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  1. Thanks for nice redesign now working fine... It would be nice to be able to tell how many events (closest) I want to see 3-10 (max)... under calendar widget But it's just an my opinion, that's not necessary
  2. ad 1) The top bar will be definitely good place for map link... ad 2) Name cache (go to cache page) ............... Found/Maintenance/... (go to log) Same structure as Recently viewed ad 3) Agree... no need 'YOU' - In Czech, it's even worse, it does not make sense ad 4) ... ad 5) ... ad 6) I do not see problems with this way of presenting information about cache - it even gets me clearer. And GC code I have after click to link (it is only overwiew by my opinion) ad 7) hunderd peoples and hunderd tastes... Image is ok for me (It could save some space around the user image) ... Statistic and Souvenirs - hmmm (You could create a panel with icons under the profile picture or put one symbol to the left and the other to the right of the profile image (only symbol) - But I understand the page designer of the site that it woudn't conceptual) ad 8) The size suits me (people also wear glasses) ... for me OK not smaller ad 9) I'll be surprised for GeoJaxx thanks for Ideas for thinking about... I was thinkibg about if I needed detailed information on dashboard and I often tell NO... and sorry for my english
  3. Maybe what I miss on the dashboard is quick access to the map... something like this image I know it works from the menu but I often go to the map and the menu is not the fastest It's just a reflection on how I would use a dashboard
  4. new changes are OK on PC work good (On other devices it is not so perfect as post above)... And I personally like it thanks for work. Round image or angular image is a matter of opinion
  5. Today it's even worse, one of my friend logged over 200 caches on the weekend (he did a PT) so I am missing more interesting logs from my other friends in the Recent logs section and what's more, I don't see any of my own logs anymore! I am as well starting to support the separation of my own logs and friends' logs. History of both lists should be based on day count instead of logs count. These settings could be user-configurable (within some reasonable range). It's only snapshot... At that moment... In a few minutes it may be different... You have two section now - Recently Viewed (with button - view all) - I thing OK (newly - it would be nice)- Recent My Logs (with button - view all) ->> go to Logs (max one day or max 30 log without settin - it is only snapshot) - Recent Logs (is snapshot at that moment - only overview) - I thing OK Now in menu is: Logs - go to the last logs with calendar (Here it is unfinished, I see only a few logs [15]) - Here I should see all the logs plus a calendar for a fast shift between days/years (paging to make it not hard to perform) In my opinion, from this page would be access to all logs backward. -- Problem is "Your Geocaching Logs This Month (Max 15 Logs Shown)" !! And the calendar is clumsy ! --
  6. I have just opened my Dashboard to find out that one of my friends logged 30 new caches so the whole feed is filled up by her finds. I don't mind to see her logs but another two friends of mine logged caches as well yesterday and I do not see those in the Recent logs feed. So the history should be based on days back (like 5 days) instead of recent logs count. It's only snapshot ... Yes it will it - sometimes there will be nothing interesting Either we will do something more than a preview, and then it will be something else or it will be a preview center (with immediate snapshot) and link centr to details... What is important ?
  7. I agree with this. I don't think a Dashboard needs to have details for hides, logs, trackables, lists, etc. It should have links to each of these categories and highlight categories that have 'pending items'. It would be great to have the Dashboard alert how many of my caches have NM/NA. Perhaps this could be accomplished by bolding "Hides" and adding a number after the label that indicates how many caches have NM flags. For your 'prepared caches' item. I think that's already done by "Unpublished hides" in the menu. yes agree... Do not make more of it than it should be ... only control panel. Center with a preview of important things with a simple option to go to a detailed view... middle panel (stream) ------------------------------------------------------------ - last 5/10 found caches and go to detail of my logs - maintenance panel (when nothing - hide) - info about my unfinished caches (when nothing - hide) - one day logs my friends - max 25/30 and go to detail ------------------------------------------------------------ left menu I broadly agree with the layout - maybe I add direct link to MAP
  8. I second this. As for the DNFs I think e-mail notification is sufficient but there should be something alerting a cache owner that his cache needs maintenance. Many COs simply miss or overlook the notifying e-mails. Often their caches are even correctly maintained but they're not aware of the NM flags still present on cache pages. The DNF was just thinking over the maintenance panel But somebody log one DNF and then nothing - now it happened to me... I was away Just information about DNF that would disappear with the first normal log or maintenance log... It was just an idea
  9. What could still be there - The dashboard could see my caches with need maintenance/need archive + DNF on my caches /section maintenance - Maybe even prepared caches (not published) It's just a snapshot of the current state
  10. I agree ... In my opinion, the dashboard is just a preview of the actual state (quick view)... and from there it should lead to more detailed protocols .. - to my protocols - to my caches - to lists - to pocket queries - to founded caches - to TB/GC .... .... I think people often do not understand the role of the dashboard and make it different than it should be
  11. for me ok 20-30 most recent logs or one day back... It's sufficient... and my logs are in Recently Viewed and when I press "View all" - I see more for me OK... (one click to more info) sometimes, occasionally... Some update or check something in my text... sometime add images to my logs because I havent image immediately... Again it is occasionally (Usually just a day back) shorter with paging its better (The choice 25,50,100 and then paging) --- Perhaps a single note: I would like to set the visibility of the friends' logs, myself. I do not need a log of everyone I have in my friends. They just don't know who I follow and who not Similar system as a GC Little Helper (VIP) is very beneficial but i can understand that it's extras
  12. To Style (Air style - Mobile-friendly style) It would also be good to have two styles - one for mobile devices (Mobile phones, tablets) - one for PC (I work on my computer on the screen in landscape and unnecessarily big elements make me roll up and down extremly - It is a disadvantage of many new sites!!) Another way of working on a PC (mouse is accurate) and another on tablet and mobile (touching by fingers)... I suppose that the modern web should not be a problem to recognize what I'm working (PC,Tablet,Mobile) on and choose style accordingly Take it just only as a my look at the new web, overall I like the changes who you makes. and sorry for my not very good English
  13. For me... It would help to separate it - one streeam my recent logs (for me interesting) - one streeam my friends logs (sometime I like see what my friends doing) Or have the ability to filter it (standard setting for my logs, optionally my friends)... The current state is confused
  14. I think the new concept is very nice and gives better opportunities for further development - For me is little controversial "Recent logs" - It does not always give me important information (typically when my friend catch powertrail ) It would be nice to have my own logs separate from my friends' logs... - I do not have problem with "Unpublished hides(X)" - Mostly I know what I have work on ... - In my profile - section About/Profile Information - I have centered information but It's not quite nice - no centered and some text is hidden... It's unimportant to take it as an information
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