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  1. You big teaser! Here I thought I re-appeared at the perfect time to see you all! Well....I NEVER! HMPFFFFFFF

    Welcome back Stashseeker! Actually you are a couple of weeks late. We had a great time at the coffee cache in Ripon. Wish you had been there.


    By the way, does anyone have any pictures of the last get-together they could post here so Stashseeker could see the turnout? We had such a good time we forgot all about our camera so we don't have any.

  2. Number 300 deserves a road trip and hike.  Try "Burning Bush" by Green Achers near lake alpine.

    What if I go this Sunday, Ted? Will God punish me like He did on Bouldered Over?

    Probably, but it will be worth it! :blink: Besides, with a name like "Burning Bush" it's almost a Sunday School lesson in itself. B)

  3. It's too quiet again. Is that because everyone's doing their homework for tomorrow? :laughing:

    I solved that one, but it's several miles from Ripon and the event. I guess it's only for the Bay Area Cachers who may be coming over.....because it's by Del Valle south of Livermore!!!!? What's up with that GA?

    I must have solved this one just like Laura did, because I show it in the same location. Are you sure it isn't you GA who wasn't paying attention?

  4. Attention everyone!


    After consulting with Matlock, Magnum P.I., Mannix, Jim Rockford, Peter Gunn, Mike Hammer, and the thin man, I believe I have solved the case of the purloined jeep "Perry". Be sure to come to the CVC coffee on Saturday where we will round up all the usual suspects and expose the guilty party. :ph34r: Suitable punishment to follow. :D

  5. ;) Of course we are all assuming that Ted & Rosa really didn't find the Jeep in the cache!!!!!  They could be hiding it for themselves to have a little fun!

    Allright Camel, and what have YOU been doing the last few weeks???? Any chance you paid a visit to National Treasure for a little mischief? You are on that short list of previous finders and you do live in the area.. :P I think we better bring in the CSI team to dust for fingerprints! :unsure:

  6. [bTW, Feel free to forward OF's message to me. Better yet, how about posting it here on the forum (in whole/unedited). ;)

    Email from Ourtageous Fortunes to Ted & Rosa:


    Bill has all the white jeep travel bugs, but be careful, he's sneaky. ;)

    Sneaky would have sent you on a wild goose chase. :P

    Hmm.... since as it turned out I WAS sent on a wild goose chase, perhaps the WJTB really wasn't ever in "National Treasure". :( Sneaky, very sneaky! :unsure:

  7. .... I think Ted now has one to share. :blink:


    I think you'd better wear a disguise to the event Bill! After 6 hours and then no WJTB???!!! I'll bet you're in trouble with Ted :unsure:

    Actually Laura, the smart money says it was you who purloined the jeep! :wacko: You're not known as Mischief Maker for nothing after all! :blink:

  8. I think I'm going to be archiving ever single micro I've ever stashed! In fact, I'm thinking about nothing smaller than 5 gallon buckets for the distant future! :D  :D

    It's not the size of the cache, it's the choice of the placement. Your "Burning Bush" isn't big, but it is one of my favorites.

  9. [bTW, Feel free to forward OF's message to me. Better yet, how about posting it here on the forum (in whole/unedited). :D

    Email from Ourtageous Fortunes to Ted & Rosa:


    Bill has all the white jeep travel bugs, but be careful, he's sneaky. :D

  10. You want to stir things up? Hide a white jeep travel bug and post it here! (but email me first  :lol: )

    Did you get my email, Ted? I've sent you an email and hidden a White Jeep Travel Bug in a CVC cache. [i think that's what you asked me to do!!] :lol:

    Let me guess, the cache you placed the jeep in is "CVC Coffee and Jeep Parking", no? :lol: I think I liked Patsy's email better. :mad:

  11. Calling all music-loving geocachers. In case you didn't know, both Stockton and Modesto have free outdoor concerts in the summer that are a lot of fun. Stockton has them on Wednesday nights from 6 to 8 at Victory park, with a different group each week, from big band to polka. They started two weeks ago. Bring your lawn chairs or picnic blanket and some food and enjoy. Follow the coordinates for my "Victory Park" cache and you'll be there, but don't grab the cache as there are too many people around. Modesto has the famous Moband on six Thursday nights starting this week at the Mancini Bowl in Graceada Park. This is their 86th year. Again, bring your picnic blanket or get a seat in the bleachers. (or both) These concerts both have a small town midwest flavor to them that is very enjoyable. See you there! :mad:

  12. Help, help! We're being repressed----Oops, wrong line.  Yes, we're newbies to the Forum and trying to figure out how to reply to different posts/topics, etc.  Where can we go for some informational reading on this issue?  Thanks a bunch in advance.  My5Clan, Ken and Beth in the Central Valley of Riverbank.  :)


    PS-Why does "tadpole" show up below our link of My5Clan??

    Welcome to the CVC forum my5clan! If you go to the main forum page, there is a forum topic called getting started which has lots of helpful information, and a test forum to try things out to see if they work. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=5

    You can also post a question here and the helpful folks in CVC will usually be glad to lend a hand. :)

  13. A big welcome to the new and returning geocachers. Hope to see you out on the hunt or at a CVC function.


    Poor Yaksalot! That's gotta hurt! :o We're praying that your surgery goes well. Sorry you won't be able to cache for awhile, but more importantly, can you still use your cell phone with only one good arm? :D

  14. Hey the half adult is here!!!   

    Don't say that! Just because you're short it doesn't make you only half a person. :)

    :D Ahem, Ted... How do I say this. That's Laura's kids. I called them 'Half Adults' on one of my logs because they're so intelligent beyond their years. Laura calls herself a Patsy and a Mischief Maker. Yaks-Alot would be my youngest. I think you met here on one of our Geo-boating trips so you can figure out how she earned that name. :D


    Happy Mothers Day to all the ladies with kids. Especially if they're young and you drag them around caching. Talk about a handicapped cacher. :D Have a great day.

    Thanks for clearing that up Bill. :)

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