only tried up to level 4 terrain once. It was, "Peak Above Fruit Heights" (GCF076). I failed in terms of finding the cache, but I succeeded in reaching the peak...and coming down near the point of collapse.
  15. One item that I've been thinking of using for a FTF "gift" is a new copy of the Amry Survival Manual. You can get them at Barnes & Noble for $10 (I think) and I'm sure it would be a welcome addition to any cacher's library. As for item that I like to find...foreign currancy and other interesting coinage is a favorite of mine. Camping related items (ponchos, thermal blankets, those hand warmer thingys especially in winter, as well as batteries, etc) are also popular. Oh, and don't forget gold bars, and diamonds are also good choices.
  16. Though I am 21, my little brothers Red Mage and Sword Fighter are 15 and 16 respectively. They were actually in scouts for a little while, but dropped it after an issue of religion came up.
  17. I've contemplated this further and have come up with these great songs: (click the links to go to the download site) Jethro and Vash at the Fair Journey of Solitude Prayer Bonds of Sea and Fire Chu Chu's Flight Metal Gear May Cry A Storm in the Desert Braving Tal Tal Heights Pirates of Dragon Roost Isle Fear Not Shepherd Won't Alone I have chosen these songs not so much for their lyrics (considering none of them have lyrics), but for the music. These songs emit a sort of "epicness" befitting a cache hunt, especially one that requires a good hike and ends with a true feeling of triumph! Oh, and don't worry about the legality of downloading any of these, they're all prefectly legal, they were made to be downloaded.
  18. 1. The thrill of the hunt. 2. Possibly finding something cool. Sure, a lot of times you just find simple things, toys, junk, etc, but every one in a while you find something cool. 3. Caching gives me an excuse and the drive to get out on the trails for some exercise. It helps me to hike further and exercise more if I have a destination.
  19. I do both country and city caching, but I prefer country caching. Fewer people around. I hate to find a cache, but have to log and trade quickly. I like to take my time writing and rumaging through the cache and enjoying the scenery.
  20. yeah, I'm definently gonna have to keep this one in mind.
  21. I have the same budget issues, as in I don't have one. One good thing about goin to college, though, is that there is usually someone, somewhere giving something away for free. eg. The first week of this semester people were giving away free microsoft office software (some sort of organization/note program). Now the disks are just sitting of tables in the various lounges. I just grabbed about ten of the cd's over the week.
  22. Wow, there are a lot of great sig items, I especially like the shot glass, Kealia. As for me, I am a full time student, and am therefore perpetually broke. Thus I just use home printed sig cards. Once I manage to get a job, I plan to try some better items.
  23. I wonder if they meant gps locators that you can put on your kids (in a watch, etc) so you can find them if they get lost. Like this: GPS locator
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