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  1. Hi Everyone,


    :grin: I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I'm Trysha from Riverbank (near Modesto). I'm a very new cacher, and my exploring buddy is my 9yo daughter, Katie.


    We learned of geocaching from my boss in Massachussetts who caches with his whole family. I bought a GPS and Katie and I found one of WolfGrrl's caches as our very first find! So we're hooked, but challenged by a lack of time to really dive in as much as we'd like.


    Speaking of WolfGrrl, she's been SO incredibly kind and supportive just via email and answered so many questionns already. She has nothing but good things to say about the CVC'ers so I thought I'd look up the thread and say hello!


    I hope to meet many of you soon...thx for letting me pop in!




    Welcome Trysha! CVC has a wonderful group of cachers, with the ones on the northern end of the territory the best! :grin:

  2. But she really gets upset when she does not go to events.... :rolleyes::D

    So... she'll have to figure out another route there. Right?! :D Kind of like a good puzzle or a cold case mystery. Maybe her lawyer should take her. :)


    Is there another lawyer in CVC? Or is BOGA trying to suck me into this? :D

  3. Hi All. I am down here in San Diego. I put in all my Waypoints For San Diego manuall. Due to that I do not have a computer with my conector herel I just have my Treo. When look the Waypoints up by nearest I get nothing. When I go and look them up by name they are all there. I have a Garmin Vista. Anyone have a clue on why this is? happy Caching


    Nascar: Have you left your gps on long enough for it to know where you are? It'll take it a while to realize you are no longer in Merced.


    Sounds great, but a long way from Stockton. :ph34r:


    If the photo on your profile page is actually Ted & Rosa, I would venture to say that you have been outside Stockton city limits before. :o Don't think you would have as many finds either if you were stuck in Stockton.


    The photo is indeed Ted & Rosa, taken at the site of Bill's "Burning Bush" cache, one of our all-time favorites! If you haven't been there, now is the (only) time, as it is covered in snow during the winter. Don't let the "archived" status stop you, it looks like Bill just did some cache maintenance. I'll tell you what, find me a spot in Merced with a view like you get at "Burning Bush" and I'll be there! :D


    Now I don’t mean to sound boastful, but some things are just indisputable facts. Delhi Delight is the most delightful, most fun, most challenging, and most innovative geocache in Delhi.


    So I challenge any MAC or CVC cacher to displace Delhi Delight as Delhi’s #1 superlative cache.


    Since this is the ONLY cache in Delhi I suppose your superlative-filled description is technically accurate, if not very informative. (Were you ever in sales? Time-share condos maybe?) :sad: Anyway, I'd love to visit this cache, but since it sits on the southern edge of the known world I don't expect to be in the area anytime soon. :drama: But then again, who knows! :sad:

  6. I think it's time to stop beating around the bush (partly because this thread is too quite).


    As everyone knows, CVC is a large area with no defined boundaries but it's somehow gathered a North vs South line. It's time to show your colors and I've found the perfect test. After taking the test, add your cacher name followed by the test result and place it below to build the list. :anibad:

    1. Green Achers is 45% Dixie. Barely in Yankeedom.
    2. Photom - 32% Dixie. You are definitely a Yankee.
    3. 2 for the road .........31% Dixie. You are definitely a Yankee.
    4. Ted - 36% Dixie. Definitely a Yankee. Rosa - 41% Dixie. Barely in Yankeedom


    Girls = 2, Boys = 0. What's happening to us here? I thought for sure this was going to take FizzyMagic to solve. LOL



    I'm confused. :unsure: (Not a rare occurrence, but annoying nonetheless.) Did I miss something? :grin:

    That was a link with an error. It's corrected now. BTW, When you say "Not a rare occurrence, but annoying nonetheless", where you talking about the ladies beating us guys or the fact that I got you confused?! :D:D


    Thanks for correcting the link. :D At least now I'm not derailed by your train of thought! :D And yes, now that the link works, I did solve the puzzle, though getting to the southland to find the cache is another thing. The "not a rare occurrence but annoying" refers to my getting confused, though it could apply to being humiliated by the ladies also, :grin: though I've kind of gotten used to that! That is why I won't play scrabble with my wife. Hah!

  8. Garmin or Magellan?


    Hi, My brother is looking into buying a GPS and becoming our newest geocacher. He is looking at buying the Magellan - eXplorist 200 Do any of you own this? or would you recomend the Garmin Legend for the same money? Greg


    Since no one has responded I'll throw in my two cents worth. I don't know anything about the eXplorist, but I have a Garmin Legend and think that it is a good starter gps. I used mine for about a year before upgrading to the Garmin Vista (more memory, built in basemap, other goodies, but twice the price of the Legend). Frankly, I think either one would be fine.

  9. Photom posted a note for CVC Tag!!! (Unknown Cache) at 12/25/2006


    Log Date: 12/25/2006

    Tag has found a FRIEND! When I left them they were singing Christmas carols at

    33 44.104N 121 09.902W. Oh - and they both said "Merry Christmas."



    Let's see.. That would be a little bit west of the Channel Islands, right? I hope Tag was wearing his life jacket! :)

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