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  1. Camel: Ditto what Green Achers said. For what it's worth, I called a Stockton Police officer friend of mine who tells me that the way the Modesto PD handled the container is standard procedure, except that they should have been able to xray it. But, as someone else mentioned, if it had batteries and a spiral notebook it could still look suspicious. Bottom line is that it's better to blast it open than to take a chance and have someone get hurt. Most likely they used a water cannon to open it.


    Camel, If you haven't already talked to MPD, I would suggest that you call your lawyer, (you do know a lawyer don't you) and have him/her make some inquiries for you with the MPD. I can't imagine you being in any serious trouble. The key here would be your intent in placing the container. If you were trying to make people think it was a bomb, that would be serious, but you weren't, and that should become fairly obvious when they look into this further. In any event, we feel for you and hope this works out OK.



  2. Thank you team GUI for that report of your encounter with my over-eager friend. You made an already funny story even better by telling it from your vantage point! :) I intend to share your story with my friend and our whole church small group tomorrow for additional laughs! :) BTW, she is a very kind-hearted person, (not a nutcase) and she really did think you were two blind women who had lost their way. :lol:

  3. Had dinner tonight with some friends when one of them told a story of driving under I-5 on March lane about a month ago and seeing two women up along the side of the road in the bushes using canes. Thinking they were two blind women who didn't know where they were, she made a u-turn, parked at the Union 76, and proceeded to "save" the two blind women. Turns out, of course, that the two "blind" women were actually geocachers, using their canes to search the plants for the cache. I'm assuming they were looking for CVC tag? Would the "blind" women care to identify themselves? :blink:

  4. Nah I don' think he's looked for it yet. BTW Bill, keep your eyes out for the first, that I'm aware of, puzzle cache in Stockton. It's going to be a little challenging because it envolves physics. We're just getting the bugs out and it should be up within a week or two.

    It's a good thing it doesn't involve spelling! LOL

  5. We have another new Stockton cacher -- Duckfarmer. I really want her to get her own GPSr so that I can have mine back! She doesn't want to spend a lot of $$$$. (Heck I just got her to buy her very first computer so we have to give the gal a break --- actually we have to give her husband a break. :unsure:

    Any suggestions? I have a GPS V, but that's out of her price range. By the way, my daughter in NJ (BRS) has a new 60CS and she loves it. I think someone on this forum asked about them a few posts back. Lightweight - at least compared to mine - easy to read, tons of map storage space and the color is cool. The 60C and 60CS are well out of Duckfarmer's price bracket though.

    Anxious to hear suggestions. I want my GPSr back!

    BTW I placed CVC Tag yesterday afternoon ----- good luck. :lol:

    I started with an etrex Venture, which you can pick up new for just over $100 dollars.


    I recently moved up to an etrex vista, with lots more memory, a basemap, and the ability to download additional maps to it. Cost was $225 at gpsdiscount.com. My son now uses the Venture.


    An inexpensive gps will get you just as close to the cache as an expensive one, just without the additional bells and whistles.


    Welcome Duckfarmer!

  6. Every since Hemlock became charge of approvals its takes around 2 days to get approved :o . LoL West Coast Admin only took around 3-4 hours to approve! O well.....I'll have to check when I get back from school.

    Poor Hemlock must be swamped with new caches to approve the way you and others have been placing caches. Give the guy a break! B)

  7. Geez - nine hours and no one's posted jack. They build a heck of a TeePee but need to work on sharing a little.  <_< I'm sure there'll be a good story.  :unsure:

    Uh, Bill. Are you still hanging around Stockton waiting the the new coords to be posted for tag? Maybe that was your bed over by 4th of July finale!


    I think maybe$ATM$ needs to adjust your meds. :ph34r:

  8. Took the famly to Sonora yesterday to the the Sierra Repertory Theatre production of "Grease" They did a terrific job on this musical and I would recommend it to any of you geocachers who enjoy live theater. The show runs until September 5th. Their website is Sierrarep.org and tickets can be ordered over the phone at 209 532-3120. If "Grease" is not your style, they are also doing "Annie Get Your Gun" at the Fallon House theater in Columbia. We've seen that one also and it is likewise well done. And yes, there are a number of geocaches in the area so you can look for them after the show. <_<

  9. Well there it is. My multi is in the que awaiting approval. Spent all day working on it and most of the evening preparing the cache page.

    It's he-re!! How many Markers does one town need??

    :ph34r:;) Found it at 8:10 this morning. Great job Wildlifeguy! I have been to the Double Springs site before, but had never seen this cemetery. I would never have found the entrance w/o the coordinates. BTW, does the cemetery have a name? I found this to be a wonderfully peaceful spot. Not a bad place for a final rest. After finding the cache I spent over 30 minutes wandering around reading headstones in the company of a friendly rabbit. :P


    On the way home I stopped at the "Valley Springs" cache. Saw that Outrageous Fortunes was there a few days ago but has not yet logged their find. :smile:


    Thanks for the fun morning Wildlifeguy!

  10. We're planting a cache up on swiss ranch road tomorrow. It'll be full of good stuff. Watch for it Wildlifeguy.


    Found "The secret forest" by Ron Streeter in Lodi, and "Tools of the Trade" in Modesto today. Both caches worth finding. "Secret Forest" because it's a neat area that I (and I'll bet most people) didn't know existed. "Tools" because of all the great goodies.

  11. We went after a FTF today... I'm not sure my log reflects the adventure well enough. I am however grateful to have made it home. :lol:

    Bill: Since the family won't go with you on the return trip, let me know if you'd like some company. I've been looking at this listing since it was posted and wishing I still had my boat. With a little advance notice I can sneak away from work a little early sometime. Just don't tell my wife. <_< Ted

  12. Oh, there's currently no write up but it's on my list of things to do. [i'm not sure cachers want to read my story on this forum.] The main thing is to watch for the next adventure and see if you can get there first!  B)

    Bill: Go ahead and give us the story. It's not like we have too much to read on this forum. B)

  13. Lets see, Long walks resulting in sore knees looking for Ron Streeter caches, sliding 200 feet down into a gulley, only to realize I had to climb out the other side, when I could have just stayed on the gently sloped trail (Bayview), poison oak (Rough Road and Pioneer Park), black widow spiders (Magnetic tour of Stockton). No, nothing unusual. :D

  14. The new "My Caches" page works great in IE, but it all runs together in Netscape. For those of us who hate microsoft it would be nice if TPTB would tweak it to work well with Netscape.  Until then I'll use the old version.  ;)

    They fixed it! ;) Just checked in on the "My Caches" page and the words no longer run together. Thank you to TPTB. Sorry I sounded so grumpy earlier. :o

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