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  1. Hmmmm, we were hoping the coin would be received today, but I guess we'll be waiting until Monday!
  2. Our package was a few days late, but it was mailed last night!
  3. We have a package ready to be mailed that is going to make someone happy!
  4. We've received our trades from everyone but Cheesy pigs, but that one has a long way to travel.
  5. All of our packages went out yesterday morning. I learned something new too---we always use the APC, but it says on the drop box that you can't deposit international mail. So after I got the correct postage and the customs, I took the envelopes to the counter. The guy wanted to know whey I was waiting in line, insteadof just dropping them in to the APC slot. I explained that it said all over the machine and the slot that it was for domestic mail only. He insisted that it just goes to a bin that they have to sort, so international mail can go in too...guess we'll try it next time and see what happens!
  6. All of our outgoing cins are packaged and are going out first thing tomorrow morning. We've received a bunch of coins already and are still waiting for a few!
  7. I got off of Steph's mailing list since I wasn't going to GW6, but I hope I get back on it for the MWGB.
  8. Our coins will be mailed out this weekend--need to get more envelopes and we don't have a achance to get to the post office during the week. Thanks again Katja!
  9. Hmmmm, and you were giving US a hard time earlier today??????
  10. Thanks again Katja--not sure how the poker chip ended up in the License group--that 568 and 548 makes a big difference! That'll teach us to wait until the last day to get our lists together. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  11. But then again, it may have just been a typo on our part, since it's only one coin. And,we used the list that was posted as of last night-well after the regrouping period, so it may have just been us.
  12. Ok, so we're not the only ones....most of ours sounded OK, but we were supposed to receive a poker chip that wasn't listed on our list--or the list Chris had saved on his computer. He's not here right now, but he knew was it was supposed to be. That was the only one that jumped out to us as really strange, but we thought we typed something wrong.
  13. Hmmm. Kinda like waiting for a SYF payment About time So now what did I get? Hey now--that was all Chris, not me!!!! I didn't know anything about it until after the fact.
  14. Sorry guys--sounds like you may have been waiting for us! We finally finished our list. I was sick for most of the week, and nothing got done this week. But, our list is on it's way now--5 and 1/2 hours early!
  15. Same here...until I saw the artwork, I couldn't see the butterflies!
  16. Ooooooh, they are sooo pretty! Email sent to work out a trade!
  17. 54 minutes to go before the deadline--no regrouping for us this time!
  18. 682 coins now--we added 18 of our traders
  19. Yikes--we almost missed this! Neither of us have spent much time on the forums lately, and I saw this posted, but forgot to send our email. Got the email in today, so we'll only have time to get some of our coins listed, but we had great success in the last one!
  20. Our mission arrived!!! We got a glitter March of the Penguins coin and a very nice coin. Thank you!!!!!
  21. You're welcome!! But I have to ask. Did you get the confetti all over the place when you opened it like I did? LMAO Well....when I saw the stickers,I wondered about the confetti, so I opened it carefully...that stuff is STATIC-Y!! Only a few pieces got on the counter!
  22. No, we're still waiting as well. We haven't received our package from our original sender--only a surprise package from LadyBee4t!
  23. We are still waiting for our "official mission." However, we did received an exciting package today! I opened the mailbox, and saw a familiar envelope and address label...the address label was OURS! Hmmmm, and the St. Patrick Day stickers looked familar too. Then...I opened the envelope and saw some very familiar CONFETTI! Included in the package was a Sunshine Gang coin, and a very nice note from our mission buddy LadyB4T. Ms. LadyB knew that we were still waiting for our mission, so she took it upon herself to send us a bit of sunshine herself! Thank you SO much LadyB4t!!!
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