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  1. I was nowhere near there. Besides, mine are small land mines.
  2. I had my eyes you Cowboy. waterboy says you're alright, but despite your pretty pictures, you're still a suspicious character.
  3. Howdy, I'm Mocha!, Ginger!'s stepsister. Mrs Chuy! and the kids rescued me from a shelter when I was a few weeks old. Rumor has it Chuy! didn't even want me at first, but now all is forgiven 'cause he takes me out with Ginger! whenever he can. I'm seven months old and single . I smell a cache Izzy playing with my ears
  4. What am I, lunch meat? I'm in whereever she needs me.
  5. "Three GEocache sites were saved" Then, you didn't fail. If you entered the coords wrong in EasyGPS, you get an immediate error message. Once you send the waypoints to the GPS, they all go together. I believe if you view waypoints by closest to your present location, you only view the ones within a certain distance - I think that's 50 miles. If you search by waypoint name, you'll find all the waypoints. One way to confirm what is in your GPS is to upload the waypoints into EasyGPS, or MapSource. Before entering the coords manually, check that your GPS is set to the same datum and format that the webpage uses. The datum is WGS 84; the format is hddd mm.mmm . To view your settings, hit menu-menu-Setup-Units. Edit: Oops, this is Chuy!; I was logged in under our geodog's account.
  6. Hello everyone. Excuse the interruption; I just want to say hello. I'm the newest San Diego GeoDog. I'm cute and I know it. All you alpha dogs out there - you can't afford the dowry, so don't even ask!
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