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  1. Also the new map update will make the driving side of the unit look much better. The graphics improve dramatically with the update.


    Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I have a Mac and I see that Magellan only does updates in PC formate. I'll have to run it by school to get the update. Know the most inexpensive GPS unit that is compatible w/ Geocaching to send it right to the unit?

  2. I went on my first Geocaching the other day and was pretty disappointed. I was disappointed in the fact that I don't know how to use my GPS for the Geocaching. I've got the screen where it says Lat and Long, but it's not the same as everyone else. I found a cache called The Old Homestead by the Peapod Hobbits. The Lat and Long read, N41' 35.186" W71' 32.869". But my GPS reads different. It reads N41' 35'60" See my problem? The last four digits are not the same. Mine won't go three digits and only goes to 60", then to zero. So say I keep going North and instead of going to N41' 35'61" it goes to N41' 36'1", What gives? how do I read this thing?

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