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    I am SO excited to receive such a beautifully decorated gift box from Sweden. My willpower is usually very strong, but is weakening rapidly and don't think I can hold out until Christmas. My husband said I looked like a little kid receiving their hearts desire when the post lady put the box in my hands. I won't look at the return name yet as I'm trying really really hard not to open, and as soon as I see who it's from, all bets are off. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH

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    Sorry I don't have a trading list-but here are some hints--I really love pirates, snowmen, compass roses & anything with numbers, symbols and shapes on it. I like black nickel, nickel or silver the best, but really love all coins so you can't go wrong with any coin. I am also a huge NASCAR fan-Jeff Gordon is the man. Hopefully this helps

  3. Even though I've only been into coins for about a year I'm definately addicted. For me I'm not into the 'old school' coins very much-just not what I'm looking for. I really like bright colors, but not so many that the coin looks overwhelming. Its all about numbers, symbols & shapes, but I also like coins that are of a historical nature or tell a story. Anything Celtic is great too. I've found that I'm very attracted to compass roses (of all types) and multi-level designs like Neptune's Compass with covers two of my likes. I know some people don't care for them, but I do really like to buy a coin for an event I've gone too. I do also have a soft spot gnomes and flower, but not animals too much. And finally I obviously really like anything pirate related. I myself don't feel the need to collect every metal of a particular coin and like black nickel, nickel & silver way more then gold or copper (which I don't care for in the most part)

  4. I was at GCF busy grabbing all the coins I could afford, when I felt something cold in my hand. I looked and I had this awesome coin just sitting right there. I quickly scanned the area and saw the backside of the tall, dark and sexy Dark Knight. I am thrilled that I got this coin, my 1st mystery coin. Thanks Dark Knight Hey nice view of your butt in black leather :D

  5. Being as the weather is quite ugly and I can not get the family interested in heading out I thought what could brighten the day and possibly the weekend……..


    So A CoinTest is the ticket.


    So I have this buddy who sends me jokes all of the time some good some not so good but his one

    I kind of liked so I want to share it with you.


    Here goes:

    Leather Dresses?


    Do you know that when a woman wears a leather dress, a man's heart beats quicker, his throat gets dry,

    he gets weak in the knees, and he begins to think irrationally???


    Ever wonder why?





    I will be back in a bit and will check the answers the 1st one with the correct Punch Line wins the GeoCoin.


    The GeoCoin remains a secret for now but I will post it when we have a winner.


    If no one gets it correct I will award the coin to the best Punch-Line I get.


    Cointest is over Sunday October 4th, 2009 @ 8:00 p.m. right before the Steelers play.


    Its because she smells like a new golf bag

  6. 6acp02788mod.gif


    This is where I have it at so far. If anyone wants any change on it or any suggestions before I confirm the dieart, please post your ideas. Thank You!!!


    What a gorgeous coin-Please let me know when it's available-I wouldn't change a thing

  7. I got two of the light green/dark green (spokane/wa) and then one that is copper with teal in the outer ring, yellows for the inner ring, and a green (olive?) for the center on the front.


    The latter is Utah.


    Oh, got your trade yesterday!


    I got your message, sorry for not responding! I'm so glad it got to you safe and sound! Right after I sent it, I found out I've been sending them out at the wrong rate! So from now on, no more envelope rate mailers from me.


    The Utah one is quite pretty. B) If anyone is wanting a Spokane/WA one, I have an extra and would be happy to trade for a 999 or some other coin. ;)

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