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  1. Don't say that! Just because you're short it doesn't make you only half a person.
  2. In another month or so you can do "ttora1" up by Mt. Reba. It is a great 4x4 road with terrific views at the cache site. I went in with my stock ford explorer so you shouldn't have any trouble, just wait for the snow to melt!
  3. With all the people at the festival, you would have to be verrrry sneaky to find these without being seen. Of course, there are plenty of sneaky cachers in CVC!
  4. But I like the concept of the Raiders. LOL. Just kidding. I really just wanted to say I love Blind Avocado's submission. I'd even buy a few of those! Ditto!
  5. 3-10-05 I was at work all day 3-11-05 I was at work all day 3-12-05 We were making lemoncello and entertaining the neighbors 3-13-05 We were in Livermore caching 3-14-05 I was working/caching in Angels Camp I'm innocent, I tell ya! Do you have a warrant? OK, I'll bite. Whats a lemoncello? Is that a musical instrument that plays sour notes? Also, is that a tostone maker someone is using to squeeze lemons?
  6. Mid-Life? But she looks so young in her picture!
  7. I just discovered a problem with the way I was sorting pocket queries (I'm kind of slow that way) I decided to share it here to save someone else the frustration. I had checked the "Is Active" box on the query, thinking I didn't want to download inactive caches. The problem is, on 2-1 I downloaded a cache, and on 2-4 it was archived. Since it was now inactive, it didn't get selected on future queries, therefore was not downloaded into GSAK and my palm. I went searching for the cache last weekend, not knowing it was archived a month ago. I have now gone back and unchecked that box and will do my sorting in GSAK.
  8. I gotta learn to keep my mouth (keyboard) shut.
  9. Highway 108 is closed just above Strawberry..Have to wait till around May to get this one... Snowmobile anyone?
  10. I have to take the dog to the vet at 10:15, so I wouldn't be able to be there until about noon. I may just try to catch up on some of the Stockton caches I've fallen behind on.
  11. I like to think that I am a little smarter than the average bear, but I don't know where to start with this thing! My sentiments exactly, Ted. I'm totally confused and frustrated! I guess we will just have to meet tomorrow at 10:00am and have a mini Event Cache. -Laura Meet??? Where??? At the listed coords? Or are they irrelevent? I'm so confused!
  12. I like to think that I am a little smarter than the average bear, but I don't know where to start with this thing!
  13. " Hope everythings well down in the tropics... it's been rainy here but we've got a break today." GA Speaking of the tropics. We just returned from two weeks in Puerto Rico. Had a great time, lots of warm sunshine and we were able to find three caches. It's always good to be home though. Feliz Ano Nuevo!
  14. Cap'n: I did a similar stunt on the "Bayview" cache, which isn't far from you. The difference was, after I got to the bottom of the hill I found myself in a canyon and had to go up the other side to the top of the next hill. It would have been much easier to follow the trail.
  15. Welcome to CVC Cap'n Finder! I looked at your stats, you've been busy! 117 finds since October 10, wow.
  16. That looks great OF! Sorry we won't be around this Christmas Eve to come see what it looks like in person.
  17. Not my station wagon, unless you were dissing my ford exploder.
  18. Sounds like another tar and feathering is in order! My son and I went out today about noon to try to find this (I didn't look in the forum beforehand) We decided we were on the wrong side of the water and couldn't find a way to get to the other side since it was a little too cold to swim and we didn't want to walk across the farmer's field (private property). You hold him down Jeepy and I'll flog him!
  19. We dad's aren't as dumb as you think we are!
  20. "Over the river and through the woods....." Happy Thanksgiving!
  21. Quote: Red92531 [zip code for Tracy, Ca] Actually, it's 95231 (both the cacher name and the zip code for Tracy, CA.) PS: Hemlock, you're doing a great job. Thanks.
  22. Not only has this forum gone over 100 pages, but it is closing in on 5000 posts! What do CVC Cachers have that others don't...? a) too much time on their hands too little interest in other topics c) a greater than usual need for cyber-connectedness d) understanding spouses e) faster modem connections or are we just a gregarious bunch that likes to keep in touch with our extended (geocaching) family? T&R
  23. I'm planning a caching trip in the Sonora area later this month with some friends from church. Anybody have any favorite caches in that area I should make sure we do? Thanks.
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