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  1. Now i have found were i was looking for. Thanks for al the ( good ) advise. [Link removed by moderator.]
  2. I am shocked. I did not know that I had a Brother.
  3. Please could any wan tell me what is FTF?
  4. Are there more people out there who have the same problem as we. Look which cache the different persons from a temperary team have don or not don. Jurgen & Co
  5. Hi We have always logged seperatly. So not the logging is the problem but we want to compare witch caches we have done already. Because the team members work in different constelations we dont have a overview anymore. So we have to make printouts en then argu. We like to have a simpel program to compare the caches we have done. Jurgen & Co
  6. Hello fellow geocachers We are geocaching wit four people from our scouting group. De problem we have is that we go in de field in as a team but with different members. We always log individual. The members of this group have done different caches. Now we want to make a list in witch we can see witch cache we have done. So we can see when two ore more persons are going geocaching witch caches these persons haven’t don jet. Of cause it is possible to do that with excel. But perhaps there are some people ho have the same problem en have already made a program. To use the information from gc.com wood be nice. We could load some .loc ore .gpx files in a program and use some query. Are there people out there who could help us with that? Jurgen & Co
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