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  1. Can anyone reccommend a good 4x4 cache near Stockton? I just bought a 4Runner to GC in, and I need to break it in. Any suggestions?

    In another month or so you can do "ttora1" up by Mt. Reba. It is a great 4x4 road with terrific views at the cache site. I went in with my stock ford explorer so you shouldn't have any trouble, just wait for the snow to melt!

  2. Just a notice regarding "Captain Weber" and "Magnetic Tour of Stockton"


    These two caches are within the footprint of the Asparagus Festival which is this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You could still go for them, but you'll have to pay $10 to get in.  :rolleyes:  The upside is you'll have a great time at the Festival. The Festival Area


    ps: and "Trom's First" seems like it might be at the Festival too, BUT IT'S NOT!

    With all the people at the festival, you would have to be verrrry sneaky to find these without being seen. :( Of course, there are plenty of sneaky cachers in CVC! ;)

  3. I like the concept of the 49er and the wording on that side - nice.

    But I like the concept of the Raiders. LOL. Just kidding. I really just wanted to say I love Blind Avocado's submission. I'd even buy a few of those!



  4. Patsy?! Where were you between 3/10/05 at 12:30 PM and 3/16/05? Hummm?! :lol:

    3-10-05 I was at work all day

    3-11-05 I was at work all day

    3-12-05 We were making lemoncello and entertaining the neighbors


    3-13-05 We were in Livermore caching

    3-14-05 I was working/caching in Angels Camp

    I'm innocent, I tell ya! Do you have a warrant?

    OK, I'll bite. Whats a lemoncello? Is that a musical instrument that plays sour notes? Also, is that a tostone maker someone is using to squeeze lemons?

  5. I just discovered a problem with the way I was sorting pocket queries (I'm kind of slow that way) :rolleyes: I decided to share it here to save someone else the frustration. I had checked the "Is Active" box on the query, thinking I didn't want to download inactive caches. The problem is, on 2-1 I downloaded a cache, and on 2-4 it was archived. Since it was now inactive, it didn't get selected on future queries, therefore was not downloaded into GSAK and my palm. I went searching for the cache last weekend, not knowing it was archived a month ago. I have now gone back and unchecked that box and will do my sorting in GSAK. :lol:

  6. Ready? Set? Whoa! I present to you, FTF opertunities on National Treasure - Ripon. Did I say, you asked for it.  :laughing:

    I like to think that I am a little smarter than the average bear, but I don't know where to start with this thing! :anibad:

    My sentiments exactly, Ted. I'm totally confused and frustrated! I guess we will just have to meet tomorrow at 10:00am and have a mini Event Cache.


    Meet??? Where??? At the listed coords? Or are they irrelevent? I'm so confused! B)B)B)

  7. " Hope everythings well down in the tropics... it's been rainy here but we've got a break today." GA


    Speaking of the tropics. We just returned from two weeks in Puerto Rico. Had a great time, lots of warm sunshine and we were able to find three caches. It's always good to be home though.


    Feliz Ano Nuevo!

  8. So am I the only cache hunter who has been lulled into just following the arrow?


    A couple of days ago I was up on Pleasanton Ridge about 3pm and I was going to get one last cache on the way out. It was .25 miles down the hill cross country, or 2+ miles by trail. I figured what the heck, it's not that steep. But ya know what? East facing slopes stay wet and grow poison oak extremely well. Followed deer trails, backtracked when PO got too thick. Finally, less than .1 miles from the destination cache, it was either go through the PO, or try to climb back up the hill.


    Didn't want to go back up, so covered up as best I could and took the plunge. No PO symptoms yet. Maybe I'm not too sensitive--I've sure cleared a lot of it from my property at Copperopolis. Anyway, lesson learned. ;)

    Cap'n: I did a similar stunt on the "Bayview" cache, which isn't far from you. The difference was, after I got to the bottom of the hill I found myself in a canyon and had to go up the other side to the top of the next hill. It would have been much easier to follow the trail. :o


    Sounds like another tar and feathering is in order! My son and I went out today about noon to try to find this (I didn't look in the forum beforehand) We decided we were on the wrong side of the water and couldn't find a way to get to the other side since it was a little too cold to swim and we didn't want to walk across the farmer's field (private property). You hold him down Jeepy and I'll flog him! :blink:

  10. Oh man you should have seen us trying to figure out the puzzle the day it came out. We were trying forumlas, rhymes, plays on words, you name it we tried. Untill my dad glanced at it for a second and we were on our way. :(

    We dad's aren't as dumb as you think we are! :blink:

  11. Not only has this forum gone over 100 pages, but it is closing in on 5000 posts! What do CVC Cachers have that others don't...?

    a) too much time on their hands

    B) too little interest in other topics

    c) a greater than usual need for cyber-connectedness

    d) understanding spouses

    e) faster modem connections


    or are we just a gregarious bunch that likes to keep in touch with our extended (geocaching) family?



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