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  1. Our Mercury TB made it 410 miles and then was picked up 6 months ago by an individual who has released 10 map@syst geocoins. I have politely emailed him to move the bug and even offered to pay the postage to ship the bug back to me, but no response no nothing. He was on the site today so it's not like he's not doing it anymore. Yes I am whining and BPMing. I want my TB back!!!!! :)

  2. We have 4 indoor cats and our outdoor barn cats but my special kitty is Angel. He walked around the side of our house when he was a little kitten and adopted us. We think someone must have dropped him off because all of the other cats were tiger. He must be part Siamese because he has the crossed eyes and the meow that they are known for. Angel used to be an indoor/outdoor cat until one night when he drug himself himself home. We aren't sure what had happened to him but he was a mess. His back leg was a mangled mess, so we made an emergency call to our vet and left him in their capable hands. When he came home he was minus one back leg, several toes on each front foot and had a permanent kink in his tail. We made the spare room into "his room" and he healed remarkably well. A year or so later he developed urinary tract stones. After numerous surgeries they finally cleared up although he is once again minus a few parts. I think that he has a wing named after him at the vet clinic. So here he is, looking smug as ever, with the daughter part of rbsb178 . In the background on the couch is one of our other cats Snidgewhistle but we will save her story for another time.EmandAngel006.jpg

  3. Got home after a wild day at the 911 Center and my husband said I got something geocaching. I couldn't figure it out so I opened it faster than a six year old at Christmas and it was Geo-Bandit coin #308! How cool is that! Our first ever Mystery coin. Thank you Geo-Bandit for making our day.


    PS Love the postage stamp. <_<

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