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  1. I have set FLAVOR="AutoRoute" copyed from your ini. I have changed my ini to yours. The first csv is loaded correctly but when the automated kestrokes have to chose the saperator in in the wizard it changes from the left ( Tab) to the Right ( comma ) and still gets hikedup. I also closed several program's and i dind't got a popup. As far as i can see it the pushpin.exe give's the command goto sepperator comma or go 2 tabs. Then it gives a enter. And than becouse the csv is a tab sepperated it gives a problem. If i do that manualy also wrong that way i get the same problem.
  2. To do it manual it is no problem. With pushpin the furst *.csv is loaded in AutoRoute. In the import wizard the sepperator gose from the left ( tab ) to the Rightt (comma) and then it gets hikedup.
  3. Yes i have downloaded the to files from his site. Perhaps he has a old pushpin.exe in his .zip.
  4. I have followd the instructions from your page. But i have a problem with Pushpins.exe. It expects a csv file from GSAK wit a comma-sepperator. But i have the csv's with a Tab-sepperator. I dont know why, but i think that it is not possible to change. Is there a easyway to get the code from your pushpins.exe so that i can change it working for me. I think you have done a great thing. It looks like a miracle to me when i see it working.
  5. Thanks but i already discoverd that. But i wanted to use the macro's from the site i have given. The help tekst from GSAK says: Use this dialog box to create a PSP waypoint file in a format suitable for the Microsoft Streets and Trips application. The Streets and Trips CSV file is a plain text file in which each line represents a waypoint description consisting of a comma-separated list of values. White the export in SnT format i get a TAB. I hoped that it would be possible to change the sepperator somewhere in GSAK.
  6. I found a realy good site about how work with GSAK and AutoRoute. http://www.craiggiven.com/gc_pushpins.htm It works well but the problem is that the program expects a comma as seperator. In the moment GSAK uses a TAB. Can I change that? I already change in to USA notation in the configurationscreen of Windows.
  7. Is it possible to see Load Summary after downloading gpx-file from gmail? I download these gpx at startup GSAK automaticly with Getmail.
  8. I am sorry but the two dates in the result of the macro are not correct. I dont know why because i dont know programlanguage.
  9. Hi Clyde I just installed the newe version. The macroeditor is in the wrong map or gsak is surching in the wrong map.
  10. I want to give this thread a kick. So it wont be forgotten.
  11. If you give them uniek names then it would be easy to find the right wan if you want to use it again. Althoug thats not a anser to your question. But it could help you with your problem.
  12. Mine came also today en was correct. Although i cant remember to hit on the button to do so.
  13. It al works well. But i still have to archived logs in it. So my count of found is not correct. Although Jeremy has said this would be repaired. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...dpost&p=1794884 Keep up the good work.
  14. I have just testet the new my found querie. I had in GSAK to more founds then there ware caches. Because of the fact that i have had to caches double logd. In the querie the archived logs are also included.
  15. Perhaps somby of GC.COM has a answer for use on this question?
  16. Hi Hans Thanks for your help. But this i already know this. I was lucky to have a freind with a credit card and he helpt me out. So i am a Premium Member since a while. But I started this thread to help other people who are not a Premim Member yet. And want to become and try to do so on the GC.com site. I tryde to do this and gut stuck on the demand for a credit card. I think GC.COM shout make it as easy as possible for people to get Premium Member. Just hit the button and do your thing without special tricks or detours. The more premium members there are the more money GC can spend on there system to help us with great futures the do not now in the moment on ther system. If we look in the discusions on the forum in Europe ther are some wisches like a goot map ( like in NL or D), easy way to get discription and picture's, etc, etc. Some new futures would make the preperation, and after caching easy. I know for a lot of people it is not common to use this forum, but the more GC knows wat we want the better the can help us. So if more people would have a membership and send there wishes to GC.com the better and easyer whe could concentraid us on the core issu of our hobby HIDE and FIND cache's. To speak with your words "Happy hunting-the old fashioned way" but with modern tools. Groetjes uit Hoogezand, Nederland
  17. Perhaps sombody of GC.COm can give us a answer why the demand a credit card. Paying with pay pal is not the problem.
  18. The problem is that GC wants to see a credit card not pay pal. Other possibility's are to expencive because of the extra cost that the banks charge. The question is simpel. Why dos GC wants to see a credit card?
  19. In Europe a credit card is not as common as in the USA. I had a discussion per email if there is a possibility get Premium Member and to pay for that with pay pal without a credit card. It wood be given to the administration. I think a lot people consider to get premium member but get stuck on the demand of a credit card. Will it be possible in the near future? You will have more Premium Members and the people can take use of the advantage of being a Premium Member. Groetjes Jurgen & co
  20. It wood be easy if de icon gc sends wood have an other color or shape for cache i found. A good future wood be that you can filter the caches you see or not see.
  21. Are there possibilities to load new icons like the use for Mapsource? For the GPS I use the Geocache found or not found for the single cache. Has anybody icons that I can use for the other type on my GPS. I do not want to use the standard icon like amusement park or bowling.
  22. Has anybody experience with paperless caching with a Psion Revo? Hat jemand Erfahrung mit papierlosen cachen mit einem Psion Revo? Heeft iemand ervaring met papierloos cachen met een Psion Revo?
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