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  1. Aw, you mean you don't like that musky whiff aged ammo can?
  2. As with most others I will bring attention to my avatar. It's Leo from VGCats, one of my favorite web comics. This particular image is from an episode that exposes a horrifying truth about Aliens. I also like my previous avatar of Dr. Hobo, also from VGCats.
  3. Hey, I could make a pretty cool hat out of that.
  4. I too would like to add ZeldereX to my list of hobbies. ZeldereX
  5. It that from an actual cache discription?
  6. I just discribe it as a scavenger hunt with a GPS. That usually satisfies them.
  7. I think my fave would have to be Mighty Hercules, mostly because of the story behind how I got it. I started off going to find MH in a cache not far from where my dad works, but when I got there someone had already taken it, so I just moved on to the next cache. SIgned the log, traded and took off to cache number three. I found the cache, unscrewed the top, lo-and-behold there was Mighty Hercules. It turns out that the cacher who took MH out of the first cache had placed it in a cache in a nearby canyon. Just minutes later aonther cacher had taken MH out of that cache and put it in the cache I was going to. It's like Mighty Hercules wanted me to find him.
  8. I like this one. Took it at the Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area on the way back from a freezing walk to a cache that it turns out I could have just driven right up to.
  9. I agree with avroair, the Garmin eTrex Legend is probably the best value. It will give you great accuracy, mapping capability, more than enough memory (I still don't know why someone would have 500 waypoints on their gps in the first place, plus 8mb is enough capacity to hold maps of almost any single state, and then some (at least with the MapSource software)).
  10. I've tried paintball once. Can't say that I cared much for it. Although once while caching me and my little brother managed to stumble right into the middle of a rather heated battle. We could hear someone stalking us through the brush.
  11. I enjoy photography, cooking, gaming (Game Cube, GameBoy Advance, PS2), hiking, playing billiards (even though I suck at it). I love to ski and ride my ATV through the mountains and the desert, and snowmobiling. I also love to read web comics (does that count as a hobby?). Edit: Should this be sent ot the off-topic forum? No.
  12. The riskiest thing that I can think that I have done is to climb steep and unstable talis fields. Sure, at the bottom they're stable and even fun to climb on, but when you get to the top where the small rocks are they're just too unstable for my taste. Once I was trying to get to a cache that hadn't been hit in over a year, I got to within probably 30 feet of it but the rocks started slipping beneath me,so I started down. At one point the rocks gave way and I slid about 15 feet before I managed to grab a boulder. Scary stuff.
  13. I highly recommend these great songs. Give 'em a listen. Jethro and Vash at the Fair Journey of Solitude Prayer Bonds of Sea and Fire Chu Chu's Flight Metal Gear May Cry A Storm in the Desert Braving Tal Tal Heights Pirates of Dragon Roost Isle Fear Not Shepherd Won't Alone Ascention to Cosmo Canyon I have chosen these songs not so much for their lyrics (considering none of them have lyrics), but for the music. These songs emit a sort of "epicness" befitting a cache hunt. They're all remixed video game music from two of my favorite websites, Overclocked Remix and VGMix. Oh, and don't worry about the legality of downloading any of these, they're all prefectly legal, they were made to be downloaded.
  14. Wait, I just though of another one... "The geek shall inherit the earth." --Gates 3:13
  15. Personally I can never bring myself to utter the "M" word. I refuse to put myself into a position in which non-cachers could mistake me for a potter-head. But I will admit to being a geek, nerd, etc, etc. After all, it is us geeks who will rule the world.
  16. Here in Utah, at least those who are members of UTAG: As of 9:23 am MST on 11 January, 2004, UtahJean has 1505 (wow!) DHobby1 has 1313 Kimbest has 1316 JeeperDad has 1014 RamblinRover has 1006 and utbob2 has 1021 Here's a link to the list.
  17. I don't have a problem with it. Free, free as the wind!
  18. Our neighboor Ken (driveunuts) introduced me to the hobby a year-and-a-half-ish ago. He has sinse stopped caching, but I carry on.
  19. Take me somewhere interesting, like a Hidden Valley [/shameless self-promotion], or a little known river. Idealy it is somewhere that stealth is not the name of the game (no crowds, few people(at least that's what I like anyway)). Personally I enjoy the trade game, dollar stores are a cacher's best friend, but don't feel that you need to put gold ingots in it (though it would be greatly appreciated ).
  20. You can try GPS Drawing. You go to a big field and use the track lines on your gps map to make a huge drawing, like this. May the world be your Etch-A-Sketch!
  21. Hey Scout Master what's up? I think that this is the first time I've ever seen you post here. As for your items, I personally don't think that I'd buy them except as maybe a sig item, but I would probably trade for them.
  22. Try getting an accout at Photobucket.com. It's free and you get a lot of space and bandwidth.
  23. Of course it's okay to leave money with out taking something, it's just another way to leave a cache better than you found it.
  24. I use Adobe Photoshop 7.0 to do my avatars and sig bars along with everything else. As for my images, like most I just use stuff that I find online.
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