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  1. UPDATE: As of this post there is only ONE grab bag available. The first email with a paypal address gets it. Everyone should have received an invoice. If you haven't, please let me know. Please pay as soon as possible so we can get these all shipped out! Thanks so much everyone. We'll have a few more listings in the next few days, some rarer individuals and a bunch of activated trackables that never made their way into our binders.
  2. You should do very well with the smallest flat rate box from priority mail, they're about 4.95 and will fit up to about 30 coins. Oh Yeah, and the boxes are free. Just wrap the coins in some newspaper. Thats or plan, but 28 of those boxes is still a big trip to the post office!
  3. Congratulations, that's the happiest reason I've seen to stop collecting. Although SOMEone looks a little less than happy about selling all your coins. Are you keeping any? Normally she is a happy girl but I think she was sad to see those pretty packages go. We have 3 binders of activated and special non-trackables that we are keeping....about 250 trackables, so there are still plenty ofcoins. We also still have some of our personals left.
  4. The packages are about 1 lb each with packaging, so shipping to Germany is $11.00, for a total of $61.
  5. Everyone in the US should have received a paypal money request. Still working on the international shipping.
  6. Thanks so much for the interest--I'm trying to keep up with the paypal invoices.
  7. Right now the plan is to wait until Friday and ship as many of these as possible at once. That might be one BIG trip to the post office!
  8. Daddy has baby right now and if I don't keep up with the requests I'm going to be swamped. Emails are coming faster than I can respond!
  9. Paypal preferred--please include your paypal email!
  10. Those who have been around this forum for a while may remember us as we were very active in coin collecting a few years ago. Times have changed and we haven't been collecting for the past two years. These coins have been sitting in a cabinet waiting to be traded or sold, and the time has come for them to go. Since there are over 300 coins we're looking to get rid of, we're selling them in grab bag lots. The details Each bag costs $50 Shipping to the US is $5.00 priority (if more than one bag is purchased, shipping will remail $5.00), international--contact us for actual shipping Each bag contains at least 10 unactivated, trackable coins. No bags contain duplicate coins Each bag contains at least 8 regular sized coins. All coins are from December 2008 or earlier Each bag also contains extra surprises The coins include personals, event coins, limited editions, rare HTFs, and coins from as early as 2005. Coins included in the random bags: 2006 Phone-a-Friend, Highly Addictive, Crake Suncatcher, GPS Maze-Minnetrista, Whitebear, Original Stash, Rainforest Jewel, 2005 UK, Christmas Compass Rose, , 2007 Compass Rose, Earth Turtles, iCache, cellphone/flip phone, Yimes, GW Volunteer, GCF Volunteer All bags have been packaged and sealed and will be randomly mailed. 28 bags are available and will be distributed to the first 28 people who email us and pay. Please contact us through our profile. Paypal preferred--please include your paypal email! Please contact us through our profile and not through private messages. We only have a few bags left and I check our email more frequently than PMs. Don't forget to include your paypal email address! The bags are going to the first people who email AND pay! The bags: Inside of one bag Inside of another bag: The reason why we're not collecting anymore!
  11. Jeremy, as a teacher whose 2nd grade class has benefited ENORMOUSLY from Donor's Choose, I want to thank you for picking this organization as you "cause." GO Groundspeak!
  12. Got ours yesterday. Didn't get a chance to post, but they are here in western PA
  13. No bones here in Pennsylvania yet. Waiting patiently
  14. I'm wondering too..... Neither--they are the "caching dude" shirts...
  15. I'm trying to see what caches along our route might be in counties that we haven't "logged" yet-- but I can't even tell if there are county lines ON the City Navigator 2009 map...if they're there, they are so light and there is so much other STUFF on the map that they can't be easily identified. So, are there any programs/plugins/etc. out there that will provide a county overlay or similar feature?
  16. An ominous black envelope found its way into our mailbox over the weekend...our feeling of dread was magnified when we saw the seal of the Geo_Bandit upon it. Worried, we carefully opened it, fearful of what the bandit had in store for us. But our fear turned to excitement when we saw that the envelope contained a sparkling coin, #212!! We quickly ran to our geocoin stash to make sure we had not been the bandit's victim, but we found everything as it should be --it appears that the Geo_Bandit was in a generous mood! Thanks so much for the beautiful coin-- we're intrigued to know the identity of the bandit, but suppose that he or she has their reasons for remaining "masked".
  17. Xofderbal--Xofder for short. He's our 5 month old lab. He's gone with us a lot, but he's SPASTIC in the woods still. We'll get there!
  18. Ours arrived today--we love them!
  19. Speaking of pins...we did some trading Saturday night, and forgot all about the pins on Sunday. We are in search of trolleys--we have our pins, Chris's parents pins, Princess Lisa's pins, and her husband's pins. We need 4 trolleys, and we have terrible towels to trade for them. Can anyone help us out??? We're hoping to get complete sets before we mail Lisa's across the country. Thanks!
  20. I haven't looked at the back, but none of the pins from the other mega events have been trackable.
  21. Make sure to post a picture! Dogs wearing geobones bring me great joy! Well, first we have to get past the eating everything in range phase, and then we can think about a picture. By the time the coins arrive he'll be about 6 months old, so maybe then we can think about wearing coins!
  22. Awesome!!! Xofder our geo-dog needs one of these. Order placed!!!
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