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  1. I live near Palm Springs, Ca and am looking for partners to go play in the desert, look for caches, hike, rock climb oh yea did I say look for caches?
  2. CB FRS/GMRS and more *evil laugh* First of all don't buy FRS only GMRS and get a license. Range increases dramatically especially with Motorola and Icom. Remember there are also local FRS/GMRS repeaters in some areas, we have several here including a couple run by the ham radio clubs. Don't sell CB short it has it's uses especially if you are restricted to a tech license in ham. CBs can reach a long way with it's 11 meter signal in areas that are open and not subject to emi. I get 30-50 miles out of the one in my truck from the middle of the desert. BTW I have it all in the truck. CB, GMRS, HF/VHF/UHF, etc up to 1.2 gigs. Everything works well in an area where cells fall out of the network. Best gand out here here is 6m (50mhz) for mountain and canyon coverage. Reference the area with Google Earth Joshua Tree, CA, Kelso, CA, Baker CA and Pahrump, NV for examples of the geography here.
  3. You don't need any to do it on ham radio freqs at all. The only requirements are in the rules. Basically a control o[perator an station ID every 10 mins. As for the data half look at the stadards for APRS. that can be found in a lot of hgh end radios these days.
  4. You guys are on the right track and your choice of freq is OK but as pointed out there is a reason for 52 and it should be used to establish contact then move to 555 for the geocache freq.
  5. KE6GMD from the Mojave and Sonora Deserts. I'm an eco and adventure tour guide new to geocaching. I also teach outdoor skill classes including GPS and compass/map based orienteering somethng still needed in these days of fancy GS goodies. GPS is part of my business and HAM radio has saved my a** in the middle of nowhere more than once. "DeRanger" Steve desertbandanna.com
  6. I shall not buy a PN-40 to replace my venerable PN-20. If I did I would be asking for the death penalty from she who is my wife. I do want one though.
  7. Regarding the PN-20s battery life. 1. It has an onboard RTC in use all the time. The timers are always running and there's a slew of them. I remove the batts when it's not in use. 2. Disable the USB port when yur not using it. The default is on whenever you power up. That way the USB circuits are turned off. They draw a lot of power in respect to the device itself.
  8. While I'm glad to see new hams in the day of cell phones I want to say; if you're going to go for a license all you need to do is get the study software and sit with it for a month a couple of hours a day. This is not a hard test. No code required anymore just a bunch of rules to read.
  9. Thaqtnks Star. I read it it all and a lot more. My business gives me permits to operate team building programs on federal land and the permit covers Geocaching. Since I also live in a large em,pty area finding places to stash them where they won;t be disturbed it fairly easy.
  10. OK so I'm new to geocaching. I got into it because a friend who is in the Civil Air Patrol wants to teach his cadets to use a GPS. I'm an eco-tour and adventure guide also teaching desert craft and survival. GPS to me is a tool and I teach a class on it. So Bulldog (CAP) sez to Desertranger, "Teach me about geocaching". and voila I'm now an expert geocacher because I can use a GPS and know how to find things. [sarcasm] Yeah right!! My first cache was here. Berdoo peek-a-boo an area well known to myself but not to those who went with me. Temp 108F/~46C, clear sunny. A nice day. Found it in about 20 mins. Now I'm going to hide one. Questions Looking at the satellite and topo maps; do you think this was an ambitious undertaking? Zoom thought so.
  11. Hams and geocaching? OK HAMs. I fit the bill. I have a license KE6GMD so do my wife and son, he's had his since he was 9. I also have a couple of GPSs. Magellan SportTrak Map and Pro. Now tell me what how do those two work together unless your lost.
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