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  1. Just use the searchfunction on your pc and enter "Cachemate.pdb" after you found it delete it.


    Wen i export a file to my palmone Tungsten T5 a a installwindow opens. So if i get the same message as you have i can delete the existing fil in the cue to replace it with the new wann.

  2. From the 4 i had on plan yesterday only 2 came. Normaly i have 3 pq i want per day. But because of the problems the do not come as the should. I dont think it is the solution to copy en delete because now and the the day is over and it time and labour consuming.

  3. In a PQ are max 5 logs.

    If you load on the cache site the gpx you wil get a max of 20 logs.

    It is not possible to get more logs from gc.com legal.


    It is correct that GSAK wil hold every log you load in it. If yoy want all logs from a day ( if you have been surging with friends) you can load per hand.


    But it is not possible to get logs from GC.COM befor the last 20.

  4. It cost me a lot of time and nervs to get my computer clean again. I had a loader from visiting the gsak site. And after that a became a lot of s***. After my worning I had cut the line and cleaned my computer with avg and www.hitmanpro.nl. Also I closed my firewall i install yesterday whery tide. I didn't had the time to do that yesterday. Also i became a email that looks as it came from clyde with the same loader in it so please don't open. There is a link in it with somting like traficsale. You wil get a lot of s***.

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