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  1. You KNOW you're hooked when you schedule flights around geo-events!!  :rolleyes:

    Thats GREAT news! :D We may have to look into one of those 10 step programs for some of us! :lol:

    I think you mean a 12 step program. Then again, maybe geocachers could skip a few steps. :P

  2. Enjoyed a picnic with Paul Newman when he filmed "Cool Hand Luke" in that area.


    You are really showing your age stashseeker. I was just a kid when that was filmed. Some of my dad's CHP co-workers were extras in that movie. By the way, you just beat me to "Fading History". My son and I found it today at 1:05.

  3. Glad to see I'm not the only new guy in the area. I started on 10-6-03, when my wife bought me a garmin gpsr for my birthday. Just logged my 50th find, including a few in Manteca. Maybe I'll see you some day when we are both trying to get that FTF. :blink:

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