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    Secondly, there is a strong rumor that there is an UNDERGROUND RAILROAD developing between the South and the North. CVC Tag may be in trouble as I heard he may be involved in a spy exchange or something.

    Nothing firm on that, but the grapevines are humming. :):)


    I smell a rat! Something tells me "Campingangel" must be related to the Photom, jpd43, Outrageous fortunes, 2 for the road gang. <_< Seems mighty peculiar that her very first find is CVC TAG, and she plans to take him out of state and abandon him! :mad: I think it may be time to form up a posse! :)

  2. 69e1f186-c034-4632-8cbf-2db506ceba28.jpg



    Ted and Rosa have been hiking and caching on the Havasupai Indian Reservation in Arizona. The first picture is a virtual cache called Travertine Pools. The second picture is another nearby waterfall called Navajo Falls. That's Rosa in the yellow top.


    WOW. I've done the rafting trip through the Grand Canyon but have wanted to do the Havasupai trip. Did you hike in and out? Or use the helicopter one way? How was the village, still pretty trashy? Or was it cleaned up a bit? Did you spend one night in the village? Was the weather perfect this time of the year?




    We hiked in and took the helicopter out. Best $85 I ever spent! Tourists are only allowed in one small section of the village, so I can't say what the other parts are like, but yes, it is dirty. Many dogs and some horses roam free, but are not a problem. We spent two nights at the village lodge, which was pretty basic but very clean and comfortable. The weather was great. It was cloudy much of the time we were there so didn't get very hot. In fact it rained on us a little on the hike in. I would not want to go there in August due to the heat. There is a small grocery store with basic staples, a small cafe, post office (all mail goes in and out by mule train), school, clinic, fire department. If you or anyone else would like to know more, let me know and I can email additional pictures and/or information. BTW, thanks for the complement on the picture. Coming from you that means alot! --Ted


    I have some questions regarding the CVC tag. I was delighted to find that it traveled to Merced yesterday, so I picked it up today. Does the tag get changed at each event it goes to? or does it just change when someone gets creative?


    Is there any rule about where it gets placed? I found it within about 90 to 100 feet from an existing micro (which I couldn't find); I don't plan on placing it close to an existing cache unless I get feedback really quickly.





    I'm hardly an expert on Tag, but I have managed to have him in my care a few (brief) times. Tag gets changed when it gets damaged or when someone gets creative and/or is feeling just plain evil! :laughing: When I first saw tag he was a tree limb, last time I saw him he was a cd case. :mellow:


    Feel free to travel north to the Stockton area to place him away from those misguided soles in your area who would take tag to Half Dome, Cloud's rest, China, Europe, etc. :rolleyes: He certainly doesn't need to be placed near another cache, but he is kind of exempt (since he moves all the time) from the normal rule that you can't place two caches close together.


    Welcome to CVC by the way. The Rosa half of "Ted and Rosa" is also a CArn. :tired:

  4. Turn out his lights while you're at it. :D Our approvers (Krypton and Nomex) are the contacts to report a rat! In searching for the fool, I find no one claiming to be this jerk. Pritty sad life to go around hiding and alianating yourself when joining the group would have been so much more fun.


    There is a registered cacher in New Mexico who goes by the name Geo Pirate. Curiously, his cache page shows no caches, no pictures, no forum posts, though he has been a member since 2004. Probably not the guy, but interesting.


    Wolfgrrl, It was like wise great o meet to yesterday too. Your a wonderful addition to CVC and I hope we'll regret arming you with that cammo box. :(



    Wolfgrrl: You wouldn't know it from his post, but Bill is actually a very intelligent guy. :rolleyes: The ignorant farmer routine is just his disguise! :anibad:


    Also, how did we miss you at the get-together? Rosa and I were there from 9 till 11 but we didn't connect. Sorry about that. I'm glad you met some of the other characters anyway. ;)

  6. I don't understand how Photom counts! There have been 5 female finders on Play Fair plus those two old ladies; that makes 7. And there have been only 6 male finders.


    And NutLady, don't believe a word they say about me. Sheesh, you turn your back on this forum for a few weeks and you get maligned and abused!


    Hey TSL, speaking of being maligned and abused, are you coming to the Ripon coffee shindig this Saturday?

  7. What good restaurants are there?

    there's Porterville (Chicken Restraunt) with a real goat town.


    Please Farmer, get your facts right! It's Pollardville, not Porterville, and it's a ghost town, not a goat town forheavensakes! <_< Also, go quick if you want to see it as it is being sold to a real estate developer and closing for good! :blink:

  8. I know I'm off topic here but I'm trying to figure out how the posting's and what not work in this forum. On thegba.net is easier for me. I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Wolf Grrl and I am moving to the Central Valley on August 5th and have heard great things about the caches in the Central Valley. Any favs out there? I've been addicted since 2004. :D


    How does one become a member of the Central Valley Cachers?


    Welcome Wolf Grrl! :)


    1) You can't be off topic because there is no topic in this forum. It's kind of like Seinfeld. It doesn't have any plot or direction.


    2) How to become a member? If you live between Lodi and Merced you're in! B)


    3) Favorite caches: Hmm... Magnetic tour of Stockton, National Treasure, A Toast for Marky and Joanie, Master of Disguise III, The knowledge tree, the Brookside trail caches, to name a few, and of course CVC tag! :)

  9. As I write to the beating of the pounding war drums... I can't help but to ask something.


    Q. Does anyone think I should adjust the rules to CVC Tag to force a quick turn around?


    Q. Is two days a good time limit to getting CVC Tag relocated?


    Q. Am I getting in more trouble again?


    Q. Will it be worth the wait for Tim's efforts? (I think this is a 'Duh - Of course!!')


    Q. Is Taz still mad about the time Tag was a hugh boulder and she was on a bicycle?


    No, no, yes, yes, ? :unsure:


    I lay odds that he plays nicely and places it soon...It will be up to someone who has devious thoughts to grab CVC after Ted places it and hold onto it for awhile....Kenny?? :laughing:


    Thank you Sanruft. :) In fact, tag has already been placed again. He told me he liked downtown Stockton so much I decided to let him stay there a little longer. The Hunter Square fountain is currently turned off for cleaning, so I found another spot where he could enjoy the sound of falling water, which is at the recently built DeCarli Plaza. I hope he likes it. :huh:

  11. There are several "newbie" hides popping-up in our region lately...It may be time for me to dust off the GPS! :)


    Great idea! Maybe you could pop up to Stockton to keep Tag out of the hands of the world traveler.


    BOGA can't do it since he sold all of his GPSrs to get attorney fees. :D:)


    Well, we thought about it but we are waiting for Ted or the nascarfamily to grab it...Ted hasn't had it in a long time and nascarfamily has never found it, so we thought we would let some others play with Tag for a bit. (Or maybe one of the newbies will grab it!!) ;)


    Perhaps if Tag has not been found by the weekend we may head up to attempt to find him!


    Got him!

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