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  1. Hi all, a lot of great feedback and opinions so far. There was definitely talk of having the optional checker be allowed across other types, such as multis/letterbox hybrids so it helps to hear your thoughts. It sounds like having one field is heavily favored, having the corrected coordinates update being potentially options, plus it sounds pretty consistent of which features from popular checkers are being asked for. We don't have anything planned for the next steps as it is better to decide off of what we hear post release.
  2. Agreed, the challenge caches aren't hiding their final location and wouldn't necessarily need/want it.
  3. I will add this to list of feature requests, thanks for the feedback!
  4. I think that is a perfectly acceptable option! This is not meant to replace all the existing checkers that have some great features but to provide an in house one that can help protect against the risk of third party checkers deciding to shut down their servers.
  5. It's never too early to ask, we definitely are aware of features that are desired that this first, basic checker won't solve. The attempts is set up on the account with some other checks to see if it's being abused. IP address may come in to play if it's deemed necessary.
  6. I think we are definitely open to those changes and want to hear what people prefer. The thought was that normally the degrees don't change so we would leave it separate.
  7. This has been fixed, no more double cache name in the tooltip. Thanks for the catch!
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