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  1. Where the real problem lies... the problem of I shouldn't had to see the geo-SPAM in the first place, OKAY! It's called placing the frustration of having to deal with spam on a public outlet so people know of said spam is still out there. I generally don't post on these type of forums since I usually don't have anything to say, therefore the only type of posts you will generally see are reports and incidents. Other people on the other hand love to be keyboard armchair warriors, nothing wrong with that.
  2. I haven't harassed her, I simply sent an email to the website thanking them for the free tactical targets.
  3. That's one of the definitions for solicitor in a legal manner, yes. i.e. a solicitor for the county The main definition is: a person whose business it is to solicit business, trade, etc Please learn about this thing called a "dictionary."
  4. Yes the thread is, but I linked to a very specific post. If all you did was read the thread title and thought "No" then you fail sir!
  5. YOU READ THE OTHER THREAD! Roo people are idiots who can't read. Let me try to dumb down the 4-6 sentences in the other thread for you. 1) Found geocache 2) Geocache owner sent me emails trying to sell me things
  6. I'd prefer there to be a reprimand due to the spam. The spam is now there, people will buy stuff on their website, they basically received loads of free advertising by breaking the rules they knowingly broke.
  7. Speaking up like all decent people should be doing. If you don't speak up, nothing will change.
  8. Read the link again and get back to me when you realize the answer is "YES." A person was spammed by the owner of the cache after finding said cache. Please don't be a smart-allec, it's simply informing who is spamming, etc. there is no change of money or any product, therefore its not "hiring" it's more like tattling on spammers.
  9. No, I do my geocacher responsibility by cleaning trash out of caches.
  10. The coins are spam, aka trash. I take them without trading anything as people should.
  11. To go on the same level as the spammer would be to spam others with nonsense and unsolicited offers. I go on the offensive by making sure they know it's not okay. If they persist I call their place of employment. If you don't like it, tough. Nothing I'll say will change your mind. I'm certainly not a pacifist who will allow rats to trample over me. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=247302&view=findpost&p=4333596
  12. 1) OP should be banned from the forums and from geocaching.com for commercial geocache spam 2) Thanks for all of the round pieces of plastic which I can use for my tactical training, they're FANTASTIC target pieces!
  13. First off, not all ISPs provide free blocking, some even charge for such a feature. If you're contacted by a spammer after finding a geocache, please contact me. I'm well known in other communities for finding people and their personal information, I'll get them to stop. Sincerely, Insane Kangaroo
  14. Hello geocachers! I just recently started finding caches again, my current count of 21, in Pennsylvania. I moved from Alaska and am disturbed(not insane) by the presence of geo-SPAM in caches. I found a cache yesterday with geo-SPAM offering free geocoins from eatstayplay.com Why the coins are geo-SPAM The website: offers clothing products offers camping products offers people to 'advertise with us' offers an email solicitation attempts to get geocachers to do photography work for free I've read some previous forum posts on the topic, and I'd like to share a specific use to which I use these geo-SPAM coins. I have also seen some posts regarding geocaches being linked to spam, I'll make a follow-up post on this issue. I glue them to a my tactical targets and practice how many times I can hit the specific geocoins while actively moving!
  15. I posted too soon without checking the Garmin site over the not-yet-released products. They're in the process of launching updates to the 60 and 76 units. The GPSMAP 62 or 78 will serve my needs just fine. including the paperless feature.
  16. Currently using the Garmon 76CSx, I'm looking to purchase a new GPS unit. The unit doesn't need to be garmin, as I now see GC.com supports 3 others brands through the SendToGPS feature. what I want: 1) 100% paperless - including descriptions 2) lowest priced unit available in comparison to others 3) only for geocaching 4) I don't want a new phone, no thanks. Recommendations or review links are helpful, I'll be searching the forums as well.
  17. I'm sure lep knows too that his home town is host to the big furry convention every year.. http://www.anthrocon.org/ I've been in Pittsburgh for a trip, and yes I've been attending Anthrocon. Most of the programs are very boring because they're geared towards people who like to waste their life via video games, and the other part of the con which I don't really enjoy is how people talk... or there lack of regarding their anti-social customs. I did miss the programs I wanted to go see, mostly referring to fursuit construction and story writing, but that is okay. I can wait until next year to see what fun will occur. When I've been bored, a bunch of other furries have been getting together going to the movies. After the movie we went to go chow down some grub. The other meets I've been going to have been an Open Carry meet with a few furs but mostly with furs to a oriental food restaurant. The day before a bunch of gun furries went to go have tons of fun at the gun range.
  18. I wouldn't waste money on a HCx... go for a 76CSx... it only costs 229.99USD + shipping from compuplus.. 229.99 - http://www.compuplus.com/i-Garmin-GPSMAP-7...jefw1n12430s05m Personally, I ordered mine from compuplus Searching google for 76CSx and clicking on the top linky thing with the price range says its available for 199.99 + free shipping. http://www.actiongps.com/Shop/Control/Prod...id/0/rid/126459 If you really want to get in to caching... Go for a colorado. Be warned there are issues with some colorado units as there were macbook units. Its not just software but hardware issues. Good thing garmin is excellent with their warranty, so no worries. My next unit will be a colorado, I'm just not sure which one I want yet. Colorado for 389USD - http://www.compuplus.com/i-Garmin-Colorado...1-1011925~.html the actiongps website has it for 369USD... I've never ordered from them so search the net on them if you do order. I personally wouldn't want a 60CSx, there is no reason because its, excuse my stealing from the gun forums I'm on, tacti-cool. the 60CSx just looks cool, while it has less features, doesn't float in water, and is not one hand friendly. The 76CSx was designed to be used with one hand, why do you think the colorado is also designed to be used with one hand? The 76CSx does have tide tables as well.
