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  1. I was going to say Aliens. They use red all the time.
  2. I want to give a relative a Premium Membership. How do I go about doing that? I would like it if it simply showed up the next time they log in - can that happen? I do not have their password, but I have just about all other information about them/their account.
  3. Las Vegas and the area around it is amazing - try this link, but pan around a bit. Of course, if you don't have a fast connection, plan on waiting for the geocaches to load up. Don't go to the map of Las Vegas unless you are zoomed all the way in, they can't show all the caches. Henderson, Nevada
  4. I think Elle has it - clean out the 'food' and use the empty bottle as swag, or make a candle out of it. Tie some bright copper wire to attach to something, lots of ideas. A little though could preserve the novelty of the bottle without putting food into a cache.
  5. But use invisible ink. Like this.
  6. I found one of these near my home. It is in a park, and does in fact have doggy treats in it. I didn't mind, once my wife explained that doggy treats are not - to the best of her knowledge - made of actual doggies. I relaxed and went hunting. Uh, for the cache, that is. GC18T7Y But I will warn you - the CO had to add a little addendum to the cache page: "Please don't let your dog MARK the cache." Well now, that's one you don't see just every day. Here they want you to bring your pooch, then they stock the thing with doggy treats made of some non-doggy strangeness, but then they don't want you to let your dog do exactly what dogs do! The nerve. I could barely keep myself from peeing on the thing myself. But somehow, I managed to control myself. OK, truth be told, I was wearing gloves just in case some cacher had brought their hound but had NOT noted the plea in the hint. I didn't want to be handling a container which some canine thought was 'theirs.' Even if the dog's name was Mark. And with the gloves on I had a little trouble with my zipper. Either way, the cache was dry when I left, I promise.
  7. Don't bother with going to buy gas at the marina. There are no highway taxes, but the price is usually quite a bit higher anyway. There are two reasons that marinas charge so much more for gas - 1. Because they can. 2. See number one.
  8. I also went and read some. Holy Cow (aka "golly!") That's good stuff! I am out of my league. The guy even uses words like: "suave" and "debonair." I love those words! I was going to have them tattooed on my forehead, but my wife said she wouldn't leave me even if I did, so I figured I'd just save the fifty bucks. Actually, if I recall correctly, I bought a Starbucks gift card for the guy who comes to the house to clean out our flues. He's real short and it's hard for him. He needs the caffeine. And a bath wouldn't be wasted on him either. I think he believes in reincarnation - but I'm pretty sure he thinks it has to do with ice cream and other dairy products. Look at these glorious words in his sentence - this is language flowing like light off a bald man's head, like hot air off the back of a dark Chevy parked in the sun on a warm beach in Havana, as the owner sits nearby watching for the drug dealers to leave so he can go back out and get the groceries he put in the trunk. Yesterday. OK - here it is - "Ever the cool and suave debonair guy that I am, I immediately bolted for the bathroom and threw up." Well? Doesn't that absolutely change your life? Or at least change the way you will view bolts from now on? Or the way you will view suave and debonair guys? Literature! That's what this is - literature. I plan to model my logs after the exact opposite of this talented man. After all, if there are two of us posting the same stuff, well, the world would be a poorer place. And the price of gas would have to come down.
  9. I find group hypnosis is a very handy caching tool.
  10. I have seen several posts mention very low cost ammo cans. It seems some folks buy a pallet of the things and then sell them at cost so they can end up with a few cheap, and others can get the same deal. I have a place to store them, and would consider buying a pallet. I have seen them on eBay for as little as $3 per can - but the shipping added another buck or so per can. I have seen the large cans and the more slender ones, but I doubt the size difference would be that big a deal. I have a couple of the more slender cans and they work just great. My question is this- I am in the Southern California area, and I am wondering if anyone else would like to split up a pallet, or even buy just one, two or three of them? I don't want to make money on this deal, but I am also not offering charity - unless you are in real need then we could talk. Any interest? Go see for youself - ebay has a few off and on. If somebody else has already done this, let me know and I'll delete.
  11. How ironic that you would choose that one - it's the only one which actually happened just as I reported it!!
  12. I have to admit something - I make up stuff in my log entries. I do! So sorry, but it is the truth. I saw some real interesting log entries, and I thought it would be cool to have some experiences like that. But most of my caching has been made up of simply driving or hiking to GZ, turning on the "Geo Sense" and finding the cache. Oh sure, I enjoy the beauty of the back of the shopping mall by the big green dumpster across from the power transformer the mag was stuck to, same as anybody - I suppose. Or the solitude of the Ralph's parking lot at 1am while I am lifting the bolt cover on the light pole as the 350 pound security guard circles in his golf cart. All very fun, I assure you. But does it make for a good log entry? Something people will copy and send to their friends? Something which will make the sport just that much better? So I began to embellish the logs just a bit. My big question - am I breaking any rules? Being a bad example to my children? Am I going to be in danger of Eternity in Hell or a week in Oxnard? Will the IRS contact me and levy some additional penalties or will the milk in my 'fridge go sour? And finally - phew I feel so much better after having gotten that off my chest - do any of you want to confess to doing the same? Hmmmmmm? Chas - Ninga Geocacher Master, third level, with the "dragon handler" enhancement...
