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  1. How can I take a route off of my Mericolor gps put it in the Topo software, make it permanent and put it back in the gps so that I don't use up waypoints? I want to know if I can basically add trails to the gps that are just part of the map database and become permanent just like a road or stream that is already in the TOPO software.
  2. like is said, I am an idiot when it comes to these gps's but I did figure it out. Thanks for all the help. I know I will need more help as time goes on.
  3. Okay, I uploaded the image. went to windows explorer found the image selected rename, renamed it, downloaded the next image. They are both on the card saved as .img files. Now how do I toggle between them on the gps? Thanks for the help
  4. I have a brand new Mericolor and I am an idiot about these gps's. It seems that I can only download one to be used on the unit at at time. Can't I put both on the gps at the same time? I had the direct route region on and it worked fine. I then downloaded the mapsend topo of basically the same region. Now my direct route is gone. WTF? I am not even coming close to using up the memery on the thing. Help!!!!!!
  5. I thought the prices were about the same for both. What are the prices, & where are you seeing the best price?
  6. Can anyone tell me their opinions on these 2 units? It sounds like the 60CS will have a better screen(256 color vs 16), altimeter, compass, but no expandable memory. What about adding your routes into permanent storage in the database. I ride several completely different areas so can you just offload an area that you have in the memory and then download the area you are going to? How about operation in the Pacific NW thick woods? I will be using it for trail riding on a motorcycle. I had my mind set on the Magellan Meridian color but I have read that the color screens are hard to read in the sun and it sounds like the 60CS has solved that problem. I will be using a TOPO program and want mapping capability as most of the trails that I will be riding are not mapped.
  7. I need advice. I am wanting to purchase a GPS for riding motorcycles in the woods of Oregon. It is very easy to get lost & I would like something to tell me where I am in a movable map page, I guess. What I mean is I would like to mount this unit on my handlebars, look at it as I ride know when a road or trail intersection is coming up etc. Oh yeah, how to get back to my truck also. I expect that there will be no maps of the trails in the area, which brings me to my next wish. I would like to creat my own "database" of riding area trails so I can map out a loop before I take off & just let the unit show me the way. I need to build/add to these maps as new trails are discovered by me. Finely, if I have previously mapped out a trail & added it to my map database, will they show up on my movable map as I ride by them or approach them? It would be nice to start out with a map that shows the major fire roads in the area & then as I ride build my own complete map of the area showing all the trails available for me to ride at a later date, see where they start, & find out where I will end up if I choose to take that trail. Anyway, Its a lot of questions. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Mark
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