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  1. Hi Mark, great coin-how can I get one?
  2. Are any of these beautiful coins available for purchase?
  3. What a fantastic coin and story-have to get one of these beauties for myself. My father's family has Welsh origins, so this is a must half (if possible) for me-can't wait
  4. Really great coin. Hope you increase the order so more of us can get 1 or more
  5. Same for me-Not able to go to Europe but love these coins, especially Ulm Town Hall--On to the wish list they go
  6. Coin looks fantastic-really great. Hope we get a shot at them too!!
  7. Great coin-would really like to get these
  8. Yot my coin too WOW!! The pics don't do it justice My coiner friends are jealous
  9. Fantastic colored coin. Had a recent scare that turned out to be okay after all and am walking in the upcoming Race for the cure so this is a subject near and dear to me. I'd love to buy 1 also What a great idea
  10. Really neat coin-love all the details Have to grab a few of these ones
  11. Could I also get an invite? The aliens can't contact me if I'm not in the book. Thanks a lot LustyPirateQueen
  12. Yellow = wisdom Orange = mind And of course the black version... Ok now what would I have to do to get a black version???
  13. Hi all, the coins have just been released on geoswag. Lustypiratequeen
  14. Thanks for hosting this great cointest and putting one of your beautiful coins up for grabs. Going to use the hubby's roulette numbers 10-13-20-24-29 Fav card game is Monopoly Deal-Discovered it recently and we're all having fun conquering each other
  15. WOW what a beauty. As I'm Irish I would definately love to buy one of these. Do you usually have any left after the event?
  16. Received these great coins in the mail today. Thanks a ton
  17. I have also contacted numerous ways and like everyone else-No reply. Really wonder what happened
  18. My vote is for C Good Luck to All Great Coin
  19. The coins look really great to me! How long until you expect them to be available. Have to work on the budget
  20. WOW what a great looking coin-can't wait for it to hit the shelves.
  21. Ok so I held out and waited until today to open the most awesome Secret Santa present ever. A huge thank you to MattiFnatti and his mom Grodan for so many special gifts. I can't believe all the wonderful snowman related items. I really liked the Swedish newspapers and the gorgeous tissues inside the box. Great candy, ornaments, stickers, soaps and so many goodies that I was blown away. I just loved the snowman necklace and earrings. I just can't believe the Neptune's compass and the pirate pathtags-you absolutely rock. Also received a Christmas star and travel gnome coins. AND to top it all off a birtday present-a beautiful necklace that has my birthstone in it. Unbelievable--the whole thing.You give really good secret santa. Thank you so much and hope your holidays are great. My computer isn't working so I had to use a friends to do this post so no pics at this point, but hopefully so.
  22. This is in reference to the recent Compass Rose pre-sale not the activation code or C&P site being down. I did not get a shipping notice but a box of compass roses arrived unexpectedly yesterday. I was thrilled and relieved at the same time. Sorry that other are unsure of their orders status-I was too until yesterdays mail. Good luck to everyone else. Dana
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