  13. A caching buddy walked right through it, and I urged him to shower and wash all clothes, shoes etc. He didn't. A couple of days later, he could barely get in to work! He went to the doctor, got some prescription meds. Some tablets which I think were antihistamines. I think there was some cream, but the tabs took the itch away and he didn't mess with the cream. So - I vote that you just go to the doc.
  14. What? Are you kidding? I guess that will teach me to assume....
  15. I hope I'm not wandering off topic here, but several folks have mentioned the price of the iPhone as "$199" and mentioned that at that price they can't get anything more flexible. The problem is that the cost of the phone is actually more like $440. How do I get that number? To go buy the new item, I will have to sign a fresh two-year contract at $10 per month MORE than what I am paying now. Glad to do so for the added speed, of course, but that is $240 added to the $200 for the phone. Or $540 if I go for the upper-level model. Other monthly charges stay about the same as what I am paying now, even though most other carriers have plans with prices going down. They got us! We are all walking around talking about this $200 phone, when in fact they simply let us out the door for $200 but they collect $440 over the two years. Smoooooth one Apple!
  16. YALP - two meanings: 1. Yet another Light Pole cache 2. Sound I make when I drop an ammo box on my toe.
  17. While I don't have a hot deal for you, I wanted to encourage you that they are there to be found. I bought an etrex on Craigslit for $40. I used it for a couple of days and figured I had made a mistake. I was going to sell it the same way I bought it. But I didn't. I kept using it. I have found over forty caches, and I have grown to love my "Little Yellow Cell Phone." I even found a cable online - but I haven't perfected the download technique yet. Mine is an older model which came with a serial cable, and I think I have to download and install something to get the computer to use USB as it would a serial port. I think. In the meantime I happily load the coords by hand and go off and find caches. So - keep looking - you'll find something which will work.
  18. Seems that I was just waxing eloquent (or waxing an elephant) about this very same question yesterday. Or was it yessir quesderday? There is a scuba cache in Oxnard, right next to the entrance to Port Hueneme. That's the real name of the port. It has been found once - the cache that is. I'm sure the Port has been found many times. Here you go -- GC14CJH
  19. Out in the Hungry Valley - I Jeep-o-cache there when I can. I have gotten most of the caches, I'm ready to head back and finish getting them all. Mostly stock Cherokee - I am adding a lift soon - I admit to being a softy. I like having electric windows, AC and a good stereo. I guess I enjoy the caching more than extreme jeeping, so this rig works just fine for me.
  20. This pales in comparison, but there is an underwater cache near my home. It is under 30 feet of water near a popular scuba diving site. It has been found once IIRC - let me link to it - GC14CJH I don't dive anymore, but I when I did I had many good dives in this area. I wasn't into GC at the time and this cache was not in place yet. It is an actual ship wreck - the ship was called the La Jenelle -when the ship sank in shallow water it was simply gutted and left in place. Later it was filled with large boulders to become a breakwater and thousands of people walk out onto the wreck without ever knowing that they are standing/walking on a shipwreck, or that the beach is named after the ship. The parking is limited - if the park service hasn't kept on top of things the road and lot cover over with sand. But it is an interesting place to visit even if you don't go into the water. It is right next to the entrance to Port Hueneme, the only deep water port in the area. I may explore the possibility of putting a cache above water nearby as I have time.
  21. I have an older model Etrex - just Etrex. I got a new cable - aftermarket - which goes from the Etrex to a USB connector. The computer doesn't recognize the GPS. I have downloaded the Garmin "Communicator" software, and installed it. When I try to start it, it claims that there is no GPS. I have tried plugging in and then starting the unit, I have tried plugging in while the unit is running. I have set the "Interface" to "Garmin," no help. I hold the GPS up the computer screen and say, "it's right here," but even that doesn't seem to help. OK - now what? The Etrex originally came with a serial cable. My new cable came with a mini CD Rom with a serial to USB converter. I have loaded and installed that - but I don't know how to bring all of this together. The Garmin owner's manual (all 56 pages) came out of my printer the other day. It has an appendix which basically says that I can download coordinates with the appropriate cord. That's it. Help? TIA
  22. No info for you yet, other than to say that you are not alone. I just signed up yesterday, got the confirmation email this morning. Let's post our progress - in the meantime Anyone else have experience? While we're at it, how are the features on the 200? I really like the concept of a 'crossover' device - for one thing it might get my wife to take this hobby a little more seriously if there is a little voice telling her how to get to the closest Starbucks...
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