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  1. On another note: Bill, are you doing the TAD Gear Quest 2006? Or are you disqualified because you won in 2004?
  2. Since when is Turlock NORTH? From where I sit it's about 50 miles SOUTH!
  3. Is your picture something like this?
  4. Sounds like it will be fun but it appears that we will not be going to this one...Just too busy right now. Keep-em' in-line for us will you Bill? Do you all know if Kids go to these things? My son who is almost 7 so I was just curious. We were thinking about going......Greg These gatherings tend to be family friendly and yes kids do come (at least until they get old enough to decide that dad's a real dork for doing this stuff!). Our last event was a Micky Grove park and there were lots of kids in attendance. Bring your son and have a good time.
  5. Since there are many cachers with similar caching names, I wanted to correct this one. It is MOTOGRRL, not MOTORGIRL, and we are saddened by the news. Our prayers go out to her family and friends.
  6. Adding a Picture to a Forum Post 1. Your picture must be on the internet somewhere -- not on the hard drive. If you want to share a personal photo, but don't have web space, upload it to a cache log, cache page or your profile page. 2. Copy the URL for the image so that it's in your clipboard. 3. Compose your forum post. When you want to insert the image, click on the "Insert Image" button in the top "Code Buttons" section. It's the icon that looks like a photo of a tree. 4. A dialog box will pop up, prompting you for the URL of the image. Paste the URL from your clipboard into the box (Ctrl-V = paste) and click "OK." 5. Preview your post to make sure it works! If you are having trouble, try practicing in the test thread that is pinned at the top of the "Getting Started" forum.
  7. Methinks phototom doth protest too much! Sign of a guilty conscience?
  8. Unfortunately, this geogang cares not for geolaws or even common geocourtesy. I say it's time for some geo vigilanteism. Any ideas?
  9. "And the sins of the parents are visited upon the children" For shame Laura!
  10. ??? Don't be silly, I'd be happy to help slander your "good" name!
  11. May 8 by Geo Bandits (735 found) Maybe we could just start a new tag?? humm..Bill what do you think? By the way its been going us honest cachers will never have a chance at it..lol... Here, Here! Somebody just figure a way to keep the scoflaws from accessing the placement information for the new tag and we're all set!
  12. Something's missing from these logs - can anyone tell me what?!! HONESTY! INTEGRITY! A SENSE OF REMORSE! AN ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF GUILT!
  13. That's great Bill, and congratulations, but why didn't you get Spider Legs at the same time?
  14. You know, for a guy who is really smart, this looks like one dumb stunt! Also, welcome Greg and Nascar family. Just for you, here is a picture of Bill's other tractor:
  15. Alright, this has gone too far. Tag is not the personal plaything of a select few local cachers! Tag was designed for all central valley cachers to enjoy. When it is taken out of the area/state/country by two or three cachers, it is to the detriment of the rest of the local caching community. If you are going to play with tag, please play by the rules.
  16. Ted and Rosa had a good time staying on the sidelines and watching the lynching er trial. It's been so long since TAG has been in Stockton that I couldn't get too excited about it. After all, it's not like he stole a white jeep travel bug!
  17. Heat up the tar and air out the feathers, they are at it again!
  18. I have a hard enough time getting to Modesto for a caching event, let alone Texas!
  19. Just a note: The March issue of "Highways" magazine, the official magazine of the Good Sam Club, has an article on Geocaching, called "Caching In". A very positive article, and it contains this quote: " In a nutshell, we're an eclectic group of people who share a few common traits that most of the general public doesn't have in like quantity. Most geocachers are above average in intelligence. They are creative. They generally have well-paying jobs. They share a love of computer hardware, gadgets and the outdoors." I think they must have been reading our forum!
  20. Why, that's almost in Stockton! Count me in!
  21. Here is a link to the event Farewell to tick Magnet event JerryW
  22. Just kidding Laura! Can we still be friends?
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