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  1. I've seen a nice souvenir for 2013 EarthCache events and just assumed I'd get it for finding one. Disappointed.
  2. Now I've added 31 August souvenirs to my collection, it would be nice if the names of the others were fixed so they sort properly. e.g., the Block Parties should all be named so they are together, with the year after the name. Maybe the states could start with US, provinces with Can or Aus... Love the August collection, but like the idea of an extra one for getting them all.
  3. I love GeoBucket on my iPad. I can load caches in a specific map area and download PQs and see them all when offline. There is even a little little blue dot showing where I am. What I want to do is quickly load a PQ or an individual cache onto my Garmin Nuvi and Oregon 550 from my iPhone when I don't have my net book with me.
  4. ValHamilton

    iPhone app

    The Cancel button appears to the right of Search by GC Code. I am always hitting it instead of the Search button that is on the keyboard and then have to renter the code.
  5. I want to be able to search for real Challenges - Jasmer, fill the calendar, find a cache placed on every day of the year....
  6. I am not so bothered since I simply load the caches into GSAK and GeoBucket to get good maps. Geo Bucket even works on my iPad.
  7. I have an original iPad. The new maps only work some of the time. I usually use the original maps
  8. I suggest creating new category called Quests. In it would be any caches like an ABC, the Delorme or Jasmer challenges. I love doing these and am always searching through the new caches to find them.
  9. The program on my iTouch version 3.1.3 stopped working tonight. It was fine for the last 2 days of use. I foolishly tried deleting and reloading but now can't because it wants a newer version of iTouch. What now?
  10. I love doing challenges that make me go exploring and collecting a theme (Jasmer, provincial parks, caches named for towns...). I think these should have a different name from the new type of Challenges. The new term, Mystery Caches, is too broad. It would help to have a symbol for Puzzle/Mystery Caches and Collection/Theme Challenges that makes it easier to find them when doing searches. I spend a lot of time trying to find the Challenges in my area as searching for the word finds all sorts of things, including caches that are a "challenge" to find.
  11. 512 caches in one day on 03/19/2011 on Route 66 in California. We stopped at 500 on the power trail and finished it the next day.
  12. I have both and definitely would buy a good GPS. The iPad is too large to carry around in the woods and is not as accurate. I use an iPhone for my paperless caching and my friend used her iTouch, loading the Pocket Caches before leaving home. I use the car Nuvi GPS to get close to the cache and then a GPSMAP 60CSx.
  13. Can I record a find if I uncover the cache with my cane and can clearly see and touch it, but can't actally clamber down to pick it up?
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