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  1. Naomi, yes, we did--THANK YOU!! We had ab usy weekend and I didn't get to reply. Sorry about that!
  2. Nothing here...still no emails from the sender. This is getting ridiculous.
  3. We've still heard nothing, even after Naomi's nice email.
  4. Same here, it's a long wait for a 'quick and simple mission' Exactly. Still nothing here. This is the simplest mission we've particpated in, and we've never had to wait so long.
  5. Another day, and still no sunshine.
  6. How big is the pond that it is crossing? Anyone else still waiting for the sun to shine. We're still waiting too...kind of stinks since we sent our mission a month ago, and it was such a simple, quick mission.
  7. We're still waiting as well.
  8. Yup...us too. I read the email, and forgot to tell Chris about it. Ooops!
  9. Thanks for taking care of us Naomi!
  10. Set listed as sold out as of 8:01 EST--WOAH! Got several silver and gold though.
  11. Update after arriving home from sunny North Carolina...no sunshine in Pittsburgh!
  12. As of Wednesday we're still waiting for our sunshine. We're out of town until Sunday, so if it arrived, we won't know until Easter.
  13. Status update: We've received all of our missions! Our last mission included a northern right whale, bluet and red glitter geosquid. Thanks so much!!! All three were from our seeking list!
  14. Send them an email--they trade personal for personal. Thanks to TMA, we were able to make a trade with them for one of our most wanted coins!
  15. A list of coin manufacturers and vendors can be found here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=116800
  16. We're still waiting for our sunshine. Sure cuold have used it on this cold and rainy day!
  17. Are you telling us that if we have a geocaching.com trackable coin.... and it's for TRADE rather than for SALE, we can't announce early?????? Did I go against Groundspeak's policy by announcing early?? I really would have burst. No doubt about it.... No--IF the coin is for sale, you can only post it if it's a trackable coin. You're not allowed to sell nontrackable coins on the forums.
  18. Creepy Crawly Cachers G.O. Coin Bug Esquire
  19. Geocoin Fairy Easter Bunny egg coin (2007) Geocoin Secret Agent Great Geopumpkin Highland Geocoin Fairy Mickey Diver
  20. I have a feeling it'll be there soon!! And arrive it did!!!!! We opened up the envelope to find a micro mini, a Delorme challenge coin, a Landsharz Christmas snowglobe AND, AND, AND, AND, AND a silver Earth Turtle!!!!!!! Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! Thank you so much Roddy!
  21. OtH, are you sick of seeiing our return address labels yet???
  22. ThirstyMick, glad you liked your mission! Yes, we knew it was a simple "one coin" mission, but how could we not send the Kansas sunshine? The dreamcatcher is nontrackable (an error coin or ???) and who doesn't love the virtual ghost for a little cheering up?! We're still waiting for our mission.
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