  19. The bug is on every firefox + mac machine I've tried it on. The only solution I know is to use Safari. I realize you hate ads as do I, but you can try using privoxy on mac if you want to get rid of the ads. I just keep hitting the refresh button in FF. I'll eventually get privoxy set up so I can tell the browser to use it as a local proxy so I can remove ads and other junk from my viewing pleasure.
  20. You shouldn't fear chavs, they're only a low form of life after all and are easily tricked with shiny things. XD Yeah well, that is sad about the UK and firearms, even though there is still a rise in gun crime, and a higher rise in knife crime. They'll ban all knives next since used properly they're more deadly. Looking at history, guns defeated the sword from a range, but in reality knifes/swords are more dangerous than guns. I'm going to laugh at whatever the nutters of the house do next. My preference is close combat over guns, even though I'm a very intense gun person. Are you allowed to have kubatons or pocket sticks?
  21. I've heard about people being told to lie down with brown bear. The theory is they won't see you as a threat anymore and leave. This won't be the case if the salmon season is over and they're hungry. What to do is not attack a brown bear, but make LOTS of noise and yell like a mad man. http://www.nps.gov/archive/bela/html/morebear.htm#encounters "Identify Yourself - Let the bear know you are human. Talk to the bear in a normal voice. Wave your arms. Help the bear recognize you. If a bear cannot tell what you are, it may come closer or stand on its hind legs to get a better look or smell. A standing bear is usually curious, not threatening. You may try to back away slowly diagonally, but if the bear follows, stop and hold your ground. Don't Run - You can't outrun a bear. They have been clocked at speeds up to 35 mph, and like dogs, they will chase fleeing animals. Bears often make bluff charges, sometimes to within 10 feet of their adversary, without making contact. Continue waving your arms and talking to the bear. If the bear gets too close, raise your voice and be more aggressive. Bang pots and pans. Use noisemakers. Never imitate bear sounds or make a high-pitched squeal. Surrender - If a brown bear actually touches you, fall to the ground and play dead. Lie flat on your stomach, or curl up in a ball with your hands behind your neck. Typically a brown bear will break off its attack once it feels the threat has been eliminated. Remain motionless for as long as possible. If you move, a brown bear may return and renew its attack and you must again play dead. If you are attacked by a black bear, fight back vigorously." I don't think I'll ever try to "surrender", I'd rather shoot the bear than take a chance. Identify yourself is what I'm referring to when screaming like a mad man, I don't know why they say to use a normal voice, the waving the arm thing is definitely correct. EDIT: After reading the page further, I've come in contact with some very incorrect information "Firearms should never be used as an alternative to common-sense approaches to bear encounters. If you are inexperienced with a firearm in emergency situations, you are more likely to be injured by a gun than a bear. It is illegal to carry firearms in some of Alaska's national parks, so check before you go." To be honest, a .22 can kill a black bear, and a decent cal can kill a brown bear. It all depends where you place that bullet! Any untrained person would be more likely to get injured by a gun, its just common sense. A person can land a brown bear easy if they're calm, break the tunnel vision, and shoot the bear in the fkin' head. Also, it is illegal to carry a firearm in ANY national park. Most of the parks around me from Homer to Anchorage are STATE parks, which allow the carry of firearms. I quote from the link below, http://www.hss.state.ak.us/dph/ipems/occup...ocs/98ak006.htm * Ensure that workers receive training prior to starting field work to recognize bear den habitat and react appropriately to animal encounters; additional training should be provided as needed to supplement techniques and knowledge; * Schedule daily flights over work areas to assess site conditions before sending crews into the field; * Consider having a person with wilderness training and experience on each crew to evaluate habitat for potential den sites and assist crewmembers in field safety issues; * Consider providing animal deterrents such as pepper spray or air horns and training in their proper use and storage to all personnel that perform duties in remote areas.
  22. Air horns are extremely effective against brown bear. I'll try to explain... Brown bear will charge at you, but they're trying to make you go away. They'll suddenly stop within 5-10 ft of charging you then turn back to what they were doing. If you keep doing it, they'll do the exact same thing. I don't recommend doing it multiple times just for the fun of it. If they do charge you, do not run, they're faking it unless you're really close to something of theirs. My friend was telling me a brown bear story about his family member, they were taping, and the man didn't understand "grab the horn!!!!" which the guy who was holding the camera was yelling. A brown bear started literally charging at them, it was not a defensive charge. They did ind the air horn... very quickly after they realized it wasn't where it was supposed to be. Scared the brown bear away, nobody was mauled... just scarred s***less. I still recommend carrying a gun where its legal to carry. I'm sure gear shops have small horns for backpackers and such, especially if there is a higher frequency of bears in the area. Why do I recommend carrying a gun? You never know if someone was antagonizing the bear, whether accidentally or purposely.
  23. Many have complained in the logs, and a few have even took some time to give proper coordinates. One even took the time to write down several coordinates which were approximations since the user also had a unit which wasn't working well in a heavily tree covered area. Its a real burden, because there are several dead trees which I was climbing over. The area is not friendly off-trail, and in fact is worse than the forest behind me in terms of how close the trees are together in the specific area. Also there is lots of wetland, or so it seems, right now. Stepping in a ton of muddy water was not the way I wanted to end my day.
  24. You need a unit which is capable of loading City Navigator or other related maps which might have streets to help you out. I recently loaded City Nav North America on my 76CSx, and must say it makes a world of difference.
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