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  1. as our name suggests, chris and i always cache together. we've done 61 since october, and each of them have been together. we do have a different sense of "fun" when it comes to caching...i like the easy terrain and urban caches, while h'ed go and attempt all the 5 star terrains. when we do get to one that i wont attempt b/c of the terrain, i go part way, an then wait on the level ground while he retrieves the cache and brings it back to me so i can sign the logbook we've only been caching for 6 months, but its an awesome way to spend a day!
  2. Z--we were very proud of our 50th find too! We hit 60 today, with a goal of 100 before our year's anniversary of geocaching in October. We've spent this entire week caching...so I dont think our quick pace will continue--but it IS a sense of accomplishment!
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