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  1. I like the container thing in the bottom center! Very cool. May have to figure out how to make something similiar.
  2. Welcome to the world of geocoin collecting. It's loads of fun. Have you checked out all the pinned threads up top for more information on geocoins? Thanks and yes, I did look through the pinned threads. Its because of THEM that I'm sitting at my kitchen table messing with sculpey at all hours of the night now! I'm really quite excited and pleased with the amount of positive feedback as well as the extra information I've learned just in the small amount of time I've been reading and posting. Thanks again, everyone. And, if you want to trade me signature items, just send me a PM!
  3. Whoa.... that's impressive! I'll definitely keep my eye on this one.
  4. Thanks, Tsakko! I think we'll be able to get you a few before too long.
  5. Just getting around to contacting folks about trades after getting a sizeable batch of coins finished. Just got through a very busy time with the MonkeyTeam. Been a bit frazzled...
  6. I had given up! I'm going to have to double check with my "financial advisor" on things. Got a surprise bill two days ago... PM sent regardless and thanks!
  7. And, I put these up in another thread as well. These are my current signature tokens. Some awesome work in here! Thanks for resurrecting the thread!!!
  8. Logging it under my name and then mention that I was with the team seems to make the most sense. As the kids get older I imagine they will want their own accounts but that's not for a few years yet! On ANOTHER related note -- When caching with multiple kids can each of them switch something out or is it better to stick to the simple one item in, one item out rule???
  9. Hey all! Quick question about logging cache finds... Took the kids out for their first caching run today. Had an absolute blast and they are stoked to do it again as soon as possible. I have a separate account, IE: this one. My family will be going with my at times but not always. I created a team account BUT I was stymied about how to log the finds for them and myself. Should I log one find with the team and then one for myself? One find logged only? What happens if three or four people are going out together? Thanks! As soon as I hear, I'll get things logged.
  10. Yhup. I've been following this all day... Good vid.
  11. Awesome! Thanks so much!!! I'm sure I will have questions as I try this out. Hopefully, I won't make tooooo much of a mess of it.
  12. Wow, thanks everyone for the warm compliments! I really appreciate it! UOTrackers - It's always time for sculpey with the family! I'm planning on making some designs for my kids as well. They love these things and keep picking them up and carrying them off. Good juju for a cache, I guess! I'm going to have them do a design and we'll make them up. Tiki - You tokens are very cool! I think I'm stuck with sculpey for now but I might try to pirate off some of my wife's clay and kiln time and make a few ceramic tokens/coins. We'll see how THAT goes... To everyone that has made mention of trades, I'll be trying to get to some PM's later this morning or afternoon! (storms in the area and I've got my hands full with kids.) It's a big compliment, thank you!!!
  13. Alright, here we go. Managed to get home and snap a few shots with a few of the signature coins... Coins are 1 1/2" across and vary from 1/8" and thinner. These are all from a hand sketched design which I then etched into a polymer mold. I've done some of the carving before with rubber stamping but I'm still learning hence some of the roughness. After baking, they're hand painted and "conditioned." Each one is a little different and slightly different color which I enjoy quite a bit. The three stars represent the three Latin words I came up with for my motto. (These will show up later) And the crossed circle plays two roles, that of some of the popular Geocaching symbols I've seen as well as the medicine circle of native american spirituality. I'm thinking of doing a series of them, maybe 100, and then retiring them and going to the next design. I would like to get a geocoin design approved next. I'm obsessed, I tell ya, obsessed! (I know that this crowd completely understands such things.) Can't wait to get a few in some caches this weekend...
  14. I should be able to get a picture up this evening. I thought I would post the question during my lunch break. Didn't expect such an immediate response! Thanks!
  15. Hello everyone, I'm just getting started on all of this but I really wanted to try my hand at making my own coin. HOWEVER, I have sort of a "don't buy it if you can make it" mentality so I thought I would do some research and make my first sig. coin out of sculpey clay. The question I have is this - Is this the place I would show it off or post up a pic? I'm making up about 50 of them at first and will be dropping them in caches I've already found this weekend. I would like to eventually make a few Geocoins after getting the design approved through Groundspeak. As a test run for now, all I have is the signature coin. I'm a little daunted by the great work I've seen here so far and thought it would be good to ask first! If this isn't the area to post it, where IS a good thread? Thanks all!
  16. Fantastic News !!! Can't wait for the posts to begin. I'm still real new to all of this but I gotta say... this is a real cool idea. Go, Secret Agent Guy, Go!
  17. It really is a phenomenal coin! Well done! *scrounges around for some extra $$$ *
  18. Also, just so you know, I would like to add that I intend to pass it on to another deserving Geocacher once I get my new one.
  19. A banger can be an old vehicle, a rock musician, or, interestingly enough, a sausage. Now that's cleared up, I'm using it in terms of the old vehicle. I'm looking for a GPS unit that can get me through the period after I return my borrowed one and I save up enough $ to get a new one. As long as it works and can get me to an inputed waypoint, I'm good! It can be pink, it can be "banged up", it does not require input cords. Heck, it could even have a slightly damaged display. Matter of fact, it can be run by hamsters, a wheel, and one foot of wiring. I'll even supply the gray tape! If anyone out there has something like that, let me know. I'd like to pay anywhere from $30 - $60 for said artifact. *grin* Thanks and hunt safe!
  20. On my trek home I actually watched a guy keep going past three people waving their arms and telling him to stop. He tried to gun it halfway through. Five minutes later he was sitting on the hood of his car smoking a cigarette from his newly made "car island."
  21. Just thought I would jump in with a big hello. Just got started and grabbed my first cache last Friday! I'm soooo addicted. Am working on my sig. item and have plans for several other homemade items... I'm definitely in trouble! Anyway, hello everyone and I look forward to the continual hunt! Coyoteguy in Southern Indiana
  22. Okay, so, I just found my first and second cache today. I'm using a borrowed GPS. I just started looking at this whole geocoin thing and then I, a huge Star Wars fan, come across this post. Feeling fully in touch with the Force after such an exciting day, I realized that I needed to make my first post to the forums as well! Here it is! I'm reminded of Old Ben's quote to Luke, "You've taken your first step into a larger world." And I am in awe of that coin! Saw the original in the theatre and then, when Phantom Menace came out, I stood in line all night to see the first showing. How does one get such a coin? Intensive Jedi Cache training in swamp filled environments? One arm handstands with a raccoon on your foot while levitating a hollow log with the Force? And, by the by, I'm completely lost on what a "mystery coin" or "Mystery coiner" is...
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