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  1. This topic was subjected to much heated debate here and here and i'm sure those that remember will shudder merely at the sight of the OP's name edit: added an additional "here"
  2. Sounds fair to me. I will be registering very soon All done Clyde. Thanks for GSAK!!
  3. Sounds fair to me. I will be registering very soon
  4. Lighten up Francis , i was making a joke , not having a go
  5. And they're only meant to be a receiver huh... Now , on your next flight , ask to see the captain , making sure to take the GPSr with you into the cockpit , and watch the auto-p......nah , only gaggin'
  6. Yep. The Magellan Map330 does it. I guess it's just a reminder that you have the backlight on.
  7. JDan150 Thanks for that. I had previously given up on the idea of purchasing an IQUE as i had invested so much money into Magellan products and it appeared i had to do the same to use the IQUE. I hadn't thought of GSAK output - me idiot! Thanks again
  8. Yep , thanks Embra. I thought a filter would be easy enough , i was looking more for a "count" listing. Maybe something Clyde will look at for the future. It's not a big deal for me currently with my huge stats , but hopefully i will progress that in a few weeks time
  9. I had a look through the help file but couldn't find an answer on this one. Is there a way to sort between not found and dnf's? The options only list found,not found,placed and archived It's bound to be something straight forward
  10. A big blue spark eh? hehehehe Last night i saw a big blue flash when the 69,000volt lines in the sub-station i'm working at drew an arc and a blue "sheet" ran along the lines for about 70-100metres......now that's a spark! only took me about a half hour to stop shaking...
  11. fivegallon

    Geocaching Cd

    Ummm......maybe i'm missing something? Why bother with a cd that you're just going to "pop into your laptop" , when you could just save the info directly to your hard drive?
  12. Its not very exciting,it's only two dimensional
  13. I went the portable , home-made option. Got me a 240v - 12v transformer (just like your mobile phone charger) , and wired a cigarette lighter socket on to the end of it. All up about $20 from Dick Smith Electronics
  14. I think Rosco's point got derailed some posts back. HE was simply stating that there are way too many threads on the "60". Maybe he was trying to get people into a "GSAK Thread" frame of mind , and keep it all together in one thread.
  15. Then go to "My Cache Page" , "Edit Profile" , and next to where it says "Title" , punch in something meaningless like the rest of us.....anything but Tadpole
  16. If this was a train , the carnage would be horrific! Thanks to all the responses,there's plenty to digest here. I'll lock it if i can find the right button
  17. I will attempt to stay on topic and respond to the thread starters questions. The difference in palm and PPC is the operating system. Palm is its own OS while PPC is basically a scaled down version of Windows. The pocketpc is going to cost you more to start but its going to include a lot of things like word and excel that would cost you extra on the Palm. The PPC is more like a scaled down version of windows and the palm is a simpler operating system which is easier at the cost of features. Typically your going to spend $400 for a decent PPC while a decent Palm is going to be around $200. The palm is generally going to be smaller and have longer battery life while the PPC has a bigger screen which makes them overall bigger and have shorter battery life. As far as caching goes your going to need a map program and something to read GPX files. I love mapopolis on my PPC and as far as I can tell the palm version is similar. The only big complaint I've heard is how you get waypoints into the palm. They show up as contacts in your address book. For reading GPX files I use GPXsonar, its free and very easy. All I need to do is copy the gpx file to the PC I don't have to do any tweaking or converting. I'd bet there is something similar for the palm. So it depends on what else you want to do with your pocket device. Is there a certain program or peice of hardware you want to use? Do you want a bigger screen or a smaller lighter device? Do you want a simpler operating system or one with more features? Off topic alert Jeremy can your palm do this? -Terminal Server Client -HP remote insight board client -HP insight manager -voice over IP phone -microsoft reader -browse network file shares -Pocket RAR (unzip rar or zip) -Virtual display (rotate, scroll, or compress your display) -Play WMV, divx, vidx files (plus almost any video or audio file format out there) -scrabble -arcade and console emulators This is not a list of everything the palm can't do, its a list of what I do on the PPC that I don't think the palm can do. I use my PPC for all these things. Sorry for the slow reply,had a slight geographical relocation for my work...hehehe...closer to Boracay Island now....woohooo Also,thanks for steering the topic back on track To answer your question about what else i want to do with it....basically anything it lets me. What i mean by that is,the primary objective is to use it as a "caching tool", with minimum(or simple) steps to get the cache info onboard. Whatever the unit does outside of caching is simply a bonus. As stated - money is no object
  18. That's pretty much what "Sax" was saying,'cept using copy instead of cut. Also,using Notepad is a lot quicker than using a Word doc,less crapola to load,quicker to print.
  19. I'm sure there's an easy answer to this one. I just want to convert *.wpt files from my Mapsend Worldwide Basemap to gpx or loc files. I know i can just upload to the GPSr and download to Easygps etc , but i often find myself with spare computer time at work and don't necessarily have my GPSr with me Any/all help/markwells appreciated Edit: and running a pq isn't the answer as i'm looking at converting POI's as well as Caches
  20. And some more info here Colt Cache Diamondback My First Migs On Parade Victory Tribute to the God of The Sky Balad Micro Cache #1 Ziggurat of Ur Vanguard Micro Cache
  21. Heh,initially i just rolled my eyes and thought; yay,another 60cs thread.....but curiosity got the better of me.....and in a word - Cool!
  22. have you tried searching for them with your pc's search function? (not simply by looking in the folder where you think they should be) try a search with either the name of the file,or if you can't remember the name,use *.gpx to search for all gpx files.
  23. From the Main page Click on My Cache Page Then click on the Pocket Query Generator Click on the Create a new query button You will then be able to build your query by "checking" the appropriate boxes and then clicking on the "Submit Information" button at the bottom left corner of the page
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