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  1. Desert Strom and Sheild vet here.US Navy Seabees.
  2. I dont see why you have to reason with a thief.I guess you could archive all caches but what do the cachers do then? I hope they get bored sooner than later because,granted my family and I havent been doing this a long time,we love spending the time together .
  3. I tell you all .I live i the area this "person" is hitting. We will be keeping an eye out .If anyone has any info please feel free to contact me.
  4. Sorry I can be so forgetfull sometimes.Yes it is Anna Maria ,Florida sorry all
  5. That took me a bit to figure out. heres how you do it,log in ,then click your name,on the right side of screen go to premium features,then click set up notifications, once there click create new notification. It will email you for all new caches.I hope this helps
  6. Hey Im coming to Anna Maria in a few weeks and I was hoping that someone could steer me to a feww good caches for my family and I could hit.Thank you all
  7. im new at this and foud 3 jeeps in th ohio area. 2 green 2007 models and 1 red 2008 one. I dropped the quickly to keep them moving.
  8. Thank you for your help.I did what you suggested and it didnt work.It still lists the caches alphabetically. Its no big deal I downloaded gpxsonar newest version and that works great.
  9. I just downloaded cachmate for my ppc. Im having troublewith it. I can mark a waypoint as center but the list doenst change like it does for gpxsonar. Is there a way to update the waypoint to make the firstone center then have the rest in order from distance to the first one? Also is there instructions that i can download on cachemate? I seems that gpxsonar is easier. Thank you all for your help in advance
  10. Hi, Im been caching for about a month now and love it. It has gotten me off the couch and outdoors with my family. It has gotten my kids of that darn xbox and outside.My wife and I spend alot more time together and are losing weight. What we are looking for are members in thecentral ohio area so we can peek at there bookmarks to see some of there favorites. Thank you
  11. I posted 1 picture. Not a very good on either. My next one will be better.
  12. It looked exactly like this. So now I know to go back and take a picture of it .Thank you all for helping me recover my first benchmark.My family and I are new at this and love it. One last question should I post the picture when I log my visit?
  13. Yesterday I went to try to find my first benchmark. All I found was a white survey marker stating that a historical marker was nearby and to call the county engineers if removed or disturbed. I continued to search around and a bout 1 foot away from themarker was a round ,copper acces panel in the ground about 4-5 inches around .I lefted the panel and the only thing inside was a metal rod about the size of a finger. I looked evrywhere for the marker. Can anyone tell what that rod was? It was right where the cordinates of the marker. Thank you for your help
  14. Thank You all so much .I was canceling out like you all said .
  15. Ok Im new to geocaching and love it. Im a premium member . My problem is when I do a querry It always saysits doesnt find anything. It doenst matter what I check or uncheck it always comes back no search results. What am I doing wrong? Please help!!!
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